The Inner Work of Visibility

For a long time, I felt like I could do more. There was always more to do. More Facebook groups to post in. Because I knew I wasn’t truly ALL IN when it comes to livestreams, sharing BOLD opinions, and selling with conviction. So I compensated 😱 with posting more often. I joined Instagram pods.…

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How I Have Changed My Life and You Can Do It Too

susi kaeufer mindset coach

5 years ago, I cried at Frankfurt Airport, barely being able to feel the excitement, as I all I could focus on was UNCERTAINTY. I was queuing at the gate with a one-way ticket to Cape Town, and I was surrounded by couples going on a safari holiday. No-one else seemed to be there who…

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My Top 5 Lessons From $15K in 8 Days

Susi Kaeufer Mindset Coach

I just finished launching a new program – Visibility Queen. I’ve learned some valuable lessons during the launch which I really want to share, I think you might just find some golden nuggets here. Honestly, I haven’t used email marketing to its full potential for a long time – always a bit shy “to be…

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How To Beat The Algorithm

visibility is key to success

You think FB doesn’t like you? Your posts get shown to only a hand full of people – and you’re really good at blaming your social media lame (not fame…) on the algorithm. Here’s the thing: Facebook is spending a LOT of money and research on improving the lgorithm. They try to send RELEVANT posts to every…

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How to Create a Vision Board to Manifest Your Dreams

susi kaeufer vision board 2019

I update my vision board regularly. Today I’ve spend my Sunday morning collecting Glam Nomad lifestyle photos and really focused on how I want to FEEL in 2019. I removed all numbers from my previous vision board, like 50,000 Instagram followers and $50,000 income per month. I added the house boat. And the engagement. And…

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How to sign a $10K client from ONE post

This is what happened during the last 24 hours in my business: $12,040 CASH received in my bank account. I decided to reinvest it and more ($13,300) to create the tools and systems for a $250,000 year & business. Do you wanna know how to get paid $10,000 in cash with ONE piece of content?…

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Find your niche and your message for your business

If you’re feeling uncertain about what exactly your niche or your message for your business should be, then I have some good news for you… you CAN find business clarity, and all you really need is some paper and a pen! Although logically analyzing your business and developing strategies are both extremely important, I’m here to tell…

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