Free 10 Day Mindset Bootcamp


10 Days of Video + Audio trainings + Workbooks to get you started with the best Mindset Tools

This is a 10 Day Bootcamp course which was sold for $199 in the past.

You will have access to all the training audios, videos, and workbooks right away, after signing up.

Change your Mindset, Change your Life!

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"During the Mindset Bootcamp I have experienced internal change through implementing a daily mindset routine - and it only takes 10-15 minutes every day! I loved the program and I love Susi's honesty and sincerity!" - Alicia

"My biggest impact was to write down my big Vision and learn new ways to work on my mindset - It changed my way of thinking! It was a wonderful 10 day bootcamp, full of helpful content. The mix of videos, workbooks and audio - it was an amazing variety. I liked the structure and order of the bootcamp as well, it was well chosen!" - Yvonne

"I'm feeling great! I feel more empowered by focusing and actually writing the prompts from the daily challenge. I was really looking forward to the daily content and determined to complete all challenges to learn and grow, as it's time to do things differently to create new positive results in my life. It's my very first challenge/course that I've actually completed online!" - Jill

"The bootcamp really got me thinking about things that I haven't thought about before and ways of thinking that I haven't previously. This is a great starting point for mindset work! I implemented a daily mindset routine and learned new ways to work on my mindset!" - Sean