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A 16-week live mastermind for female entrepreneurs ready to make a massive impact whilst working significantly less


hustle and high income don't go hand-in-hand

If I told you that achieving multiple 6-figures whilst only working 3 hours a day is possible, would you...

Immediately sign on to do anything you could to make this your reality?


Feel an immediate flood of objections and a fear that if you’re not working 8+ hours a day you won’t feel productive and worthy of success?

Lean in Close

You don’t have to hustle those 8+ hour days to be successful.

Most of us are so tied to the idea that more hours = more money, but that formula is broken

You can stop the hustle and run your business YOUR way whilst working less and making more impact and income.

Just like Fabi did when she made $81,500 in ONE MONTH after just birthing her second baby and working very little.

Or like Jenny who made $50K in her first 5 months in business whilst working 3 hours per day.

I’m here to show you that you don’t have to do #allthethings to be successful.

it's a myth

What you really need to be doing are the right things that will propel your business forward with your hands off.

It’s time to feel free, abundant, and worry-free whilst working less than you’ve ever known was possible.

It’s no secret you don’t feel aligned with the hustle life, especially when the flow doesn’t follow.

so why do your internal

“I want the freedom to travel more, but the idea of being away from my business terrifies me.”

“I’ve purchased a bunch of courses and have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, but I’m extremely overwhelmed by what strategy will get me to the next level, if any.”

“I want to be dancin’ on the beach in the middle of a Tuesday like she is, but I feel tired and drained from balancing my business and life.”

You’re tired of this narrative, but you’re unsure how to make the necessary changes to have a business that sustains itself and fully embody the role of a CEO.

Right now you're...

Working more than you’d like and if feels like you’re constantly running out of steam and burning out.

Looking up one-way tickets to destinations anywhere but never pressing “purchase.”

Craving a constant state of flow, abundance and more FUN in your business.

Absolutely tired of making things harder than they have to be.

It’s time to stop looking at every other boss babe around you and thinking, “how does she make it look so easy?” and start making it easy, love!

It’s time to learn how to maximize your time and efficiency so you spend less time being “busy” and more time on needle-moving activities.

It’s time to stop standing in the way of your dreams by doing what you think you’re supposed to do and it’s time for daily cash flow whilst living your dream life.


A 16-week live mastermind for female entrepreneurs ready to make a large rippling impact whilst working less.

An abundance mindset combined with automation and outsourcing is the new hustle, queen.

Less is More is a myth-busting mastermind that teaches you first-hand how to work less while generating more impact + income. It’s about overcoming limiting beliefs, mapping out your dream day and turning it into reality, and fully embodying the CEO role in your company.

This mastermind is the only mastermind that takes you out of hustle and puts you into flow.

Sitting behind a desk for 8+ hours because you’re supposed to or because it’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean it’s how it should be done. (I can tell the rebel in you is already gleaming with excitement.)

And the best part about this mastermind? It’s very intimate and intentional. You won’t be trying to squeeze in 5 minutes of personalized coaching in a group of 20 people. All calls are broken down by time zones with a maximum of 4 people per call. Get ready to meet your new biz besties!

When you join this mastermind, you will receive:


An intensive onboarding questionnaire so I can learn your entire business and what lights you up in your business and life.

daily coaching

Daily Voxer coaching directly from Susi in an intimate group of 4.

bi weekly coaching calls-min

Bi-weekly intimate coaching calls with your biz sisters in your timezone, there will only be 4 people per call so everyone gets personalised coaching and support.

16 weeks training

Private Facebook group with ALL the Less is More Mastermind members

Private FB group

16 weeks of content and trainings to give you my secrets to working less and making more

guest expert

1 Guest Expert Training Call Per Month (4 total)


Meet Anouare

I’ve been working with Susi for more than 1 year now. I quit my job to travel the world and start a consulting agency, all within the first 3 months. I love how Susi approaches life and business and I love the long-term mastermind format! I leave our calls feeling refreshed, inspired and expansive.


Meet Karin

I’m in Susi’s 12-month Mastermind and I had my first 5-figure months whilst working less than ever before. I also quit my manager job, hired my VA and invested in real estate.
I am proud to be a part of this amazing group and always happy and excited when I see new notifications from our daily group chat. 


