An 8-week program using Quantum Linguistics, for female entrepreneurs ready to become a 6-figure CEO from the inside out - with SPECIFIC action steps on the HOW.


"The sense of community, support, and motivation inside 6-figure mindset is phenomenal."

- Rebecca Richards


You got the strategy - now it’s all about who you need to BECOME to grow a profitable, sustainable, and meaningful online empire.

Let’s put those CEO pants on!

Imagine, you...

Finally show up as the badass leader that you are and get seen as an authority

Fully believe in yourself and your offers, and everyone who doesn’t buy is really missing out on your awesomeness

Have the focus to prioritise what ACTUALLY makes an impact in your business, instead of endless scrolling or changing your offer for the 12th time

Create your content with ease, flow, and conviction because you KNOW what you stand for

Become a CEO of a 6-figure business and finally ACT like one (delegate, delegate, delegate, and no more people-pleasing!)

Unfortunately, your current reality looks more like this:

Right now you are...

Swamped with a bunch of courses and have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, but you’re extremely overwhelmed by what strategy will get you to the next level if any.

Taking one step forward, 2 steps back - because you’re questioning and second-guessing yourself all along.

Working more than you’d like and it feels like you’re constantly burning out, whilst you’re not seeing the rewards you deserve.

Craving a constant state of flow, abundance, and more FUN and light-heartedness in your business.

Absolutely tired of making things harder than they have to be.

Not holding up your boundaries, and people ask you for discounts, refunds, and extra features that shouldn’t be part of your offer.

Tired of this story, but you’re unsure how to make the necessary changes to have a business that sustains itself and how to fully embody the role of a CEO.

It’s time to think and act like the CEO of a highly profitable, sustainable, and meaningful business that creates value for others, whilst it feels good for yourself.

It’s time to learn how to maximize your mind and your time, so you spend less time being “busy” and more time on needle-moving activities.

It’s time to stop standing in the way of your dreams by doing what you think you’re supposed to do and it’s time to put on your CEO pants and run a soul-aligned cash machine.


The most effective way to grow your business is by growing yourself and your mindset.


My business jumped to 6-figures in 2017.


susie gow

“6-Figure Mindset really changes lives!!

I was the kind of person that said 'I’m going to manifest the money - and then I’ll invest.' I now understand how a 6-figure business owner goes about investing before you feel ready. After getting over myself and signing up, I signed 3 coaching clients right away, and made double of my investment back. Our current reality can be changed - by us stepping into the thoughts and actions of a successful entrepreneur.”

Susie Gow

Don’t get me wrong, I have been there.

All the money posts of “happy 6-figure business owners” made me feel stupid, unworthy, and I honestly questioned if all of these posts were actually true.

Because I’m not a lazy one! I was hustling and hustling, working more hours in my business than I ever did in any day job because I wanted this to work so freaking badly.

I was committed. Or even grimly determined.

But I focused on all the wrong things.

I tried the “work hard” approach.
I tried the “learning” and “signing up for all courses” approach.
I mean, someone must have the secret formula to success, right?

I was obsessed with my biggest goal: Hitting a $10,000 month.

Here's the truth:

The ONE thing that stops most of us from making significant progress is not a lack of business strategies, but rather our own limiting beliefs and stories. Stories about why we're not where we want to be.




So stop thinking, acting, doubting, and procrastinating like the current version of yourself and quantum leap into the 6-figure version of yourself!


- and I'm happy to share the shortcuts with you for a fraction of that price.

An 8-week program for female entrepreneurs ready to become a 6-figure CEO from the inside out.

6-figure Mindset is a myth-busting experience that teaches you first-hand how to think like a 6-figure business owner and how to act like a 6-figure business owner, so you can become a 6-figure business owner and fully embody the CEO role in your company.


In 6-figure Mindset, I will share ALL my secrets and lessons learned on how to step into this completely new identity, where you can be, do and have anything you desire for your life and business — including all the clients, money, and freedom that you’ve been missing


What we cover inside The 6-Figure Mindset is revolutionary. It will forever change the way you do business… because it changes who you are as a person and business owner.

