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change your life

change your life

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You gorgeous visionary you!

You’re dreaming BIGGER than anyone you know, and sometimes it’s like your vision is so crazy huge that you feel a liiiiiittle nuts.

You can’t help it. You just want it all.

Massive impact. Massive freedom. Massive income. Massive passion. Massive passport stamps.

There’s just one problem.

You’re stuck, staring up at that next level and wondering how in the world you’re actually going to get there.

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer



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hi, I am susi

Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for Visionaries and Visionaries In The Making (aka, you)

I help service-based Biz Babes who are DRIVEN as f*ck and KNOW what their soul-calling is grow their audience and their confidence, so they can become the most authentic version of themselves, eliminate the make-believe boundaries, and create the true freedom they’ve been craving.


Green Circles

Like you, I always wanted more.

But I didn’t get it until I decided to STEP UP AND CLAIM it.

The old “Struggling business owner” identity used to fit me like a leather glove. And while I wished I had more clients, cash and time away off my laptop and at the beach, I’ll admit that, all in all, I was really quite comfortable hiding out and playing small.

Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t realize I was even doing this...and I WAS doing a lot (of the wrong things, it turned out).

Like constantly changing the copy on my website.

Or posting in Facebook groups 47 times a day.

Or giving free coaching calls to people who would never buy from me.

Because I thought that’s how you run a business. Successful businesses require hustle, don’t they?

That’s what so many well-meaning business coaches I had paid a lot of money to taught me to believe. So...why wasn’t it working?

And you should too.

The truth is the only strategies that actually grow your business are the ones that are aligned with you.


• Only working 4 hours a day - and getting everything done that actually moves you forward
• Aligning your ENERGY with your programs and your offers, so they sell EASILY + EFFORTLESSLY
• Spending your day in FLOW and really doing what you love (that’s what you started this business for, right?)

There are so many women starting a “freedom business” who end up stuck in the HUSTLE and STRESS and OVERWHELM again - because others teach them they’re doing it WRONG and that there’s only one cookie cutter way out of this: the program they’re trying to sell you, of course. #thanksbutnothanks

Learning how to use a 6-figure MINDSET, ALIGNMENT and FLOW in my business every day is what brought the breakthrough to creating multiple 6-figures with EASE whilst doing what I really love - COACHING, RUNNING RETREATS, and STAYING IN MY ZONE.

Today I travel the world full-time, impact thousands of women around the globe and work with

high-level and high-vibe achievers who want to step into their roles as visionary leaders.

There’s MORE for you IF you are ready to

grow your impact, your audience and your mindset.

Stick with me if…

  • You refuse to settle for less than what you deserve and desire
  • You have a calling to make the world a better place by serving your clients
  • You run a business, but it’s not as aligned and fun as you’ve been picturing it
  • You’ve been following all the rules, and shoulds - and almost forgot who YOU
    really are deep below all of these distractions

You deserve to get paid for being the most authentic version of yourself.

Are you ready to level up?



