Why I decided to drop marketing blogging and get back to personal blogging

Did you have a blog when blogging became cool? 
I remember starting a personal blog in 2004, and I loved it. 
It had no business purpose – I was just sharing snippets, thoughts, word.games and personal experiences. 
And even back then – it inspired people. 
I remember how I felt when I got my first comments from people I touched – just by being me.
Just by saying what I wanted to say for myself, in my personal “online diary”. 
I didn’t care about the amount of clicks, or likes, or shares – or how well it converted into something else. 

Well, I miss it – so it’s coming back. 
It’s as simple as that. 

Blogging has become a different meaning when I started my online business. 
We have a whole bunch of business blog posts that can be found via Pinterest pins and google search. 
And honestly, I didn’t love it that much. 
Blogging with a funnel purpose makes me filter my message. 
“What could I say that will make them click, and then sign up for my email list?” 
Blogging for business works – no question. But that’s not my purpose for this new blog. 

I just want to be me. 
I just want to share what’s on my heart. 
And if it helps anyone, good – and if not, never mind.

I’m stripping away everything that doesn’t feel 100% exciting to me. 
I’m bringing in things that might “not make sense”, but I never cared about that. 
The more MYSELF I become, the more success I will create. 
The more ME I am, the more money I will make. 
The more ME you are, the more you will step into your purpose and the more you will impact other people. 



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