Offer 1: 6-figure Mindset is back!!

Michellew 6FMM
Fabi 3

8 Weeks, immediate access $1,555 USD

Regular: $2,000

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Offer 2: 1:1 Mentoring for entrepreneurs.
Let's REINVENT it all, so you'll fall in love with your biz again. 

Ideal for….

- Established female entrepreneurs that feel out of alignment and #BLAH in almost all areas of business and want to REINVENT themselves.
- ready to dump the stress, frustration and pressure of keeping up  with high cash months.
- OVERHAULING your mindset, marketing, team, your offers and your ideal client whilst breaking the rules of the industry and truly doing things YOUR way.
- ladies who want to strip back, make their business simpler and focus on “less is more”, instead of overloading yourself and your audience.
- Emotionally burned out entrepreneurs who want to fall in love with their business again.

How it works

Phase 1: Realign
This is where we’ll go through the “Out of Alignment Assessment” to see how you got here, and what needs to be changed for you to feel great about your work again.

Phase 2: Revolt. Let’s break the rules.
My favorite: In this phase we’re going to drop the shoulds, break the rules, question everything you were taught and build a business that plays by your own rules.

Phase 3: Deluxify
The practical shifts: Deluxifying your message, your premium marketing, and your high-ticket offers for high-level clients - so you can work targeted and efficiently.


4 month 1:1 Mentorship REINVENT: $12K USD

or 4x $3,333

You can sign up HERE or send me a DM for any Qs!
Investment will go up to $15K after the next sign up.

Offer 3: Bali Retreat May 2023

In my containers you will create...

  • A business designed BY you, FOR you - with a simple, individual business model.
  • Sustainable, simple marketing that will also work when you’re not 100% on top of the world.
  • Activating content that attracts high-level clients today, making sure you’re highly visible to the right people now.
  • A permission slip to go easy on yourself, only doing the bare minimum and still hitting your income goals. We’re going to drop 60% of your to do list into Nirvana.
  • High-ticket offers that don’t max you out. An ideal client that  is fun to work with.
  • More SPACE in your year, so you can take weeks or months off to heal, to travel, to BE. (I now take 2 months or more off from work each year thanks to this process)






Brand Promise-min

Brand Promise

Working with me will help you to master your mindset so you can unlock your confidence, be proud of being visible, become unapologetic - all whilst staying true to yourself. 

The Deluxe way of doing things doesn’t believe in “one-fits-all” marketing strategies or blueprints. You get to be successful on YOUR own terms because that’s why you’re an entrepreneur in the first place.

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