If you’re honest with yourself, you already know it:

Your money mindset is crap. 💣

The fear of "not having enough” is crippling you and your creative juices.

You can’t seem to attract the “abundant money flow with ease” 😷 that everyone is talking about, or you can’t seem to hold on to your money, because you’re not feeling worthy of it.


Repeating affirmations hasn’t done the trick so far, and all the super whoo whoo manifestation techniques - like wearing a citrine crystal in your bra - don’t strike you as the solution to your bank balance. 

I got you! It's time to connect the practical with the manifestation & really change your own money blueprint.

Also, in case that's not obvious: THIS is not really about "money".
We don't care about the notes and coins actually.

We care about making an impact, about FREEDOM, about the feeling of abundance, about living our best life.

MMS Square

The Money Mindset School is for you once you’ve realized, your problem isn’t the strategy, your problem isn’t the lack of action - but your money mindset is holding you back.

This October we're saying Goodbye to your old, shitty money story!
I'll share with you everything I know, all my sheets and tools,
AND I will coach you, personally.

2 months that will change your life forever!

There's no "from dead-broke" to multi-millionaire story here, no "from rags to riches" to grab your attention.


However, if you would have known me a few years ago, when I was trying to make my business work with my German safety and scarcity mindset around money, you wouldn’t recognize me today. 


Once I realized that it's not my incapability to create wealth, but my resistance to create wealth, everything changed.

First Class

When I quit my job and left Germany with my savings in 2014, everyone (including myself) expected me to come back home broke after a couple of months.

That was 6 years ago.

6 years later, I have more money than ever before, earn my previous yearly salary in one month, and have been traveling around the world 🌎 multiple times.

In fact, I've been on the road with my partner (who quit his job to work for me), my laptop, my books and my beloved online business since May 2017 - all whilst growing my net worth.

So it's not that I'm not spending anything 🙂
Fancy 5-star hotels, first class flights and $5000 seminars with Tony Robbins? YES please!

You get to have it ALL!


2 month of massive transformation with me as your Money Mindset Coach.

💎 💎 💎

Learn to receive fully, stop self-sabotaging your wildest success and develop the daily money habits of highly wealthy people.


What really makes the difference:


  • Fully understanding your responsibility, your self-sabotage and your resistance - because whatever your reality looks like right now, is a direct reflection of your beliefs and expectations of what's possible for you.

...so this can actually happen for YOU, instead of staying an unreachable dream on your vision board


  • Exploring your money mindset type, and how to overcome the pitfalls that come with it, whilst completely re-writing your money story, your money identity and your results.


  • Coaching. I'm not joking, I've done world-class courses on money mindset, and I'll teach you all the content - however I see many people STILL not applying what they've seen on pretty PowerPoint charts.I will give you what I needed and invested thousands of dollars in myself:
    The gift to push you, challenge you, empower you and make you think even bigger.

    Daily Coaching in our Voxer Group Chat (Monday - Friday) for constant access to me, breakthroughs and uplevels.


  • Getting your subconscious mind on board (with NLP and hypnosis), otherwise you can keep pushing in one direction as hard as you want, your subconscious mind is a powerful protector. Let's get it onto your side! Otherwise your affirmations and hopes won't do much for you.


  • Daily Abundance - This will shift you, your daily thoughts and actions massively, and it has to.
    YOU need to change for things to change.
    There's no purpose in listening to an abundant training module for 1 hour, and then acting like the pure embodiment of scarcity for the rest of your time.
    Your daily thoughts, habits and feelings will determine your results.


  • An open opportunity to talk taboo topics. Only when I started surrounding myself with people who I could talk to about money, profit, taxes, salary and my dream of multi-million dollars, things started to become real.

    We're breaking the paradigm of "not talking about money" and you get to ask me anything you want. I'll be an open book. 


  • And last but not least:
    The practical.

    How to make sure you're making profit in your business,
    my original money tracking sheets,
    the exact system how I distribute my income,
    the step-by-step process on how I helped my partner pay off his credit card debt in 3 months,
    and how to actually learn all about letting your money work for you.

Ok ok Susi, I need this - Gimme the details!

...just after adding some more vision board worthy pictures of my incredible life - that I thought would be impossible not too long ago!

Here's how this 2 month Abundance Mastermind is going down:


20-30 Audio Trainings with all the life-changing content.

Extra worksheets, deep-dive homework and journaling prompts, dropping during the week.


"The work" - as in - the actual work. What to journal on daily, what to focus on daily, how to expand your thinking - your transformation happens in between the modules. 


Daily Money Mindset Action tasks it's all about your daily implementation of what you've learned.

DAILY Group Coaching via VOXER

You will be added for a new, super exclusive and fun form of Group Coaching, so nobody misses out on any Zoom calls die to different time zones:

We'll have a Voxer Group Chat, where you get to ask me anything and get coached by me (Monday - Friday), whilst hearing how I coach others as well. Hands on, fast returns, easily accessible, as you can check your Voxer whenever it suits you.

All my money tools for you.

  • Tracking sheets, my weekly money date, Mindset Journaling prompts... no more secrets.

  • Money and Abundance Hypnosis, to get your subconscious mind on board - all my clients LOVE and swear on the daily audio hypnosis.

Get rid of Credit Card Debt Fast masterclass

  • For the first time ever I'm going to share with clients how I helped my partner to get rid of his year-long credit card debt within 3 months and how to make this system work for you too. Financial freedom, here we come!
Book gifts

We start on 1st Oct - Doors close 27th Sept.

6-figure Mindset Results 2
6-figure Mindset Results

Now entering the room: The classic Scarcity Behavior of the sales page stalker. 😉

"Oh sounds awesome, I should sign up for this. I'll save the sales page and will decide later.
2 weeks of contemplating and overthinking will serve me well.

