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How to sign a $10K client from ONE post

This is what happened during the last 24 hours in my business:

$12,040 CASH received in my bank account

I decided to reinvest $13,300 to create the tools and systems for a $250,000 year & business.
Do you wanna know how to get paid $10,000 in cash with ONE piece of content?

Your content positions you as an expert

Don’t get me wrong!

YES, I can find clients with ONE empowering, super targeted and specific post. It has to speak to this ONE person – don’t worry about the rest!

However, this post is NOT my very first post out there!!!

My content from last month still works as well!
When someone joins my Facebook group, they can literally binge watch on my content!

You will get to know me, can listen to HOURS of live videos, and will get a pretty good idea of my message, my values and how I help my clients to grow their business!

Makes sense?

That’s why you want to CREATE CREATE CREATE from the bottom the heart!
Be yourself and get paid for being you!

So after making clear that I’m not giving you a $10,000 post that you can just copy paste, here we go!
As I know that’s what you wanna see!

The actual post:
I typed this on my phone and it literally took 5 minutes.

I love to use emojis.
I love to make posts easy to read.

I told people what I’m currently offering.

? Not kidding, most people don’t get results because they simply don’t DO this!

I included a pretty good reason to take action NOW.
I made clear who it’s for and what requirements you have to meet.
I included a call to action.
I pressed “post now”.

Here’s the exact post that made a new client reach out to me:

The exact questionnaire to get a “Hell yes!” even before the call

Now tell me:

How many hours of your life have you already spend on Discovery Calls that didn’t lead anywhere? 


People not ready, people not sure, people who ask you questions and want free coaching for 50 minutes to then say “they aren’t sure and have to think about it?”


Let me tell you I had my fair share of those.



  • Because my boundaries were crap
  • Because I was scared to miss out on a client
  • Because I thought “maybe they change their mind” later and
  • Because I simply though I should get on the phone with ANYONE who expresses their interest.

I ain’t got time (and patience) TO DO this!


Here’s how I make sure that I only get on a Discovery Call with people who are READY to work with me, know my prices and are willing to invest into my packages.

I guide them to this exact questionnaire:

What inspired you to apply for this opportunity?
Describe your business (What do you sell?)
What are your main struggles right now?
What does your ideal life and ideal business look like in 3-6 months time?: 
What do you think is currently holding you back from being at this point already? 
Why are you interested in working with Susi specifically? What makes us a great fit?
Are you ready to invest in high-level coaching and mentorship?
- Yes! I have the $7,500 / $10,000 to pay in full
- Yes! I can commit to a $5,000 deposit
- No, I do not have funds to commit right now

Why are you an amazing client to work with?
If it's a perfect fit, when are you ready to get started working together?


If I feel like it’s not a perfect fit or they click on “No, I do not have funds to commit right now” I don’t get on a call with them.

Now imagine this coming through to your inbox:


Someone saying…
“Hell yes, I want to work with you.”
“You are the perfect coach for me because…”
” YES! I have the $10,000 to pay in full”
“I want to get started as soon as possible!”

THAT sounds like your perfect ideal client!

Mindset Work – What exactly I journal just before the call

Now here’s YOUR part of the inner work:
Become an energetic match for what you WANT!

We all tend to have thoughts like this:
“Oh I really need this money, I hope I won’t say anything stupid to scare her off”
“What if she doesn’t show up for the call?”
“What if I mess it up?”

It’s your responsibility to SHIFT out of this! No-one wants to invest into someone seeing them as a “problem, concern or sack full of money”.

Expect the best and vision how amazingly well things will go!

15 minutes before my Discovery Calls I get myself in HIGH VIBE mode,
by journaling my “ideal vision” of what I want to happen.

This is the original journaling page I wrote JUST before our call:  

With exactly THIS confidence, conviction and honest joy I get on my calls with people.
And it always does it’s magic!

What to ask during your Discovery Call


In all honesty?


When I was just starting out, I was using a script. 
Horrible!! The conversation doesn’t flow, it’s “unnatural” and you’re just behaving like a scaredy cat trying to be perfect. 


Nobody wants that!
The purpose of this call is to find out if we are a perfect match!


*Be yourself!!*


After I’ve read through the questionnaire answers I already have a rough idea of the potential clients goals, struggles and expectations. Here’s what else I asked during the conversation:


?? ?? ??

Tell me where you've learned this specific skill you've mentioned in your questionnaire? 
What kind of support do you currently have in your business? 
How do your struggles with mindset and confidence currently affect your life and your business? 
How can you break through this vicious circle? 
What have you tried before that didn't work? 
Do you have ANY questions about the program or my coaching style?

I'm super excited because this is EXACTLY my cup of tea and I would LOVE to work with you. You're my perfect ideal client (and I wouldn't say this if I didn't mean it!) What do you think?

Awesome. Would you like to pay in full or do you want me to explain the payment plan I have?
Great. Would you rather pay via PayPal or Credit Card?


That’s it. Now PLEASE don’t try to use this as a script, it won’t work!!

All I literally did, was ask things I was curious to know. 
I didn’t prepare these questions, they just happen to flow when you trust yourself to guide the conversation and have an honest interest in your potential client. 

What to do after you get a “Hell yes!”


Now here’s what I did after the call.

(I know there’s coaches who give this to their VA, but I like to get everything to my new client right away and it only takes a couple of minutes.)


  1. Send an invoice with the amount to pay (Don’t celebrate a new client before you have the payment!)
  2. Prepare the client agreement, save it as a PDF and upload it to hellosign.com to get it signed by both parties
  3. Prepare the welcome pack and calendar link for my new client
  4. Manage the funds. I usually like to withdraw large amounts from PayPal right away (do you know the story of my account being frozen?!) and afterwards I transfer the funds based on the financial plan I’ve mapped out in my mindset journal.
    Team, taxes, investments in my business, savings, a small budget to simply celebrate.

How much do I reinvest?


Now – this really depends on my overall vision for the NEXT LEVEL of my business. 
I like to treat my monthly income like this:


Income MINUS 35% taxes = Available Income


Of that…

33% I save
33% I spend
(I’m currently traveling around the world with my partner, so we’re talking flights, hotels, food etc.)
33% I reinvest.


What’s currently MISSING to triple my yearly income in my business? 
Invest in THIS!


This can be a business coach, a copy writer or a web designer.


I literally journaled several pages around this question and came up with things like “I don’t have TIME to take on more 1:1 clients as I’m fully booked, my funnels suck, I would need to AUTOMATE more so I can scale my income whilst working less.


So on the very same day I hired a new sales funnel team on a 6 month contract and reinvested 100% of my monthly income, to create the tools and automations I need to create a $250,000 per year business.


Scary? Yes!
The right next step for me to move forward? YES!


What’s YOUR next step to move forward? 


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