Welcome to the #GYST series!

#GYST is going to be a hashtag that I'll keep throwing at you.

I didn't know what it means (guess I'm no longer part of the young generation that comes up with those cool new words), but let me educate you:

#GYST = Getting your sh*t together

Sometimes I myself feel SO impatient with all the open "construction sites" in my life.

My business, my team, all my fitness goals and the slow visible progress, relationship stuff, the book I want to write... Where should I even start?
Working on 27 things at the same time is tricky - FOCUS is the keyword.

Here's what I do once per month to ensure I constantly improve all areas of my life (that matter to me) and how exactly I work out what I'm creating:

Part 1 - How to constantly improve your life and create lasting change

Here my Wheel of Life as an example from September 2019:

Physical Body: 6/10
Emotions & Meaning: 4/10
Relationship: 7/10
Time: 6/10
Work and Mission: 5/10
Finances: 8/10
Celebrate & Contribute: 4/10
Lifestyle: 9/10
Fun & Adventure: 7/10
Growth: 9/10

Next, you want to ask yourself, what you want to change in each area, to make it a 10. Dream big, make it exciting!

Physical Body:
I feel fit, strong, sexy and flexible.
I exercise or do yoga daily.
I run 3x per week 5km in less than 25 minutes.

Emotions & Meaning:
I live in a beautiful state most of the time.
I feel happy, grateful, and energetic.
My energy always uplifts and inspires others.

We follow through with weekly date nights.
I don't criticize my partner.
We sort contraception as I don't want to be on hormones anymore.
We're a great team in business and communicate without being snappy or impatient with each other.

I have more than enough time for self-care, sport, creation, and writing my book.

Work & Mission:
I make $50,000 in income per month with ease.
I feel fully supported by my amazing team (Andy, social media manager, designer, video editor, marketing strategist, publicist, tech support, business coach, TR results coach)
I am clear on my message, my mission, my offers, my customers' journey, and my next steps.
I feel excited and aligned with my team, my clients and my offers.
I have a plan for launches and income for the next 6 months.
I have a published book.

My net worth is $250,000.
Andy has $50,000 in savings.
I have $50,000 in my financial freedom account.

Celebrate and Contribute:
I donate at least $1,000 each month and have found my 3 favorite foundations.
I publish my book to help thousands of people.
I feel successful and celebrate my achievements.

We get to stay in the best hotels and AirBnBs around the world without worrying about money.

Fun & Adventure:
I schedule fun activities 3-4 times per week and enjoy them without feeling guilty.

I find ambitious like-minded friends to hang out with.

I hire a Tony Robbins results coach.

I go through Time of Your Life together with Andy
Date with Destiny 2020 Australia

Next, you hire a coach to help you with all these.
I'm not going into a full rant on why you should have a coach right now, as that's not my job to tell the world (and you're not my soul sister if you don't GET that), but I believe that it's taking longer to achieve all these things without one.

I usually work with business and mindset coaches, but as I want to work on a lot of areas of my life right now, I hired a Tony Robbins success coach after this exercise, in addition to my current business coach.


Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3:


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