  • I wasn’t sure if that’s a secret I should share, but I recently wrote a list of my “1:1 clients” and put the list on the wall next to my desk.
The list of names is filled with dream boat clients, but none of them knows they are on that list.
Real people.
Manifestation 2.0.
I also decided NOT to approach these women. As in “Hey, you’re on my manifestation list for 1:1, do you want to sign up?” #lame
The first woman on this list has sent me a message overnight & out of the blue that she wants to work with me 1:1.
It’s been a magical week when it comes to messages like this.
I got 4-5 of them, and I’m close to being “full”. My ideal dream clients just KNOW when it’s the right time for them and take action.
I’m having one more Discovery Call this week, one new client who just paid in full via the website, and one invoice is already out there waiting to be paid. 💕💕💕 In the past I often found it “hard” to launch a 1:1.
I thought that it will depend on the clients when they are ready, when they have money, when the right time is, so I always found it easier to fill courses than 1:1.
What I do and what I changed:
1️⃣ Constant, daily content creation, speaking directly to the women on my manifestation list! 
2️⃣ I released my need to “manifest 2 clients”. And replaced it with: “The people who are meant to work with me this month, will work with me this month”. Turns out I was limiting myself with the whole numbers game.
There are way more than 2 ideal dream clients out there.
What I fully believe in, is to attract them with your content.
Every day, every day, every day, until they pop into your inbox seemingly like a surprise.
  • I feel incredibly blessed and grateful that my work includes coaching and hanging out with the most amazing women.
We had an absolutely epic VIP weekend in Budapest, with powerful transformations, lots of exploring and tons of fun. 🙏🙏🙏 I love my life, my work, my contribution.
  • Incredibly grateful to wrap up an amazing live event with amazing women in Budapest!
On purpose, on fire, and so so grateful.
  • Sometimes a bit of vitamin sea is all it takes.
Today one year ago, I gave myself some space to expand.
I wrote a whole lot of B.I.G ideas.
Then, in all honesty - I got a bit of an anxiety attack. I felt sick.
Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t always want more and more and more discomfort and growth, but just settle with what I’ve got. Less anxiety for sure.
I’ve always been scared.
People who think I’m so brave make me laugh. 🤭
I got a panic attack before my first retreat.
And when I flew to Tony Robbins in Singapore by myself.
And at the airport when I left my life in Germany behind.
And in Martinique, after making $25,000 in sales.
And yet, settling ain’t me.
Never was, never will.
Yes, I could just keep cruising.
5-figure months, finding clients in Facebook groups. Not bad!
I truly manifested my Dreamlife Deluxe.
However it wouldn’t feel aligned.
Taking the easy option never leaves me satisfied. I have to do the RIGHT thing.
Back to serving.
Welcome to the world of NLP.
Getting featured.
My next big.ass Bali retreat.
A new 1:1, called „Deluxe Mentorship“. Taking myself out of the business for other dream projects, like the Aussie Millions poker tournament, Date with Destiny and becoming a yoga teacher.
Maybe writing a book.
Maybe teaching mindset journaling as main focus.
Maybe public speaking.
Don’t let fear hold you back. Ever.
  • Once you're IN the energy of things working, things are WORKING.
I've been on a total roll for the last 48 hours.
✨ Got invited to join and co-host a retreat in Australia
✨ Signed a client who just went on the 1:1 page and PAID $2,000 without even messaging me beforehand
✨ Woke up to an email from someone else who wants to sign up for 1:1
✨ Discovery Calls booked for next week
🔥 7 Content Queens are already IN
➡️ Which leaves 3 top 10 bonuses!
✨ Created content like a madwoman from total flow and got 350 likes in a Facebook group and SO many amazing women connecting with me from this one post
But what matters even more: 
Touching people. 
Making a (small) difference.
❤️ Writing a post that really inspires people.
❤️ Getting soooo many thank you messages.
❤️ Doing a LIVE that encourages people to sign up for coaching.
❤️ The video I did for an Instagram follower, on how to get your partner on board with high ticket investments? She watched it with her boyfriend!
Create more value than ANYONE else in your industry!
To create inspiring content, you need to live an inspiring life!
Share your energy!
  • Here is a link to the Big Vision Training that I mention in the video: https://dreamlifedeluxe.com/free-resources/big-vision-training-opt-in/
  • 3 new clients within 1 week of working with me 🎊🎉 I am over the moon for someone right now! 💸💰 And I‘m honestly proud as well, how two laser coaching sessions with me can catapult a business to the next level. 💌
I know it’s been shared so often that you „just have to take action“ and I know there is plenty of people who are frustrated, because they feel like they ARE taking action.
However there’s a difference between being busy all day and taking aligned, bold AF action. 🙋🏻‍♀️
There have been 5-6 people lately who „know they should totally hire me“ and yet they don’t. 😢
And honestly, I sometimes spent to much time on writing content for them. Like... „why they totally should make the jump and do the scary thing they know they need to do. You can DO it! #motivation“ 🙄
In all honesty?
I‘m tired of it.
