Hello Gorgeous!

Since you're here, we can assume you're a TOTAL badass boss babe whom Susi is very excited about working with. This Mastermind is extremely intimate and exclusive, and combines our framework to success (Effective Execution, Mindset & Vision, Freedom Lifestyle)

We're going to live in the most lush and abundant villa on Bali together in May 2023! And you will have worked with all the amazing women of this mastermind for 4 full months until then - so you won't meet any strangers, but friends for life!

This quick and simple application is for Susi to determine whether or not we're a good fit to work together over the next 4 months. Only fill out this application if you're committed to your growth and ready to go BIG. 

First, here are a few details about the Mastermind:
This is going to be my highest level container in 2023 and the most affordable way by FAR to work with me.

It includes 1:1 coaching, 4 months of group coaching, a 6-day luxury retreat on Bali, and access to all my programs that I've ever created.

My intention with this 4 MONTH MASTERMIND is to create a container that goes way beyond the "6 weeks excitement phase" of my normal programs. It's a commitment to your success, a commitment to be in this for the long run - and to treat your business success like a marathon, and not a sprint.

mindset coach susi kaeufer retreat in Bali 2019


- 90-minute intensive with me to start (where we will put together a vision/plan for the next 4-6 months together).

- Bi-weekly 90 min Group Coaching on Zoom, where everyone gets 1:1 Hot Seat Coaching time on every call

- Group chat with me and the other Mastermind ladies for the entire 4 months

- 6 day Luxury Retreat on Bali in May 2023 - to make this travel lifestyle deluxe your new normal (food, photography + outings covered)

- Unlimited access to all of my courses/trainings + anything I launch during this time

Investment: $5,000 US 
(The Bali Babes Mastermind was $18,000 last time around, for 12 months)
Payment Plans are available, but need to be paid off BEFORE the retreat, for you to be able to attend. 

Susi reviews every application thoroughly, so please be as detailed as possible! Ready?!

Mastermind Application

Tell me about yourself and what you want from this experience!

Mastermind Application
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