Location Independence

How I Have Changed My Life and You Can Do It Too

susi kaeufer mindset coach

5 years ago, I cried at Frankfurt Airport, barely being able to feel the excitement, as I all I could focus on was UNCERTAINTY. I was queuing at the gate with a one-way ticket to Cape Town, and I was surrounded by couples going on a safari holiday. No-one else seemed to be there who…

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How to live for FREE as house sitter around the globe

house sitting st lucia

I’ve been traveling around the world since 2014 – full time for my second around-the-world trip since May 2017. There’s always been ONE thing in life that I truly missed whilst loving this lifestyle: Living with PETS! ! ?  Now we’re pet sitting around the world, which doesn’t only allow us to share our time…

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A Day In My Location Independent Life

Being location independent includes the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. But it requires discipline as well, to design your day in a productive way. You are responsible for your own work-life balance.  I took notes about a perfect and typical day in my location independent business and life, which took place during week 6 of my…

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