This program is the only NLP-based program that focuses on the personal growth of the CEO of your business - which is YOU.

WHO DO YOU need to become to grow a profitable, aligned and meaningful online empire?

susi about

“I purchased a one-way ticket ✈️ with my fiancé in 2017 and I haven’t looked back.”

Hi, I'm Susi Kaeufer!

I’m an international mindset and business coach for visionaries and female entrepreneurs. I quit my 9-5 because it left me feeling burnt out at the end of every day.

I changed my thoughts, my beliefs, my habits, and my inspired actions to those of a multiple 6-figure business owner, and it transformed my cash flow more than any strategy, funnel, or tactic ever has.


Now I create $40,000+ cash months and work only 2-4 hours a day, and I’m here to show you who you need to become, to accomplish the same.

There is no “secret strategy” here.
No “magic blueprint to 6-figures”.

6-figure Mindset is about who you need to BECOME.

Michellew 6FMM



I decided to “study” 6-figure business owners and model their mindset - instead of copying their strategies.

And I invested over $100,000 into these studies - by holidaying, mentoring and coaching with the most high-level women out there.

You can stop the hustle and run your business YOUR way whilst working less and making more impact and income.

Just like Fabi did when she made $81,500 in ONE MONTH after just birthing her second baby and working very little.

Or like Jenny who made $50K in her first 5 months in business whilst working 3 hours per day.

susi commitment

I’m here to show you that you don’t have to do #allthethings to be successful.


What you really need to be doing is the right things that will propel your business forward with your hands off.

personal growth

An 8-week program for female entrepreneurs ready to make a large rippling impact whilst working less.

This interactive program is inspired by everything my 6-figure and 7-figure mentors taught me — and what allowed me to have consistent 5-figure months, whilst traveling the world full time since May 2017.


I've invested more than $100,000 into my CEO mindset - and I'm happy to share the shortcuts with you, so you don’t have to invest that much.

When you join this program,
you will receive:

Mockup_tablet-01 journaling groups

8x deep-dive journaling and mindset journaling live events (90 minutes each), to reprogram your mindset to think and act like a 6-figure CEO (this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any group coaching program)

mindset journaling-min

8x deep-dive journaling and mindset workbooks, to implement and integrate the modules, so you can think and act like a 6-figure CEO every single day.

Mockup_laptop facebook group

Private Facebook group with all your 6-figure mindset biz besties


I loved the live journaling events. I've never experienced something like this!
It’s such a great place for everyone - especially during the modules it is extremely useful to hear and share what other people in the group are going through and asking questions. It’s been super useful to get other peoples 6-figure experiences and perspectives, shifts etc.

Michelle Wordsworth

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"You get support 24/7 because people from all over the world are joining the program."


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fabi paolini

I made $81,500 in one month thanks to this program.

Fabi went from $30,000 to $50,000 in one month during this 6 weeks program and made $81,500 within 30 days a few months after the program, applying the exact mindset hacks she learned in 6-figure mindset.

What else can I say? Even I don’t make that much money (yet). Fabi joined this program already making 6-figures, using the exact process to become a 7-figure mindset queen.

This NLP process works for any level, it doesn’t really matter what your goal is. Oh did I mention she had her second baby in January and is basically on maternity leave?

Fabi Paolini

Fabi 1
Fabi 2
Fabi 3
Fabi 4
jen watzka

“5-figure clients, $50k in my first 5 months in business.” Jenny made $50k in her first 5 months in business, whilst working 3 hours per day. “I LOVED 6-figure mindset. I had so much fun in this program. This is Susi’s soul program.

I finally journal on a daily basis, it give me clarity, and I’m dreaming so much bigger today. My biggest insight: If I’m not in alignment, it’s MY job as a business owner to get there. I want to work from a place of total alignment all the time, and this program allowed me to do it!

