[Once you get out of your own way, that is…]

What if your 'someday' is calling you NOW?

Are you DONE with playing small, with being patient and working hard for little profit in return?

Just a few months from now, you could be where I am right now:

Ultimate Freedom

The freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Dance Classes at 11am? Check.

Working from Bali for 4 weeks? No problem.

Being able to say YES to opportunities and first row tickets with Tony Robbins - without having to budget? Hell YES please!

Choosing to work only with dream clients because there is a line up to work with you? Done and done!!

Own Boss

You get to be the visionary.

You don’t need any blueprints from someone else, because baby - no-one can rock this business better than YOU!

And let’s be honest for a second: Duplicating what others are doing in business just didn’t work for you.

Marketing? Done YOUR way.
Ideas? Always coming from alignment and with certainty. No more second-guessing.
You get to have it exactly the way you’re craving.

No more compromising or following other people’s path!

More Impact

Gimme “Getting paid whilst making a difference!”

You’re here to inspire people, to change peoples’ lives, and to make a difference!

You get to KNOW that your work is doing good, whilst feeling highly compensated at the same time.


You are meant to be a leader! You are meant to play it BIG!

But hang on… I wasn’t born in beach life mode!
I was totally feeling like you are feeling right now.

Image Holder 1

Things kind of worked, I found my first couple of clients and made some [inconsistent] money in my service-based business.

But it didn’t FEEL like it’s working.
I felt like a fraud.
And like it might fall apart and go back to zero at any given moment.

I couldn’t keep up the momentum.
Charging “my worth?”
What is my worth anyway?

It was a total freakshow and rollercoaster...

Leader 1

Hahaha, I was still a little mouse.

selling 2

OMG - my sales convos were just embarrassing because I really wanted to avoid them. I almost felt relieved when a prospect would cancel a discovery call so I wouldn't have to "sell them."

income 3

Not from inconsistent action, baby.

bold content 4

Hell no, what if someone feels offended and says something mean? What if someone chooses to unfollow because I am not “Instagram perfect”?

biz 5

Not with MY sort of #ScarcityMindset.

But then I discovered what’s really in my way and how to overcome it.

I went from imposter syndrome, struggling with generating cash flow, and total overwhelm... becoming the CEO of a multiple 6-figure Coaching business with a team of 5.

I’ve been traveling the world with my laptop since May 2017,
hired my boyfriend full-time in 2018,
so he can grow my business with me as we travel the world, and lived in Australia, Bali, Vietnam, Canada and Saint Lucia.

How good would it be...

out of the blue 1
money 2

Once you position yourself as an EXPERT...


an industry leader, a force to be reckoned with, and you fully allow yourself to do things your way,
charge high ticket rates, say no to clingy complainer clients and inconsistent action… 

Here's what's going to happen for you...

It will be easy to stack your income.
You have several revenue streams coming in, which means more stability,
more certainty and less emotional freak out moments.

It will be easy to attract clients -
because they will be drawn to your standout content,
to your results, your confidence and to your high vibe energy.
Energy is what sells.

You will have a support team. And systems.
Which allows you to focus on the work that you LOVE and
that matters to make the impact you’re here to create.

You will always KNOW what to do.
You are a CEO making CEO decisions with confidence, you always know your next step,
you always know what matters, and you won’t get distracted by the next best Facebook Ad anymore,
because you have CERTAINTY in your business.

I KNOW you can do this, and here's why:


The Money won't be tight anymore.

If money is stretched right now, we do have flexible payment plans, and within our first month, we will focus on strategies to stabilize your income fast and attract new clients.

Star Eyes

You won’t be overwhelmed anymore.

There is nothing that can equal the transformation a 1:1 coach can do. I am fully committed to making you succeed and I personally make sure you will reach your goals and more. This is why my 1:1 clients get the A-level of support that is unmatched in the coaching industry.


Confidence isn’t something you have to be born with. We will create it!

I know the “how”. I wasn’t born like this. Certainty and confidence are like a muscle. And I’m your personal trainer, helping you to grow it.

'Yeah Susi, this sounds so great. One day I will sign up for your coaching.'

→ No-one ever did!
Not a single woman who said this, ever did.

Is that really the line you’re choosing?
The “someday” people that never come back, whilst my clients are scaling their business, saving money and traveling the world?

Don’t be “SOMEDAY- Sally”!!!

if not now

When we promise ourselves we will do something but don’t set a deadline for it or actually commit to it, we fail to succeed.
By committing to your dreams you will prove to yourself that you are committed to your success and dreams.

Once you make the decision to be ALL IN,
the universe works with you and supports your decision.
By putting things off you are showing that you are not ready to receive what you’re asking for.

Be ready NOW! I got you!


Are you waiting for clients to find you,
or are you ready to double your freedom, your impact and your income?

Waiting for more money before you invest in yourself and your business won’t work,
and you know it!

You want to be a leader?
It means YOU go first!!

Why should you work with ME?

15 years of Marketing and Media experience brought into your business.

Knowledge isn’t everything, but YES it will help you massively to have someone on board that KNOWS how to build and scale successful businesses and how to leverage communication and visibility in your business.

I am not working as a Consultant, which means I will never tell you what you SHOULD be doing (and I see many coaches doing this, whereas this is actually called “Consulting”, not Coaching), because YOU are the CEO, leader and decision maker in your business and I will always EMPOWER you to fully step into this role and responsibility. Moreover, I will help you to see the bigger picture and create success strategies that align with your intuition.

