This Big Vision Training was recorded in 2018 for paying clients, so as you will see, a lot of my own Big Vision items already turned into reality.
I use some form of Big Vision practice every day - sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Enjoy the training.

Journaling Prompts:

1. What do you desire to buy/have/possess, if there wouldn't be any limitations?

2. A genie comes out of a bottle and grants you unlimited wishes, to create whatever you want during the next 12 months. What would you create?

3. If everything works out perfectly fine, who will you BE in 12 months time? Who are you choosing to BECOME?

4. Who is the most successful version of me?
What is she like?
What are her habits?
What are her values?
What are her beliefs?
How do others see her?
How does she see herself?

5. How do you want to feel?
How can you feel this feeling already now?
If you can be the happiest version of yourself, how would that look like?

6. If this was all already true, what kind of actions would I take? 


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