Meet Melissa

I’m in Susi’s 12-month Mastermind and had my biggest month in business 2 months after I joined. I signed 8 design clients and 2 coaching clients super quickly. I also totally underestimated the sisterhood part! I couldn’t be more proud and excited to have Susi and the other ladies in my life. They inspire me so much, it’s just crazy

How did these women get massive results like this?

Because I focus on mindset over strategy.

I firmly believe you don’t need MORE knowledge, courses and fluff. Less is more.

When you grow your mindset, you grow your business. It’s that easy.

We’re stripping back the way you’ve been doing business so you work better and more efficiently whilst simultaneously working less than you ever have.

You can run your business YOUR way without following blueprints of other business owners and we will work closely to craft an individual blueprint that compliments you.

The only “right way” to do business is the way that works for you and supports the life you want to live.

Serving others and helping your clients with their business success is possible without being glued to your computer.

You can get massive results whilst also living a life of freedom, fun, and more joy. I’ll show you how.

This exclusive mastermind is designed to help you get the most out of it with the most hands-on customized support from Susi.

You will receive so much value inside the 16-week Less is More Mastermind, including:


You’re the boss and it’s time to step up from working IN your business to working ON your business. Moving from number one employee to CEO is going to be the reason you can work less and build a thriving, sustainable company.

We will cover:

  • Your 6-figure vision, income goals, and time goals for your streamlined business
  • Mastering a CEO Mindset and embodiment 
  • Establishing CEO days and systems to run a company that scales
  • Unveiling your peak performance and habits for long-lasting success
  • Becoming an excellent receiver without the need to work harder

MONTH 2: Systems and Processes to Scale

You’re the visionary of your company and you need the headspace to create million dollar ideas. This is why you need to streamline and simplify your business with systems and processes to free up your time to unlock your creativity. 

We will cover:

  • 6-figure systems, processes, and tools to automate your business and free up your time
  • Developing your company’s core processes so you have less decisions to make
  • Money Management Systems to guarantee cash flow, your personal pay, investment funds and an automated money flow.

MONTH 3: Serve, Create, Impact

The dream is to make money by being you, right? Learn how to make a bigger impact, help more clients, and make more money whilst being your weirdest, truest self and doing business your way.

We will cover:

  • Your ideal business model to scale with your best courses and clients
  • Positioning yourself as an authority brand in your industry
  • Dialing up abundance to increase revenue and daily sales
  • Advanced Visibility Strategies to get you in front of thousands of ideal customers

MONTH 4: Balance, Boundaries & Automated Income

If you took a week off would your business crash and burn? Not anymore. Boundaries and automated income are going to change your life. Learn how to scale your business whilst stepping back and spending more time at the beach.

We will cover:

  • Outsourcing tasks in your business with two types of teams and how to hire your Less is More Dream Team
  • Simplifying your product suite and raising your prices (it’s possible!)
  • Boundaries with non-money generating tasks and time suckers
  • Handling the not-so-fun part of business like refund requests and difficult clients
  • 6-figure focus and how to optimise your work week so you can get those Tuesday tan-at-the-pool days
Plus these incredible bg
christine michelle

Christine Michelle

Transformational Mentor, Quantum Manifestation & Human Design Expert

Locking in the Energetic Frequency of Flow in Your Business

In this training, we will discuss human design and aligning your business with energetic frequency to make massive quantum leaps as you step into your wholeness. Stepping into full alignment with yourself will allow you to create content, programs, masterminds and more with ease and more personality.

charlene izere

Charlene Izere

Soulful CEO

Six Figure Systems that will keep you Soulfully Systematic in your Biz!

Founder of Soulful Agency, Charlene is behind the scenes in multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses helping them automate their businesses to work less whilst making a massive impact. In this training, she’s going to share her biggest systems, processes, and SOPs to streamline your business.

rachel spencer

Rachel Spencer

Business Coach and Launch Strategist

Launching with Confidence & Authority

Rachel recently celerated two $100k launches that both sold out early without a sales page and minimal promotion. In this training, she’s sharing how she perfected her launch strategy with expertly designed systems in place so launching becomes easy and profitable.

jenny watzka

Jenny Watzka

Biz Streamlining Consultant

Passive income funnels and selling on autopilot

Jenny set a business goal of hitting $10k her first month in business while not working more than 3 hours a day while traveling through Spain, and she did it. Since then she’s become unstoppable and she’s going to teach how to ditch overwhelm in business and how to strategically grow your business through team creation and system development.

