For stressed out and driven entrepreneurs ready to RELEASE some shit and finally feel inner relief in every area of their life and business.

Inner peace and emotional freedom BEYOND the mindset work and revenue…

You’re a driven, personal development junkie and you have a successful, profitable, freedom-based business to show for it.

You go to yoga, spend hours a day mindset journaling, read personal development books and attend growth seminars.

And yet… so much time is still spent in your head overthinking everything!


  • Like... why has nobody signed up for your latest offer yet?
  • And are you really ready to hold space for MORE clients when a current one is having a breakdown in Voxer?
  • And how are you ever going to hold and maintain this steady growth when everything feels so HARD again and there’s so much pressure to keep going?


You’re an amazing leader who is here to make IMPACT, whose business is making incredible money, and it all looks great on the outside...

...but on the inside, you’re struggling, and it’s worth nothing when you constantly feel crap and overwhelmed.


You can’t shake the need to keep DOING, DOING, DOING!

How do you quiet the monkey mind long enough to breathe, to feel peace, to enjoy your freedom lifestyle and make decisions like a grounded, stable CEO?

You go BEYOND the journaling, the mindset work, and stop trying to solve problems with just your head.


You go deeper inward, HEAL the trauma stored in your body and release the tension.

susi - heres the thing-min
hey there Im susi-min

I’ve been a mindset coach in the online space for 6+ years, and Mindset Journaling has been a HUGE part of my work... but it’s not enough. 

Even while traveling full time with my 6-figure, location-independent coaching business, I felt that mindset work didn’t always leave me feeling better than before.

I was an overthinker, and I could never stop. I would get stuck on things and feel crap when I wasn't supposed to. And it didn’t make sense, because my life looked AMAZING on the outside! 

So why did I still feel that urge to keep DOING, to go BIGGER, to be BETTER?


The problem is trying to release a feeling trapped within your body with just your mind.


Today, somatic healing and nervous-system regulation is SO important as we tend to get triggered in business more than ever.

Our BODIES carry stress, tension, plus our life-long stories of who we are, which keep us stuck when we are overwhelmed with emotions, tasks and pressure from our businesses.

Oh, and if you’re an overthinker like me, then meditation doesn’t work for you either—which means you can’t sit still long enough to get OUT of your mind and into your body to release tension.


So eventually, after years of this, I turned to breathwork, and now:

  • I have a tool that I can use when I am stressed out, triggered and overthinking. 
  • I have a regulated nervous-system and don’t freak out about shit all the time. 
  • The emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship is much calmer.
  • I know how to let go of shit and come back to myself. 


I don’t believe breathwork is a “nice to have.” I believe it is the KEY to experiencing inner freedom beyond revenue, being able to mentally clock out, and it supports you to become a more efficient CEO who can get it all done in 2-3 hours per day (because you’re not spending the other 5 hours overthinking shit.)


My transformational breathwork journeys will help you experience less triggers in business and life, and instead feel healing, relief, inspiration and peace so that you can:


– Take a week off without stressing out.

– Quiet your brain outside of work hours.

– Focus on delivering incredible client results without distractions.

– Have the clarity and brainspace for exciting projects and million dollar ideas.


In order for that to happen, the subconscious mind needs to be on board so that you can:

Release emotional baggage to receive clear insights straight from your body/gut/intuition and take inspired action in your business.

Heal and transmute stored trauma in the body to feel at peace with where you’re at and feel SAFE to step away and work less.

Regulate your nervous system to feel calmer and stop freaking out about shit.

– Connect to the body, process ALL of your emotions without suppressing them or shutting them down, and feel more connected to yourself, your truth, and YOUR way of doing business.


Transformational Breathwork has changed everything for me, and it will change everything for you.

This 4 week program incorporates coaching, breathwork and transformational journaling to release your emotional baggage and help you and experience inner peace and freedom.

It brings together what you already know about mindset work—that the subconscious mind is powerful—and gives you a bigger selection of tools to get you out of your head and into your body so that you can experience emotional release and relief.

No, this is not Pranayama (this is different) and no, we are not just breathing: we are going on a journey with beginning, middle and end and tackling topics in each session, using an activating, open mouth breath pattern to alter your physical state and release stuck energy in the body.


Your mind will shut up, your body will heal, your stuck emotions will be released, and a weight will be lifted off your shoulders!

whats included
  • 4 weeks of Transformational Breathwork Journeys + Mindset Journaling Prompts (from a certified Transformational Breathwork Facilitator and Trauma-informed Coach.)
  • 4 Weekly Transformational Breathwork Journeys (90 mins each) in a safe group setting.
  • 1x Integration Session in a Group Coaching Setting
  • Daily Journaling prompts for integration and further inner development 

Next program start TBA.

Sessions will be held during the week in two different time zones:
Europe-Friendly: 8am CET 
US-Friendly: 5pm EST 

Please make sure you can attend live at lease 2 of the four sessions, as this experience won't be sent out as a replay.

What my Breathwork clients say:

“For me it was perfect. The energy was feminine and not so fiery as I experienced with another facilitator. It was perfect.”

“I really loved the experience and am grateful it was you who gave me the opportunity to try breathwork! 😊

“10 out of 10.  I always had the feeling you are with me. With this I was able to go deep.”

“It was different to other breathwork I have done, and I really liked it and felt a big shift.”


Be sure to check out the below list of contraindications: 

Consult with your medical provider before practicing this type of breathing if you have, or have a history of:
● Pregnancy
● Cardiovascular disease
● Strong Asthma
● Heart attack
● High blood pressure
● History of psychosis
● Severe mental illnesses
● Seizure disorders
● Family history of aneurisms

Pregnancy is an absolute contraindication so please do not practice this breathwork while pregnant.