Maybe I'll need the money for something else, what if the washing machine breaks or if I'm not signing any new clients in September?
Well, then I guess I can't change my money mindset."



The first 10 sign ups (pay in full or payment plan) will receive these powerful and transparent Bonus Trainings: (valued $300)


No bullshit, how does it really look like to generate $25,000 within one month?

In this online training, I go through a full case study of: 

💰 How I made $25,000 in 4 weeks (several times): All income streams, all strategies, all exact numbers (Get my original spreadsheet!)
💰 How much does it COST to run a 6-figure business? What's the freaking PROFIT that nobody talks about?
💰 How I self-sabotaged my income goal and how to get out of the funk
💰 How to get paid Every. Single. Day in your business
💰 My top 8 income streams for consistent 5-figure months
💰 The 3 types of offers your business needs, so you never have to convince a client to sign up for anything.


You will also get access to this brand new powerful masterclass:

The Fast & Easy Launch Process

How to get your offer out into the world without fear of failure, spending weeks procrastinating and before you even start creating your course content.

(Valued $197)

We start on 1st Oct - Doors close 27th Sept.




Meet Fabi:

Fabi went from $30,000 to $50,000 in one month during a 6 weeks program with me and made $81,500 within 30 days a few months later, applying the exact mindset hacks she learned.

What else can I say? Even I don’t make that much money (yet).
Fabi joined my program already making 6-figures, using the exact process to become a 7-figure mindset queen.

This NLP process works for any level, it doesn’t really matter what your goal is.
Oh did I mention she had her second baby in January and is basically did all this on maternity leave?

Fabi 1
Fabi 2
Fabi 3
Fabi 4

Meet Ruth:

Ruth works full-time as a sex and relationship coach and has doubled her corporate income.

“Before Susi's program I thought “I’ve done all this mindset work, do I really need another $2,000 mindset course?”
YES - one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!

Just the bonuses were totally worth the cost of this course.
In just 6 weeks, the shifts in my mindset, in my business, in the way that I show up have been extraordinary!

Here’s what I have attracted in my first year of coaching, without any chasing:

• Recruited by Red Table Talks (Will Smith’s family) to host a panel
• Guest lecturing at a university
• Hosting a workshop at an Aboriginal Health Forum
• Invited to speak on 20 different podcasts and summits
• Profiles in 3 different online publications
• Worked with 20 private clients and 3 couples”


Meet Jenny:

Jenny made $50K in her first 5 months in business, whilst working 3 hours per day.

“I LOVED Susi's mindset program. I had so much fun in this program. This is Susi’s soul program.

I finally journal on a daily basis, it gave me clarity, and I’m dreaming so much bigger today. My biggest insight: If I’m not in alignment, it’s MY job as a business owner to get there. I want to work from a place of total alignment all the time, and this program allowed me to do it!

I will go back to the modules again and again, because they are so valuable!
My wins are awesome - signing 5 figure clients, speaking on stages, being interviewed & now executing on an even bigger vision.
And obviously the realization: I quit a very, very successful job. Now I am working LESS, making MORE by having an awesome impact and finally feeling fulfilled.”

What you get when you join:



20 - 30 (as many as it takes!) recorded audio and vido modules over 8 weeks, to give you all of the content and steps for stepping up your money mindset and help you program your mind with our deep-dive affirmation, journaling and reflection work.


Tracking sheets, my weekly money date, Mindset Journaling prompts... no more secrets, and the practical tools to manage and increase your finances.


Daily Money Mindset Actions, with journaling prompts, specific finance activities and homework, as I see fit. Because the kind of mindset work I teach happens DAILY, and this will help you SHIFT fast!


2 months of Voxer group coaching chat (Monday to Friday) to answer all your questions and give you laser support and specific 1:1 advice.


The private Facebook group. There shouldn’t be a Mastermind course without amazing an community to connect with others! The magic of being surrounded with a bunch of aspiring Rich Babes is the high vibe!

This is NOT a place for jealousy, you will lift each other UP like crazy to hit your income goals!


Is this the right program for me?

This is for you once you've realized that YOU and only you create your results. Not your coach, not your parents, not your social system.

So, if you're currently not having the financial freedom you're craving, there's something up with your money mindset - self-sabotage, not feeling worthy of wealth, fear of success or fear of failure.

The good news: YOU can change this. If you're willing to put in the deep inner work, this is the right program for you.

If you're already a fully established entrepreneur or don't have a business at all, doesn't matter.

Abundance Mindset and practical money management tools are valuable for every single person on this planet who wants to improve how they feel around their finances.

How is this different from other money courses?

I decided NOT to make this a self-study course, but to include Voxer access to me for the whole group.

We'll have a Voxer Group Chat, where you get to ask me anything and get coached by me (Monday - Friday), whilst hearing how I coach others as well. Hands on, fast returns, easily accessible, as you can check your Voxer whenever it suits you.

This is something I probably won't be able to provide anymore in the future, because I want to help many many people and have more and more sign ups for my programs.

It's also a very exclusive way to work with me and hear from me every day, without signing up for my $12,000 coaching package.

I'm holding space for YOU, I'm holding you accountable and I'll push you to go deeper!

What if I don't have the money to improve my money mindset?

This might seem like a vicious circle. All the money mindset programs out there require a significant investment, but hey - not having tons of money is your actual problem, right?

I get it.
I also see how it works though.
As soon as you they YES to upleveling your money mindset and dare to INVEST in yourself and your financial future, life will say YES to you.

Also, I have payment plans for you, to make this program accessible for everyone who feels called to join.

I invested 20x more into this knowledge and my money mindset than what I'm asking for here, and I promise you I'm not holding back, giving you all the $30,000 knowledge in JUST this program.

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