Flash-Sale "Visibility Queen"
$399 instead of $1,497

"Sales Mindset & Pricing Bootcamp"
$88 instead of $347

1:1 Mentoring for freedom junky entrepreneurs:
Success AND Freedom AND Mental Health

In my containers you will create...

  • A business designed BY you, FOR you - with a simple, individual business model.
  • Sustainable, simple marketing that will also work when you’re not 100% on top of the world.
  • Activating content that attracts high-level clients today - in 20 mins from your phone! 
  • A permission slip to go easy on yourself, only doing the bare minimum and still hitting your income goals. We’re going to drop 60% of your to do list into Nirvana.
  • Trauma-informed offers that don’t max you out. An ideal client that  is fun to work with.
  • More SPACE in your year, so you can take weeks or months off to heal, to travel, to BE. (I now take 2 months or more off from work each year thanks to this process)






Brand Promise-min

Brand Promise

Working with me will help you to master your mindset so you can unlock your confidence, be proud of being visible, become unapologetic - all whilst staying true to yourself. 

The Deluxe way of doing things doesn’t believe in “one-fits-all” marketing strategies or blueprints. You get to be successful on YOUR own terms because that’s why you’re an entrepreneur in the first place.

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