I'll keep this sales page short and simple,
but this bootcamp is for you if...

  • You know you're undercharging, but you don't really know how to raise your rates and how to pick a price - should you just randomly pick a number?
  • People keep saying "I can't afford it" or ask you for a discount all the time, and you really want to attract pay-in-full clients.
  • You're holding back on selling because you don't want to annoy your audience or lose followers. So... you're not banking money every day at all.
  • You're wondering if there is a secret pricing model to follow, or at least some guidelines you should stick to - and everyone else seems to have this figured out.
  • You want to find the perfect price point that sells out your offers and fills your accounts like magic, instead of second-guessing your prices daily.
  • You are NOT in love with selling - in fact it's really outside your comfort zone, and honestly, you're not selling enough.

I got you! Let's fix this!


It's available here and now!



"Before this Bootcamp, I went back and forth with what to even charge. Plus, it is a mindset issue - am I worth it? How do I set prices, discounts, payment plan options, etc.? This was sooooo helpful! I NEEDED to hear all of this! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Amanda D. 

Whats included



Workshop 1:
Sales Mindset Masterclass


Workshop 2:
Pricing and Pricing Mindset


Workshop 3:
Launch Mindset
& Making money daily

Testimonials_Sales Mindset BootCamp_MELISSA

This is exactly what was missing when I went
from "Hobby-entrepreneur" to "6-figure CEO".

The problem with you seeking validation from outside is that we're not showing up like a leader. If you let your clients design your prices, you are not in charge. If you keep second-guessing and changing your prices all the time, people will think they are negotiable, and they will question your worth.


You're missing out on sales here,
which means, you're missing out on CASH in the bank every single day!


Hi! I'm Susi.

I started my business charging $1,200 for my coaching package - but then, on my very first Discovery Call, I randomly lowered it to $950 - hoping the client wouldn't say no.

Today I'm charging $15,000 for my 1:1 coaching and $18,000 for my mastermind, I know my worth and I never ever have clients who say this is too expensive!

I'm a business coach since 2016 - but honestly, I'm your mindset coach, because what we really need to fix ain't your pricing strategy: It's your sales and pricing mindset!


Bonus 1:


 Bonus Audio Training:
The exact 6 steps to create an abundant money mindset with ease.


Bonus 2:


Money Mindset Hypnosis - to get your subconscious mind on board with your new level of income


Bonus 3:


Copy Spell Sales Emails from my copywriter Lauren Zink - the exact words to sell out your offer


Bonus 4:


Wealthy people track their income!
- Download my daily exact Money Tracker to track.


Bonus 5:


No more awkward Sales convos - Get the Discovery Call Script from my copywriter Lauren Zink


Bonus 6:


111 Affirmations for Abundance - no more doubt how to elevate your money mindset; just go with these.


Bonus 7:


How to fall in love with selling; The process I used to find fall in love with sales and create 5-figure months.


"This was awesome. I can't wait to dive into the journaling prompts and implement everything!" - Rebecca H.

"Wow - big revelations for me already after workshop 1.
I'm thrilled to be here!" - Amanda A.


The value breakdown:

  • Sales Mindset Masterclass (valued $149) 
  • Pricing and Pricing Mindset Workshop (valued $149) 
  • Funnel Mindset & Making money daily (valued $149) 
  • Facebook group access for Coaching & Questions (valued $99) 
  • Bonus 1: Audio training: The 6 steps to create an abundant money mindset (valued $47)
  • Bonus 2: Money Mindset Hypnosis Audio (valued $99)
  • Bonus 3: Copy Spell Sales Emails from my copywriter Lauren Zink (valued $60)
  • Bonus 4: My daily Money Tracker for you (valued $50)
  • Bonus 5: Discovery Call Script from my copywriter Lauren Zink (valued $60)
  • Bonus 6: 111 Affirmations for Abundance (valued $27)
  • Bonus 7: Video Training: How to fall in love with selling (valued $97)
  • Bonus 8: Audio training: The 6 steps to create an abundant money mindset (valued $47)

Total value: $986