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If you're honest with yourself, you already know it:

Your mindset is crap. 💣 It doesn't help you to create success.

You know you should be focused on daily mindset work right now, but #worldcrisis

You keep telling me: "Susi, I just want to wait for the world to come back to normal before I do."

I get it!

But here's the thing...

Now it is more important than EVER to work on your mindset.

Self-doubt, dwelling on worst-case scenarios and making doubtful decisions will NOT get you to your next level. 

And you know this.

> You struggle to stay consistent with your mindset work.

> You have NO idea what to journal about every morning. 

> Your limiting beliefs are keeping you STUCK. 

> You are surrounded by negative nancies (or you yourself are close to have "complaining" become your last name.)

> You are far away from #highvibe.

Puh, I know exactly what that\'s like.


Join during July and August to take part in our 40-day SUMMER GYST Live and be part of the tribe that will keep you motivated all the way through the 40 days! 

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Susi Kaeufer and Mindset Journaling has changed my life.

When I hired my first business coach (which at that time I thought was charging me an outrageous amount of money….) I heard the term "mindset work" for the first time.

I didn't really see the point. "How is this going to help me to build a business? Can't you just tell me the strategy?"

Yet, I realised that ALL successful people I've been following had something in common: They had a daily mindset practice - and I realized: There must be SOMETHING about this.

I committed to daily mindset journaling in 2017. 

And oh boy, my life has changed. 

When I quit my job and left Germany with my savings in 2013, everyone (including myself) expected me to come back home broke after a couple of months.

That was 7 years ago.

7 years later, I have more confidence than ever before, I earn my previous yearly salary in one month, and have been traveling around the world several times.

In fact, I've been on the road with my partner (who quit his job to work for me), my laptop, my books and my beloved online business since May 2017 - all whilst growing my net worth.

Mindset work is the number 1 non-negotiable for my success.


Welcome to
The Mindset Journaling Tribe.

Your monthly gym membership - for your mindset.


What would change in your life and business if you would...


Make mindset journaling a daily habit, just like successful millionaires and entrepreneurs do...


Say goodbye to bad habits, clients, partners and circumstances that no longer serve you...


Completely change your money mindset and get your business to the next level...


Create certainty, self-belief and drive every single day - with a mindset routine that actually gets you excited and that you won't stop after a couple of days...

Get out of your own head and step into the 2.0 version of yourself.

Dream BIGGER and easily manifest whatever you want to bring more of into your life: joy, gratitude, money, clients, happiness.

All because you said YES to yourself. 

That is what\'s possible if you join The Mindset Journaling Tribe.

It\'s time to be part of the supportive community you\'ve been longing for.


Here's what's in this membership...


NEW journaling prompts so you know EXACTLY what to write about every day


NEW monthly trainings and courses around Mindset, Success Habits, Manifestation, Money Beliefs, and Happiness & Fulfillment


A high-vibe community to keep you accountable, inspired by what others are writing and feeling safe and secure to share what is going on


Monthly Q&A SESSIONS and LIVE JOURNALING PARTIES where you'll get the chance to get coached on personal blocks and issues by Susi


Access to thousands of dollars worth of live content and programs that I'm going to turn into paid evergreens at a higher price point later


Endless BONUSES: hypnosis audios, affirmation loops, journaling workbooks… whenever I feel inspired, it will go into the tribe

Have a look at what's inside

Bonus Courses


The Mindset Journaling Bootcamp (valued $297) - Everything you need to get started with Mindset Journaling on a whole new level


Productivity Ninja (valued $297) - How to build, grow and run your 6-figure business whilst working less than 4 hours per day


40-day Summer Gyst series (valued $197) - 40 days of daily prompts and motivation to get back on track with life and your mindset routine this summer


Join during July and August to take part in our 40-day SUMMER GYST Live and be part of the tribe that will keep you motivated all the way through the 40 days! 

See, when people talk about "mindset work" there are 2 problems:

  1. Nobody tells you SPECIFICALLY what to do.
  2. Lack of accountability.

It\'s amusing when business coaches put a mindset module in their courses and make it seem like you only need to spend 20 minutes learning how to rewire your brain and you'll be set up for success for life - rich and wealthy in a mansion in some South American country.

Mindset work is like a muscle.

You do it once, and you will barely see any effect. You create a habit, and you'll notice yourself getting stronger and better. You get lazy with it, and you'll feel it.

So no.

I am not another coach telling you "just" to change your mindset to see results, receive more money and break through the ceiling. 

I am here to show you EXACTLY how to do your mindset work every day (consistently) and get rid of your limiting stories (once and for all). 


Your Investment


Of course there are NO RISKS in joining this membership.

You aren't locked in forever and I won't swallow the key.

Cancel any time by emailing support@dreamlifedeluxe.com at least 48 hours before the next payment cycle.

Join the Mindset Journaling Tribe

...and surround yourself with a community that makes you think BIGGER than your current reality, so you can achieve what others call "unrealistic" or "unreasonable".

VIP Option

1:1 access to your Mindset coach for $100 more?

VIP: (Limited spots) Currently 2 spots open!

Why become a VIP? 

  1. Exclusive Access to the mindset journal of a multiple-six-figure business owner
  2. Individual prompts and personal advice from me, Susi every month via Voxer
Stock Photo 3


Around 1-3 times per week you will get sneak peeks and photos from my private mindset journaling, via Voxer Broadcast directly onto your phone.

This is the most intimate way to get into the brain, thought process and mindset elevation process of a 6-figure business owner. (I honestly wish Tony Robbins would offer this).

