How I Have Changed My Life and You Can Do It Too

Susi Kaeufer volunteering at a Cheetah Reserve in SA

5 years ago, I cried at Frankfurt Airport, barely being able to feel the excitement, as I all I could focus on was UNCERTAINTY. I was queuing at the gate with a one-way ticket to Cape Town, and I was surrounded by couples going on a safari holiday. No-one else seemed to be there who…

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How To Beat The Algorithm

visibility is key to success

You think FB doesn’t like you? Your posts get shown to only a hand full of people – and you’re really good at blaming your social media lame (not fame…) on the algorithm. Here’s the thing: Facebook is spending a LOT of money and research on improving the lgorithm. They try to send RELEVANT posts to every…

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2 Years in Business: An Honest Look Back

susi travelling in Canada

It’s my second business anniversary – and for whatever reason, I already feel like a “long-time” entrepreneur in the online world. So many personal brands come and go, lacking consistency and persistence. The second year of Dreamlife Deluxe was one of great breakthroughs and uplevels, and it was my first 6-figure year in business. Here’s exactly what…

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How Mindset Work & Tony Robbins Have Changed My Life

I’ve been to three Tony Robbins events during the last 12 months & spent more than $25,000 on personal development, coaching and mindset work. I changed my whole identity with mindset work, created a multiple 6-figure business. Here is HOW consistent growth will help YOU become an achiever too:   Do you wanna get started with…

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You Can Fill Your High End 1:1 Without Freaking Out

How are you doing with filling your high-end offer or 1:1? Uuuuuuh the ups and downs of filling your 1:1.  I’ve been fully booked many times in 2017 and still, there was this nagging feeling of “IS THERE REALLY ANOTHER DREAM CLIENT OUT THERE? What if I’m running out?” There always is! Don’t fall back…

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Vulnerability Online – When Has This Even Become A Trend?

Do you remember the time when “BEING VULNERABLE ONLINE” wasn’t a trend yet? ??   Now seemingly THE number one marketing tool, vulnerability seems to loose it’s REALNESS.   Here’s how you REALLY stand out with your connection posts and how you can share your message whilst being you:      

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How To Build an Engaged Facebook Group Of Thousands

How to create a Facebook group with more than 6,000 members >> WHO ARE ADORABLE, RESPECTFUL & ENGAGING. Trust me when I say: MY FACEBOOK GROUP IS EVERYTHING I’VE EVER ENVISIONED. … back then when it had 246 members and NOONE was saying a word apart from me. Let’s go back to what was different. 2016. My Facebook…

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Are You REALLY Ready For Your First Or Next Paying Client?

I mean… you have had Discovery Calls or free sessions, and you seem to hear the same excuses.   No money, not the right time, “I have to think about it”…   But are you actually READY for a “HELL YES?”     I remember my first “HELL YES” from a client. I didn’t expect…

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How I Became a Certified Coach for Under $500

Some of the most asked questions I receive are: How did you get started as a Coach? and  Where did you get your Certification? I did my certification completely ONLINE – as I’m fully location independent. And guess what, it cost less than $500. Here is all the information you’ll need and a $100 discount code: How to pick a Coaching School:…

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