I will go back to the modules again and again, because they are so valuable! My wins are awesome- signing 5 figure clients, speaking on stages, being interviewed & now executing on an even bigger vision. And obviously the realization: I quit a very, very successful job. Now I am working LESS, making MORE by having an awesome impact and finally feeling fulfilled.

Jenny Watzka

How did these women get massive results like this?

Because we’re gonna focus on identity & mindset over strategy.


I firmly believe you don’t need MORE knowledge, courses, and fluff. When you grow yourself, you grow your business. It’s that easy.

You can get massive results whilst also living a life of freedom, fun, and more joy - by thinking and acting bigger than ever before.

I’ll show you how.

a great ceo
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“I struggled for 1,5 years to quit my job. During this program, I finally quit and I am now a full-time entrepreneur.”


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In 6-figure Mindset I will share ALL my secrets and lessons learned on how to practically step into this completely new CEO identity, where you become the authority it takes to create what you desire for your life and business — including all the clients, money and freedom that you’ve been missing.

What we cover inside The 6-Figure Mindset Mastermind is revolutionary. It will forever change the way you do business… because it changes who you are as a business owner.

Module 1: 6-figure Vision

Within this module, we will focus on utilizing your imagination to play big within your business. We will also uncover getting clear on your ideal lifestyle and your desired monthly income.

Module 2: Life Vision Workshop

Within this module, we are going to create a multi-facetted document for your Life Vision in all areas of your life - to stack your why.

Module 3: 6-figure Focus

Within this module, we will cover how to know what to FOCUS on, creating your ideal work week and my personal focus and planning system.

Module 4: 6-figure Authority

Within this module, we will focus on getting you to start showing up as a leader and authority and stepping into the next level version yourself to make decisions like a 6 figure business owner.

Module 5: 6-figure Beliefs

Within this module, I will walk through the beliefs you want to create as a 6-figure business owner so you can handle objections, failure, and other obstacles standing in your way. We're also going to dive deep into the money mindset of a 6-figure business owner.

Module 6: 6-figure Identity

Within this module, we will focus on shifting you on the deepest available level: Your Identity Level. You're going to be stepping into the next level version of yourself to make decisions like a 6-figure business owner.

Module 7: 6-figure Actions

Within this module, we will get you into alignment and flow to take inspired action each and every day. We will talk about money actions of a 6-figure business owner and we will focus on content creation.

Module 8: 6-figure Self-Leadership

Within this module, we will look at mastering the art of leading yourself and create high-performance habits for success. We will be looking at Self-awareness and Self-mastery, so you can stick to your actions and habits and achieve all your goals.

Michellew 6FMM

The total value of this life-changing program is over $12,000 (if not the $100,000 that I invested into this knowledge myself)

But your investment is only a fraction of that.


Case Study

How Rebecca Quit Her 9-5 With Confidence!


Case Study

How Ruth Doubled Her Corporate Income

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"This is not a once and done action or program - it’s continual and it doesn’t stop when the program stops."

Michelle Wordsworth

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(strictly limited to 3 spots)

There are currently only 2 ways to work with me 1:1.

My 6-month private Coaching Package for $20,000 and 6-figure Mindset VIP.

whats included

3 x Bi-weekly individual 1:1 Audio Coaching Sessions with Susi (30 mins) - valued $3,000

We'll be mapping out how to scale your business to 6-figures and which money and mindset blocks you'll need to smash through to get there even FASTER.

Of course - Access to everything else within the 6-figure Mindset - valued $2,000

BONUS COURSE! Access to all modules of Visibility Queen, my Signature program to Dare to be Seen online and build a massive audience - valued $1,497

Mockup_6-Figure-2021 VIP

Total Value: $6,500


“I went from seeing myself as someone who will ”hopefully make it one day” to feeling capable and certain of myself as a business owner! I SEE myself as a business owner now and started a huge crowdfunding campaign for my new album. Susi’s excitement, energy and CERTAINTY that I can do anything I put my mind to was so special.”