I‘m tired of people joining my programs and not doing the work. I mean... thanks for the money, but I’d really rather have you keep it for something you’re actually taking full advantage of. 
I‘m done playing the motivator. 
I have two clients that have had M.A.S.S.I.V.E breakthroughs within ONE week. 
They need help, mindset, strategy - but they don’t need motivation.
It’s the most amazing thing to work with them!! This is 💯 why I love my business.
Not everyone is born to be a leader.
Not everyone is an over-achiever.
Not everyone is ready to take massive action.
I hereby commit to fully show up 💯 for the women who are exactly this, the 1% who know what they want and know they can get it, and who want my support to get there FASTER and whilst being 100% aligned and authentic. 
No more #motivational support for the rest.
  • It's one of those magical mornings where checking your phone notifications are just fun and filled with gratitude.
💰 I received 4 payments overnight. (YES, I make money whilst I sleep).
🙌🏽 Rebekah fixed the mobile page for the free Big Vision Training, so you can now sign up without it hurting your eyes. 💁🏼
💋 My graphic designer was busy as well, and overnight she created 3 workbooks for Content Queen, video thumbnails and new Instagram highlights.
📧 My inbox is overflowing with 1:1 coaching requests.
👍🏻 And my Facebook post got 25 likes overnight. 
Not all mornings look like this. ⚠️
➡️ Sometimes I post and get 2 likes.
➡️ Sometimes I talk about my 1:1 coaching, and there is no immediate reaction, no application whatsoever.
➡️ Sometimes I think I've mentioned my Bali retreat soooo often already that people get tired of it (until someone messages me and has never heard of my retreats before).
What I'm saying is:
💣 Don't judge your immediate results. 
Don't give up if nobody buys for 3 days in a row.
People see you.
People feel your energy, and if you STAY excited about your offer.
High ticket clients don't always show up after 1 or 2 posts.
Some things, like building an online brand, take time.
You wouldn't go to the gym once, and then ask for a refund because you don't see the abs yet, after one visit, would you?
We like immediate gratification.
Just wanted to share, that sometimes I put things out there and don't wake up to 4 sign-ups and 15 messages.
That doesn't mean ANYTHING about you!
Don't give it some crazy shit meaning, like you're not good enough, or nobody wants your stuff.
🔥 You must do your purpose work every day.
🔥 To share your message.
🔥 To show up.
🔥 To help and to serve.
And if you make this your second nature, results will flow into your life too. 💸💸💸
CONTENT QUEEN is now open for enrollment.
🔥 A 21-day Intensive (avec moi!) to create content that converts into followers, ravings fans and cash flow!
Check the link in my bio if that’s your current topic!
  • Truth:
I was convinced “I don’t have enough money” to quit my job and travel the world with $15,000 in the bank.
I wanted $30,000 first.
Guess what happened when I was closer to that? I didn’t FEEL any safer.
Years went by.
Scarcity or abundance mindset has N.O.T.H.I.N.G to do with your bank balance. 💰
. “There’s only so much money available, and you have to fight for your piece of the cake.”
Today I know: 
You get to create money.
You get to travel for free.
You get to choose your own beliefs.
You get to rewrite your money story.
The more value you provide, the more you will receive in return.
Abundance has nothing to do with how much money you have.
I quit my job to travel the world in 2013.
I left Germany on the 4th of January 2014, and everyone expected me to come back once I’m broke.
I never came back.
I never went broke.
I never stopped going. “You can’t travel forever”, they said.
We will see. 🤪🌴☀️🌍
  • If you want to become a better person every single day, you need to work on yourself every single day.
  • I had a killer productive day and it’s so good to have Andy back here in Budapest.
We walked to a coworking space at 8am, however it was fully booked - found another one around 9am.
I launched a new freebie (Big Vision Training) and a new GYST Training (=Get your shit together), promoted the freebie, grew my email list, and 4 women signed up for the mindset bundle tripwire.
I FINALLY launched Content Queen and the first round of bonuses is already gone as we sold 4 spots in the first few hours.
Then we went to visit the location for our upcoming VIP weekend, created the name tags and print outs, and spoke to the conference manager.
Back home we (ok, mainly Andy! 💋) fixed an issue with the order form for Content Queen, after people who entered their card details didn’t get charged 🙈oooops.
And as soon as I started to relax and let go and work on our 2,000 pieces puzzle, I got another couple of payment notifications, and within 5 minutes two women messaged me if I think they are the right fit for the Deluxe Mentorship 💕🍀⭐️
I just feel very grateful and proud and aligned and happy tonight. Things are in flow.
Let’s continue like this. 💋✨💕⭐️ So grateful for the 8 new clients, 25 new email subscribers, and everyone who was an inspiration for all the new trainings and content.
I’d be nowhere without you!!
  • What can I say? I saw those 4 on my way to the supermarket today 😂
Maybe one day I’ll buy an apartment and we rent it out on AirBNB whilst we’re travelling around the world.
I hope people would want an apartment full with alpacas and unicorns 😂
For now they won’t fit in my suitcase. 🤐🙈🦙


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