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Thank you for signing up to this course and taking the very first steptowards your own online business!

I remember that time very well: I was dreaming of making an income from anywhere and living a laptop lifestyle - just like you!

I'll teach you my step-by-step system how to brainstorm business ideas and finally get started instead of overthinking it.

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How to use this course: 

Take your time for each workbook and start with

"Your Sweet Spot".

All downloads are easily printable or you can fill in the PDF, whatever you prefer. You can use your journal as well.

>>> Part 1: Your Sweet Spot <<<

Let's get started!

In this fillable workbook you will learn how to...

  • Build on your strengths
  • Uncover your skills and talents
  • Get clear on your character strengths
  • Ask others what your hidden superpowers are
  • Distinguish between passions and interests
  • Find out what people are willing to pay for
  • Research a market need
  • Brainstorm 10 online income ideas based on your insights

I recommend to work on this first part for a week or at least several days. Add any insights and ideas you get with your new focus on what lights you up and excites you, plus the feedback you will receive from your friends!

>>> Part 2: Pick an idea <<<

After you find your Sweet Spot and have brainstormed your 10 business ideas, this decision matrix will help you to narrow down your ideas.

In this workbook you will...

  • Pick your top 5 business ideas
  • Score their worth in a strategic way
  • Consider how aligned they are with your vision and core values

>>> Part 3: Your test project <<<

Now we will stop thinking and overthinking and actually start taking inspired action!


In this workbook you will learn...

  • Why your offer has to solve a problem
  • How to set up your test project
  • How to turn "failure" into "feedback" so you can improve

>>> Part 4: Remote work <<<

How to find remote work


Depending on your business idea, remote work can be a great start to gain experience and expertise in a service-based field.


You can use remote work to support your travels and begin a freedom lifestyle as well, whilst you're building your own online business.


You'll find a whole bunch of websites and resources for remote jobs in this eBook.

>>> Bonus 1 <<<

Video Training: Trello

Your exclusive video training on how to use Trello to find your sweet spot and how to organise your new business venture! ♥

>>> Bonus 2 <<<

10 brilliant Online businesses

My personal swipe file with all my favorite online businesses, to inspire you and show you what's possible!


Which one is your favourite?


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