Lindsay Mueller

ruth testimonial

“Several thousands of $ for a mindset program? Absolutely worth it!” Ruth works as a sex and relationship coach and has doubled her corporate income.

“Before the program I thought I’ve done all this mindset work, do I really need another high ticket mindset program?

YES - one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!”

Ruth Sowter

Mindset is at the forefront of everything I teach.

I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learned about running a successful multiple 6-figure business and who I had to BECOME to make this happen.

And we’re not gonna do it with PowerPoint slides, but with interactive mindset reprogramming modules - live, together.

A 6-figure mindset requires COURAGE because every decision a CEO makes is based on incomplete information.

The magic is to see what’s possible before you think it’s possible.

If you can’t see it, you can’t create it.


“I got over my fear of selling thanks to 6-figure Mindset. I totally shifted my sales mindset and started selling without feeling guilty - which works! I already sold the first spots for my new course! Susi’s positive energy makes you feel great and it helps so much.

I was actually blown away by the fact that this program is so actionable! This is not ”just” about mindset - it is about getting ready and taking massive action.”

Valentina Livian

You don’t need any more courses, more knowledge, or more strategy.

All you need is within you now!


You will adapt your beliefs around money, failure, risk aversion, running a business like a CEO, content creation, hustle, haters, and personal boundaries.

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“I now understand that selling is a gift and if I don’t sell I'm doing my clients a disservice.”


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What got you HERE won’t get you THERE!

So stop thinking and acting and doubting and procrastinating like the current version of yourself, and quantum-leap into the next level.

This program is inspired by everything my 6-figure and 7-figure mentors taught me — and what allowed me to have consistent 5-figure months, whilst traveling the world full-time since May 2017. (4 years that is… #owlemoji 🦉)



I've been coached by many 6-figure and 7-figure entrepreneurs for more than 4 years now and have worked with hundreds of women with passionate online businesses. I’m not a one-hit wonder, and I don’t want you to be one either.

I deeply care about creating sustainable, profitable, and aligned businesses that provide location independence and financial freedom for my clients, whilst we’re burning all the rules of standard blueprints.

I’m ALL IN for all of my mastermind clients and will give this all my energy, my enthusiasm, my knowledge, and my coaching skills to hold space for you and support your fast-paced transformation from within.


I quit my 9-5 job in week 3 of this program and I am now a full-time entrepreneur.
Thanks to 6-figure mindset I now think like the 6-figure version of myself and I feel so confident in my business and my future that I took it full-time. I didn’t expect it to have THAT level of impact on me, but it really changed me. I will practice this content over and over again, even after the course.”

Joanna Adam

chi lisa

“My number one takeaway from 6-figures Mindset was learning how to step up as a CEO - which was so powerful for me. Within just 6 weeks Susi gave me a permission to slip to be a leader AND to have fun. After each live journaling module, I felt so good. Susi makes things look easy and achievable and preaches serious stuff in rainbow atmosphere!

Chi Lisa


CEOs are great at making quick decisions.

No overthinking, because you’ll always KNOW which option will bring you closer to your goals and you won’t fear failure anymore.

CEOs get to feel aligned, calm, and centered every day

- instead of overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed.

CEOs focus on the right things.

You will know WHAT to focus on, so you get your “One Thing” done in as little time as an hour a day - which is gonna revolutionise your business results.

CEO Certainty + Self-belief.

Knowing who you are, why you’re awesome, and why people are totally nuts if they don’t buy from you, will help you to show up completely different when it comes to selling and serving. Discover a whole new level of confidence.

And yes, more income. 🍾

But honestly, this is a side effect of you being more focused, aligned, on point, and on purpose. Once you step out of scarcity and into “already being there”, things will feel like you’re already there and you will take ACTION like you’re already there.



“6-figure Mindset was fantastic. Susi doesn’t put up with any crap and calls you out - which is fantastic. I realized that I have all the answers to my issues, I just hadn’t been asking the right questions. I stepped out of my comfort zone and became the person that doesn’t hold back because of what other people might think.”

Laura Cameron - Stedman