How to use Mindset Journaling to change your thinking forever

MINDSET JOURNALING - what is it, how does it work and why should I care?

Do you have a journal?

I have always been a journaling girl. I love paper, pens, stationary... and when I quit my job to travel the world, I packed my backpack with very limited amount of things - but took 4 identical travel journals on the road with me.
I wrote about my feelings, my experiences, added entry tickets and boarding passes.
The "Dear Diary" style of journaling helped me to sort my emotions, keep memories and reflect.

The type of journaling I do today is very different, and something I've seen almost every inspiring and successful entrepreneur I've met or worked with is doing on a regular basis.

It's the type of journaling for visionaries.
For people who want to create something extraordinary.

It's how visions are created AND most important: Translated into action.

The Mindset Journaling Process:

1) Getting clear on what you want

Now that I can be, do and have ANYTHING I want, how does my life look like?

A genie comes out of a bottle and grants you unlimited wishes. What do you wish for?

Imagine you're having $50,000,000 in the bank right now. What do you like to do all day? What do you do for work/mission? How do you spend your days when there's no need to make money?

2) Your limiting stories

Why do you think you can't have it?

What do you think is in your way?


3) The version of you who already HAS it, who is she?

What are her values?
What are her beliefs? Her beliefs about money? Her beliefs about herself? Her beliefs about how hard or easy things get to be? Her beliefs about selling?

Who IS she? How does she go through life?


4) A person with these types of beliefs, what action would you she be taking?
What are her daily habits and actions in each area of her life?

5) What advice would this person give YOU in your current situation?

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