Case Study: How Caroline stepped into her next level self


"What stuck to me the most is believing in myself and knowing it is always my responsibility to use my energy and time to the fullest."

"It taught me that anything is possible, if I use my mind, the most underrated tool, to my biggest advantage."

Caroline is one of my favorite success stories of 6-figure mindset, because her results aren't about $100,000 (yet!). She completely transformed her personality and her being, and I personally don't recognize her anymore after using this process.

Before 6-figure Mindset:

Caroline came to me as a business owner with a deeply anchored employee mindset. She knew she wasn't meant to work in a conventional environment, but honestly, she just didn't share the thoughts, habits and actions of a successful business woman.

Here's what she says herself:
"I had absolutely no clue how truly important it is to set goals like a business owner or how to even set monetary goals. I was lost in regards to what REALLY matters on a daily basis to elevate myself and achieve goals."

Other symptoms and struggles:

  • Negative self-talk. A looooot of negative self-talk.
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Jumping back and forth between self-belief and completely doubting herself
  • Comparison - everyone else seemed to be smarter, better, more successful
  • A lot of frustration with herself and impatience with her level of success

After 6-figure Mindset:

Caroline is showing up like a leader, like a business owner, like a confident badass and like someone you have to listen to. She surprises me daily with her self-awareness and self-coaching skills. "What would the 6-figure version of me do?" has become one of her go to questions - which is EXACTLY how you'll get a different outcome.

"My self-belief now fuels my day."

  • An incredible new level of self-belief. "I got this!"
  • She's taking action FAST instead of overthinking for days and weeks
  • Clarity on the needle-moving business activities, which she ticks of on a daily basis
  • Awareness of her state, and the ability to coach herself out of a funk

Caroline took the framework of this program and applied it to her whole life, which was absolutely impressive to watch. How to manage family expectations, how to keep up boundaries with friends and work colleagues, and who she needs to be to establish a regular gym practice.

The HOW/During 6-figure Mindset:

During my signature process in 6-figure Mindset Caroline had so many breakthroughs and aha moments.
She describes the content as "information I didn't know I needed, but now I don't want to miss it."

  • She started feeling like she can rule the world and established a leadership mindset (which led to her showing up completely different)
  • She made mindset work and creating peak performance habits the number 1 priority in her life and business
  • Her learning curve went through the roof because she was surrounded by 6-figure business owners, instead of "struggling entrepreneurs"

"6-figure Mindset is a crash course to having a business owner mindset that is nowhere else to be found."

What Caroline says herself:

"Mindset is everything" is a quote for a reason. I had no idea how deeply important mindset is. It was so powerful to learn it from someone that went through it all and thinks bigger than yourself.

"Opening up to a bigger mindset will have you believe in yourself so deeply you don't have another choice than to live a bigger life, a more fulfilled life."

Carolin, Business Coach

Are you ready to transform your mindset and life like Carolin?