Journaling prompts:
- Now that I allow myself to feel whatever I feel, without any judgement, I...
- Now what I live by my values of joy and happiness, I...
- Now that I choose to measure my success by how much fun I'm having, I...
- Now that I choose to fully trust myself, I...
- Now that I choose to feel a little bit better every day, I...

In general:
- Now that I feel ever more [enter desired feeling], I...


Journaling prompts:
- What does my soul crave right now?
- What do I need right now? What does the version of myself that takes excellent care of herself do?
- A genie pops out of a bottle and grants you unlimited wishes. What does your life look like now?
- Write out your perfect day. What would you do/feel/experience from the moment you wake up, till the moment you go asleep?


Journaling prompts:
- What, if it would be taken away from me tomorrow, would I miss so dearly, that's it time to be immensely grateful for right now?
- What are 3 experiences or memories, that you could feel deeply grateful for if you wanted?
- List 50 things or people you are grateful for right now.


Journaling prompts:
- What would someone believe that doesn't see this [enter problem] as a problem?
- Who is a role model that I think has more empowering beliefs than myself?
- What do I assume what they believe to be true? (State their thoughts as if they are yours now)


Journaling prompts:
1. Desire list / Now that I can be/do/have anything I want...?
2. Who would I have to BE to have all this?
I am...
I now believe...
I feel...
I do...
3. What actions (1-2) do I choose to take now, based on all this?


Journaling prompts:
- If you don't believe that this is going to work for you, how are you showing up for it? How do you want to show up instead?
- What would you need to believe about mindset work to make this work for you and to be consistent with it?
- What do you need to believe about mindset journaling and yourself?


Journaling prompts:
- What do I keep saying to myself that is actually not setting me up for success?
- Do I have two values that work against each other? Is there a rule that I've created that says "If this, then that"?
- Why do I think, I can't achieve what I want to achieve?


Journaling prompts:
- What has been holding me back and how can I turn these beliefs around?
- Which new beliefs am I now choosing, that will serve me better?
- Rewrite your new beliefs for at least one page in your journal.


Journaling prompts:
- Create a proof list for each your new beliefs.
Where is this already true?
Where has this been true already in the past?
Why is this going to be true?
If this seems rather hard, make it a daily practice.

DAY 10

Journaling prompts:
- Which tools am I going to add to my life to step into reprogramming my mind the deluxe/advanced way, moving forward?
- What do I need to do to remind myself to actually use these tools regularly?