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Have you ever wondered what it really takes to build a 6-figure business, retire your boyfriend and travel the world?

But at the same time you're sick of "shiny Instagram posts", seemingly fake success stories, blown-up numbers, but no REAL talk?

I'm ready to spill the beans, no nonsense, no shiny pretending, no "disguise" of facts and figures.

I am a big believer in transparency.

My clients have grilled me and got the unique opportunity to get deep and honest insights into my business.

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And only today will I offer you an opportunity to get access to the recordings of this intimate brain picking.


I'm an internationally established Mindset and Business coach and the founder of Dreamlife Deluxe.

After 7 months in business, I quit my job and my apartment in Sydney to set off on a never-ending round-the-world trip in May 2017. (That's after I moved from Germany to Australia... long story)

I focus on empowering women around the globe to create the impact, income and business that allows them to live life on their own terms.

Why? So they can become the most authentic version of themselves, eliminate the make-believe boundaries, and create the true freedom they've been craving.

what you'll get
  • How to show up like a 6-figure CEO when it comes to boundaries,
  • Salaries and priorities,
  • My best and worst business investments,
  • How to deal with haters,
  • How to price your programs,
  • and so much more.

These are the results of an intimate 2 hour "pick my brain" session, that has so far only been available to my VIP clients, so you can figure out the beliefs of a 6-figure business owner - all split up into 24 easy-to-digest videos.

  1. How I built a six-figure business whilst traveling the world
  2. What it’s REALLY like to hire your partner full-time
  3. Building a vision-driven team
  4. How to show up like a 6-figure CEO (boundaries, salaries, priorities)
  5. All the tools you need to run your 6-figure business
  6. Becoming an excellent 6-figure money manager (paying yourself, profit, taxes)
  7. Best & WORST investments I made in my business
  8. How to cure procrastination once and for all
  9. 6-figure email list secrets
  10. Ask Susi: Favourite digital nomad destinations, housesitting & human design
  11. Haters gonna hate - How to deal with haters
  12. How to price your programs like a 6-figure business owner
  13. Charging high-ticket with confidence
  14. Hiring a virtual assistant? Here is what you should delegate FIRST!
  15. Mistakes I made during my first course launch
  16. What no one tells you about using paid ads
  17. Growing organically & becoming a 6-figure visibility queen
  18. 6-figure video secrets on Facebook and Instagram
  19. Should you finally get rid of sales calls?
  20. Deciding on a language for your international brand
  21. 6-figure launch mindset: How to keep motivated when no one signs up & how to run free challenges that ACTUALLY convert
  22. But what if only 1 person signs up?
  23. The #1 mindset shift to overcome your fears
  24. What I would tell my younger self

People do the same thing and think the same way, and expect different results. Learn to think BIGGER! Learn how to think and act like a successful business owner, so you can act bigger and earn bigger.