Case Study: How Pam took back control over her life

Pamela holt try again

Before 6-figure Mindset

Pam says: "Mindset has always been my biggest challenge in my life and business. It always seemed as if I, myself was my biggest enemy. I have constantly struggled with anxiety and depression before I was even told that’s what I had.

Again and again I’d fall back into the same mindset trap:
- what if’s,
not good enough,
I’m a fraud."

"I was so tired of the emotional roller coaster."

After 6-figure Mindset:

I can confirm that Pam literally got her shit together. She left the constant up and down roller coaster,and is more consistent in her business than ever.

She is setting aside time to work on her business, schedules CEO days to move the business forward, created a budget for the first time, and started content schedules, plans for her launches and programs way in advance. No more "head over heels" frantic actions.

  • Pam moved to her dream state: Florida
  • She started to hit the gym and focused on her well-being.
  • She launched her first course and signed her first client.

"I'm now treating my business like a business."

The HOW:

6-figure Mindset showed Pam how and WHY she was self-sabotaging her success, which led to her being able to understand and stop it.

The process of 6-figure Mindset constantly makes Pam ask herself "What would next level Pam do?" It turns into an empowering habit quickly, and allows you to constantly tap into the thoughts, beliefs and actions of your highest self.

Pam knew, she had to work on herself - and she did.
Constantly reflecting, journaling, and tapping into next level actions.

Are you ready to transform your mindset and your life like Pam?

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