Re-write my affirmations, take everything that feels expansive to you, and use this as personalised pep talks on your mobile.

This is my closest circle, my personal VIP tribe - the people that get to sneak into my private journal. 

You get to follow along how EXACTLY I'm rewiring my mindset to create a 7-figure business. (value: priceless!)

Stock Photo2


Monthly individual journaling prompts & personalised audio pep talk!

The opportunity to get personalised access to Susi! This is where you get to ask me anything - business advice included.

We will personally touch base once per month. Tell me in short what you're currently working on/going through and I will come up with 2-3 individual mindset journaling prompts for you, to reframe and rewire your thoughts and beliefs.

Your Investment

Become a VIP for just $199/month

One more client review:

Choose the subscription option that is best for you!


This is for you...

The Mindset Journaling Tribe is a high-vibe community for…

    • Anyone who knows they should have a daily Mindset routine but just cannot stick to it


    • Anyone who loves lists, journals, papers and pens, and time to nourish yourself


    • Anyone who's more often on the Debby Downer side of things than you'd want to


    • Anyone who's self-sabotaging and pivoting and basically is all over the place, but surely not where they want to be


    • Germans in general? 


    • Or anyone else who was raised in a society of "Be realistic" and "That's never going to work out" and still suffers from these belief systems. 


    • Anyone who's ready to do the inner work and wants to come up with their own GOOD quality mindset questions to grow consistently as a person. 


    • Anyone who has signed up for all the business courses already, but it didn't really DO anything for you. It's YOU who needs to change…


    • Or anyone who wrongly thinks journaling doesn't work 😉


This is your gym membership for your mind!

It doesn't matter whether you're new to mindset journaling or have had a practice for years. Wherever you are now, the resources I share in the Mindset Journaling Tribe will inspire you to create even more success, meaning, and abundance in your life.

If you love beautiful journals and pens, the Mindset Journaling Tribe is for you.

If you are a personal development junkie, the Mindset Journaling Tribe is for you.

If you want an awesome community of growth-oriented sisters who share your values, the Mindset Journaling Tribe is for you.

If you want to feel inspired, empowered and confident every day - then the Mindset Journaling Tribe is for you.


Join during July and August to take part in our 40-day SUMMER GYST Live and be part of the tribe that will keep you motivated all the way through the 40 days! 

Still have questions?

What is Mindset Journaling?

Mindset Journaling isn't the classic "Dear diary" style journaling. This is the success habit of all major successful people - you will script your future reality, change your limiting beliefs and rewire your brain to think and act like the highest version of yourself.

What can I expect from this tribe?

This is not an online course, but an ongoing membership - see it like a gym membership. There will be fresh content and trainings added every month, there will be a monthly Q&A session or LIVE Journaling event where you can ask questions and get personalised advice and you get to profit from the accountability of the group. You can check in daily, weekly, or whenever you feel like you need a pick up.

Is this for business owners only?

No. After working with business owners and aspiring business owners for years, I realized that everyone should have this tool - to get better results in life, in your career, in your relationships, and potentially in your own business as well.

Whilst some trainings might focus on creating business success and business confidence, this is not the main focus of creating a habit of mindset journaling for success.

English isn't my native language. Should I journal in my own language?

All trainings and journaling prompts are provided in English. If you naturally think in another language, you can journal your answers in your native language. I recommend to journal in a language that your subconscious mind is able to pick up on easily.

When will I get billed again?

You will get billed again 30 days after your sign up - and from then on every 30 days.

Do I need to "keep up" with the content?

No. There's no "falling behind" in the Mindset Journaling Tribe - which is important for anyone who struggles with perfectionism and an all-or-nothing attitude.

This is the place to go to whenever you need fresh inspiration and motivation for your personal mindset routine.

How much time will this take me?

You can spend as little as 10 minutes a day on Mindset Journaling.

If you feel like you need a little more support and want to spend more time on rewiring your thinking, you can consume all the trainings, audios and journaling prompts within a couple of hours per month.

How much access will there be to Susi?

In the regular membership, you will have live access to Susi on any live conducted trainings via livestream, as well as the monthly Q&A call, where you get to ask individual questions to get coached by me, Susi. I can't promise to answer every single question, but will definitely get through as many as possible.
If you want personal access to me, including me listening to your current struggle, sending you a coaching reply and individual journaling suggestions every month, sign up for the VIP option.

How often will there be new content and trainings?

I decided not to make any promises on a fixed schedule, but it's a lot. You will receive a schedule with all upcoming trainings, calls, and intensives at the beginning of each month.

Can I change my membership level?

Yes, you can change your membership level at any time. You will be moved to the new level at the end of the billing cycle.

Can I keep my membership price if I upgrade to VIP then want to go back down?

If you downgrade from VIP to the normal level you will keep your membership fee price (the price when you registered), regardless of when you downgrade. If you upgrade to VIP you will pay whatever the current rate is for VIP, even if you were a VIP Member previously. So yes, going VIP first and then downgrading eventually is the better option.

How does the VIP Voxer broadcast work? (VIP only)

We won't need your phone number for this, just sign up for Voxer - which is a free text and voice messaging app, and you will be added. All VIPs will hear from me on Voxer regularly, with photographed pages of my current personal journaling. These will be sent to your mobile phone via Voxer.

Join The Mindset Journaling Tribe Today.


Burn the rules. 

Expand your impact. 
Supercharge your mindset. 


I'm so honored you made it all the way down this sales page, I do the same when I'm feeling keen!

Know that I am here for you and for this tribe with all my love and energy. I mean - is there any other option?

Scroll back up to join us or send me a chat message if you have any questions about the membership!