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If you’re honest with yourself, you already know it:

You need to work on your mindset, but you struggle to get into a regular routine

You love to read other peoples journaling, but yours just doesn’t seem to flow

You are lacking inspiration for journaling prompts that make you grow and think bigger

Self-doubt, dwelling on worst-case scenarios and second guessing every step you take will not get you to your next level.

The Mindset Journaling Tribe is for you if you…

want to think and act like a successful entrepreneur

are looking for fool proof way to overcome limiting beliefs

stare at your blank page in the morning, lacking journaling ideas

want to get inspired by the next level thoughts, beliefs and actions of other entrepreneurs and role models.

Hi, my name is Susi Kaeufer and Mindset Journaling has changed my life.


When I hired my first business coach I heard the term “mindset work” for the first time.

I didn’t really see the point. “How is this going to help me to build a business? Can’t you just tell me the strategy?”

Yet, I realised that ALL successful people I’ve been following had something in common: They had a daily mindset practice - and I realized: There must be SOMETHING about this.

I committed to daily mindset journaling in 2017. 

And oh boy, my life has changed. 

When I quit my job and left Germany with my savings in 2013, everyone (including myself) expected me to come back home broke after a couple of months.

That was 8 years ago.

8 years later, I have more confidence than ever before, I earn my previous yearly salary in one month, and have been traveling around the world several times.

In fact, I've been on the road with my partner (who quit his job to work for me), my laptop, my books and my beloved online business since May 2017 -  living out of a suitcase - all whilst growing my net worth and my multi 6-figure coaching business.

Mindset work is the number 1 non-negotiable for my success.


That’s why I created the Mindset Journaling Tribe for entrepreneurs:

The gym - for your mindset.


Results you can expect...


Make mindset journaling a daily habit, just like successful millionaires and entrepreneurs do...


Say goodbye to bad habits, clients, partners and circumstances that no longer serve you...


Completely change your money mindset and get your business to the next level...


Create certainty, self-belief and drive every single day - with a mindset routine that actually gets you excited and that you won't stop after a couple of days...

Get out of your own head and step into the 2.0 version of yourself.

Dream BIGGER and easily manifest whatever you want to bring more of into your life: joy, gratitude, money, clients, happiness.

All because you said YES to yourself. 

That is what’s possible if you join The Mindset Journaling Tribe.

It’s time to be part of the supportive community you’ve been longing for.


Here's what's in this membership...

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The journaling prompts library - with fresh journaling on different topics and themes, so you know EXACTLY what to write about every day

Journaling parties

More than a dozen JOURNALING PARTIES where we journal together through a process for an hour.


A high-vibe community to keep you accountable, inspired by what others are writing and feeling safe and secure to share what is going on

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This includes photos from my private mindset journaling.

This is the most intimate way to get into the brain, thought process and mindset elevation process of a 6-figure business owner. (I honestly wish Tony Robbins would offer this).


Endless BONUSES: hypnosis audios, affirmation loops, journaling workbooks and mindset trainings - this is your magic vault to all my mindset content

Have a look inside the Mindset Journaling Tribe Dashboard:

Your investment:

297 one time

Mindset work is like a muscle.

You do it once, and you will barely see any effect. You create a habit, and you'll notice yourself getting stronger and better.

I am here to show you EXACTLY how to do your mindset work every day (consistently) and get rid of your limiting stories (once and for all). 


Join the Mindset Journaling Tribe

… and surround yourself with a community that makes you think BIGGER than your current reality, so you can achieve what others call "unrealistic" or "unreasonable".

One more detailed client review:

Final words of encouragement:

The Mindset Journaling Tribe is a high-vibe offer for…

  • Anyone who knows they should have a daily Mindset routine but just cannot stick to it
  • Anyone who loves lists, journals, papers and pens, and time to nourish yourself
  • Anyone who’s more often on the Debby Downer side of things than you’d want to
  • Anyone who’s self-sabotaging and pivoting and basically is all over the place, but surely not where they want to be
  • Germans in general? 
  • Or anyone else who was raised in a society of “Be realistic” and “That’s never going to work out” and still suffers from these belief systems. 
  • Anyone who’s ready to do the inner work and wants to come up with their own GOOD quality mindset questions to grow consistently as a person. 
  • Anyone who has signed up for all the business courses already, but it didn't really DO anything for you. It's YOU who needs to change…
  • Or anyone who wrongly thinks journaling doesn’t work 
699-- 297

This is your gym for your mind!

It doesn't matter whether you're new to mindset journaling or have had a practice for years. Wherever you are now, the resources I share in the Mindset Journaling Tribe will inspire you to create even more success, meaning, and abundance in your life.


Still have questions?

Join The Mindset Journaling Tribe Today.

Burn the rules. 
Expand your impact. 
Supercharge your mindset. 


I'm so honored you made it all the way down this sales page, I do the same when I'm feeling keen!

Know that I am here for you and for this tribe with all my love and energy. I mean - is there any other option?

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