I worked in media and marketing for 12 years before I left Germany to travel the world. Social Media strategies and storytelling comes easily to me. I started my Facebook group with 300 members on day 1, went viral before I even had anything to sell, and got my clients large exposure for their businesses.

I am your trusted voice for everything business and marketing related, and I have no limits when it comes to sharing EVERYTHING I know and believe and give you exclusive behind the scenes insights from my own business. There are no taboos, you can ask me anything.

My unique Framework

After 5 years of extensive coaching experience and working with hundreds of clients all over the world, I’ve seen what makes or breaks business success. I developed the Serve, Create, Impact framework to streamline the exact process that will lead to your financial freedom:


It combines what I believe to be the main catalyst:
NLP and Mindset Coaching, activating your High Performance habits, your Energy, Confidence and Certainty.

Once we’ve made certain that YOU are the version of yourself that is ready to Serve, Create and Impact on a larger scale, Content and Visibility are the pillars that will get your work seen, shared and spread, to make the massive impact that you’re craving.

Instagram numbers aren’t everything. But YES, we’re going to get you onto the big virtual stages, so you can help more people and make a difference in the world with your business.

My VIP commitment to you

I am a Master NLP Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach and Solution-Focused Coach, with 5 years of coaching experience and a massive bullshit alert. I won’t let you get away with it.

The Deluxe Mentorship is for VIP clients that want to work with me at the closest level, which means I’ll fully play in your team as the expert and coach. We are in this together. I will know your business inside out, and brainstorm, explore and EXECUTE ideas with you.

I only work with 4 VIP clients max at a time, and that’s for a reason.

You probably have tried a few mentors and programs before and they maybe didn’t quite give you the results you’ve expected. There is nothing that can equal the transformation a 1:1 coach can do. I am fully committed to making you succeed and I personally make sure you will reach your goals and more.
This is why my 1:1 clients get the highest level of support that is unmatched in the coaching industry.

What you'll get:

  • 12 x 60-minutes private coaching sessions via Zoom, taken over a 6 month period ($15,000 value)
  • Private 1-1 access to me between calls from Monday to Friday via Voxer for support, any burning questions and feedback on your marketing materials.
    This will feel like connecting with your kick-ass friend and mentor every day.
    No slacking days anymore! Accountability Deluxe. ($6,000 value).
  • All access pass to ALL my digital courses and trainings (over $6,000 value)
  • Free access to ANY new courses that I’m launching during our time together (approx. $3,000 value)
  • A 50% discount if you choose to sign up for our Dreamlife Deluxe Retreat on Bali in 2021 ($2,300 value).

Working with me at the private client level is a serious 5-figure investment for those who are not only willing to do what it takes, but also ready and ABLE, financially as well as energetically. If this is not where you're at yet, please refer to my courses page for resources which will help you to get there!

Include the BALI retreat 2021 for an additional $2,222. (50% off)

There are currently zero spots available for 2021 -  but we might add an additional retreat to our schedule. (Because I want to work with you on Bali!)  

This coaching program is for you if..

  • You’ve been seeing some wins in your business, but have not been able to keep the momentum going and the cash flowing.
  • You make things too complicated and self-sabotage the heck out of your progress.
  • You are craving a SIMPLE way to make this work.
  • You want to brush shoulders with leaders and be one of the impactful people in the industry.
  • You want to be able to travel, be location independent, and you want to work from anywhere, whether that is on your couch in your yoga pants or in a villa in Asia.
  • You need more FUN in your life whilst making more bank. You might feel like your business is the only thing you enjoy, everything is related to your business
  • You love learning to better yourself, you love deep experiences, traveling, immersing yourself in cultures to grow
  • You HATE to compromise and you want it all. The travels, the clients, the fun and the impact.
Anouare Coaching Testimonial

I'm interested, Susi! What happens next?

Fill out the application form below and if you sound like the right type of person for this high performance offer, I will get back to you with a link to my calendar. We’re going to hop on a quick call (no sales script) to answer any final questions and create your roadmap to success.
We can also discuss payment plans and payment options, to make this work for you.

If it’s a HELL YES from both ends, next you will receive an invoice to pay and a contract to sign. You will get IMMEDIATE access to all my high level courses and programs, and we’ll schedule our first call to get started.

This is the industry-leading mindset and business coaching package for Digital Nomads and Location Independent Biz Babes. 6 month ALL ACCESS pass to me, and all my programs and courses.

  1. Someday sucks.
    You are READY.
    You want the client flow and Bali photos like yesterday.
    And I know that we’re sometimes stuck and can’t see it in ourselves. But your coach can!
  2. My prices will always go up.
    I uplevel fast and I take my clients WITH me! No-one who said “I’ll be your client later” was ever able to keep up with my increasing rates. It doesn’t get easier. And it’s supposed to feel a little bit scary.
  3. You’re making things too complicated.
    Hiring me might be no exception.
    Just click on “APPLY” and you won’t be alone in this process anymore.

Always knowing what to do, how to generate revenue, how to sign clients - STARTS NOW.

More fun, less tears, more ease and less work hours - STARTS NOW!

It’s time to think and act like the next level CEO that you ARE!