The total value of this life-changing program is over $12,000

But your investment is only a fraction of that

the less is more mastermind program mockup





4 payments of $1,200
jenny watzka testimonial

Meet Jenny

“5-figure clients, $50k in my first 5 months in business”

Is ''Hustlin'' by Rick Ross your theme song?

Then this mastermind probably isn’t for you, but it is for you if you want...

  • More streamlined systems + automation in your business and more freedom.
  • To create a bigger impact with a desire to help more people.
  • More income whilst working less.
  • To let go of the “I have to work hard for success” mentality once and for all.
  • Hiring and utilising a team you can fully trust to let go of control
  • Taking CEO days to work ON your business and not IN it
  • Create and fully execute a money management system

I believe...

You can be of service whilst filling your own cup first, whilst traveling the world and living the dream of building a company online. I believe the most effective way to grow your business is by growing yourself and your mindset.

That’s why mindset is the forefront of everything I teach.

My average workday is 2 hours, 3 hours if I have a lot going on. I hear questions all the time like...

I love your life and how you run your business, Susi, but how can I make this possible for me? (I have 3 kids, a full-time job, no money, [insert reason it “can’t” work here.])

How do you get all this done in such little time each day?

How are you so consistent?

I am doing all the things, but I should be further along by now. Why is my progress and growth so slow?

How are you always so confident/happy/energetic?

How do you manage finances and investments?

How do you streamline the backend of a business?

I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learned about running a successful multiple 6-figure business without burning out or putting in long days.

I’m holding nothing back in this 16-week program. I’m fully committed to watching your business take off in this intimate mastermind.

Say it with me, success in 3 hours per day is possible

Ruth testimonial

Meet Ruth

“I quit my job and doubled my corporate income in my first year of coaching”


The quiet objections you hear in your head making you doubt yourself?

We’re going to shatter every last one of them so you can start living your dream life.

If you’re thinking, “I’m not sure if I’m ready to invest this much” here’s your reminder that you are a CEO. This is a business investment to make your business more efficient, but also, it’s designed to make your investment back greatly. You value TIME and you’ve always thought you needed to trade time for money, but not anymore. I’ll teach you how to make the same amount of income but work wayyy less.

It’s time to stop adding more to your plate.

More courses, more knowledge, more strategy isn’t needed here.

All that leads to is overwhelm.

It’s time to take your best practices, strip everything else back, and SCALE like a MOFO by focusing on what matters and what’s going to generate income. I am here to simplify your life big time, not overload you with even more.

I purchased a one-way ticket with my fiance in 2017 and haven’t looked back.

susi about portrait
hi im susi

I’m an international mindset coach and visibility strategist for visionaries and female entrepreneurs. I quit my 9-5 because it left me feeling burnt out at the end of every day. I have a low tolerance for long work days and don’t believe in working 8+ hours a day because it’s the “norm.”

So, I packed my bags and headed to the airport to create a normal that felt aligned with me. Now I make $25,000 cash months and work 2-3 hours a day, and I’m here to teach you how to do the same.

stacey testimonial

Meet Stacey

“Susi got me from 0 to almost $5k within one week. I booked 4 clients after our first session - $4,500 after months of crickets.”

Have a couple more questions before you sign up? Here are the questions I get asked the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

fabi bg

Meet Fabi

Fabi went from $30,000 to $50,000 in one month whilst working with Susi and made $81,500 within 30 days a few months later, applying the exact mindset hacks she learned in 6-figure mindset.

What else can I say? Even I don’t make that much money (yet).

Fabi joined my program already making 6-figures, using the exact process to become a 7-figure mindset queen.

This NLP process works for any level, it doesn’t really matter what your goal is

Visualize with me

Wake up every day of the week feeling the freedom to choose how your day will go

Are on the beach sipping on a margarita and watching PayPal notifications come through

Feel confident in your team to handle the day to day tasks

Close your laptop after 2 hours without an urge to open it back up until the next day

Fully embody being the CEO of a successful, automated company that grows without your hands in it constantly

This is only part of what you’ll feel in 16 short weeks.

Less is More is designed to change your life in a big, impactful, never go back to working 8+ hours a day way

All you have to do is take the first step and sign up, the rest will come with ease.