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change your life

change your life

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You gorgeous visionary you!

You’re dreaming BIGGER than anyone you know, and sometimes it’s like your vision is so crazy huge that you feel a liiiiiittle nuts.

You can’t help it. You just want it all.

Massive impact. Massive freedom. Massive income. Massive passion. Massive passport stamps.

There’s just one problem.

You’re stuck, staring up at that next level and wondering how in the world you’re actually going to get there.

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer



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hi, I am susi

Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for Visionaries and Visionaries In The Making (aka, you)

I help service-based Biz Babes who are DRIVEN as f*ck and KNOW what their soul-calling is grow their audience and their confidence, so they can become the most authentic version of themselves, eliminate the make-believe boundaries, and create the true freedom they’ve been craving.


Green Circles

Like you, I always wanted more.

But I didn’t get it until I decided to STEP UP AND CLAIM it.

The old “Struggling business owner” identity used to fit me like a leather glove. And while I wished I had more clients, cash and time away off my laptop and at the beach, I’ll admit that, all in all, I was really quite comfortable hiding out and playing small.

Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t realize I was even doing this...and I WAS doing a lot (of the wrong things, it turned out).

Like constantly changing the copy on my website.

Or posting in Facebook groups 47 times a day.

Or giving free coaching calls to people who would never buy from me.

Because I thought that’s how you run a business. Successful businesses require hustle, don’t they?

That’s what so many well-meaning business coaches I had paid a lot of money to taught me to believe. So...why wasn’t it working?

And you should too.

The truth is the only strategies that actually grow your business are the ones that are aligned with you.


• Only working 4 hours a day - and getting everything done that actually moves you forward
• Aligning your ENERGY with your programs and your offers, so they sell EASILY + EFFORTLESSLY
• Spending your day in FLOW and really doing what you love (that’s what you started this business for, right?)

There are so many women starting a “freedom business” who end up stuck in the HUSTLE and STRESS and OVERWHELM again - because others teach them they’re doing it WRONG and that there’s only one cookie cutter way out of this: the program they’re trying to sell you, of course. #thanksbutnothanks

Learning how to use a 6-figure MINDSET, ALIGNMENT and FLOW in my business every day is what brought the breakthrough to creating multiple 6-figures with EASE whilst doing what I really love - COACHING, RUNNING RETREATS, and STAYING IN MY ZONE.

Today I travel the world full-time, impact thousands of women around the globe and work with

high-level and high-vibe achievers who want to step into their roles as visionary leaders.

There’s MORE for you IF you are ready to

grow your impact, your audience and your mindset.

Stick with me if…

  • You refuse to settle for less than what you deserve and desire
  • You have a calling to make the world a better place by serving your clients
  • You run a business, but it’s not as aligned and fun as you’ve been picturing it
  • You’ve been following all the rules, and shoulds - and almost forgot who YOU
    really are deep below all of these distractions

You deserve to get paid for being the most authentic version of yourself.

Are you ready to level up?



  • If something is going to give you a shot at a great life, say YES! If it doesn’t, turn away from it.
  • Monday is the beginning of a new level in my life!
You’ll see!
  • Abundance is in the small things.
Honestly, the last few weeks didn’t feel majorly abundant.
We’re house sitting in a “normal” humble house, the dog often pees on the floor 🙈😩, we cook at home, we count our money for our upcoming trip to Europe.
I live a pretty abundant life (I don’t have a home, we’ve been traveling the world full time with all our belonging for 2 years now) and yet, sometimes I fall back into the scarcity trap.
We’re currently in the very blessed situation that we could pay for almost ANYTHING - but not for everything at the same time.
So we’re playing a lot of “this or that”? And I can’t wait for it to be a “both, we get to do both!”
Saying YES to both makes me feel abundant.
So yesterday we booked our first First Class flight ever.
AND went out for dinner.
Does your brain still does this: Buying something really big and then feeling guilty to pick a $27 meal from the menu?
My brain has some really fucked up wiring still going on here. 😂 Anyway, just making the decision to say YES to my desires yesterday felt SO good and abundant and like being back in flow.
What do you know you need to say YES to right now to say YES to yourself?
  • Can we talk “hand bags for happiness” for a moment?
Tell me, are you a Gucci girl?
Is there a $3,000 bag on your vision board?
I like fancy things,
I like pretty things.
I like having material things on your vision board (amongst others, please 🙏). Personally, if you give me $3,000 to spend and have fun, my brain immediately goes towards experiences, hotels, flights.
I COULD afford a $2,000 bag but oh my, my heart sings so much more for a fancy night in a fluffy bed (I was a backpacker for a few years 😂🙈) So I’m a “Guess” and “Victoria Secret” girl.
Their bags are around $100 - $200.
And I love their brands.
And honestly, because I was a $10 from target handbag girl most of my life, for me that feels abundant and luxurious and amazing.
I don’t have a home, I’m traveling around the world with all my belonging. That helps me as well to decide what I really want and need. No massive handbag collection and I’m totally not craving one.
I have my little pink Victoria Secret bag and a black Guess back. And no further handbags on my vision board. The bag situation is complete 😂. Do you have bags on your vision board? Tell me all about it, you totally deserve your Gucci dream if that’s what you desire! 🙏👇🏻
  • Last year I was investing a big chunk of money into working 1:1 with @manifestationbabe & flew to her Bali retreat. 
The exchange rate freaked me out. The credit card fees freaked me out. It was scary, but I knew it's the RIGHT thing to do. 
I applied for a Qantas Business credit card to pay for it and got 130,000 points. 
Today I found a First Class flight (helloooo, for me Business Class is even still a dream!) for our 3 month trip to Europe. 
It feels like an additional gift to all the awesomeness I already received in exchange for this investment.
It feels like a FREE FLIGHT!!!
It's like... I invested into the best coach ever, and ON TOP of that for my payment I gained enough points for a free First Class flight with Emirates in its A380. {Which is SO aligned with each other!} #Abundance baby! 
I will have a glass of champaign on you girl! 
This is for all the Manifestation Babes: Sometimes magical things show up, even though you don't know how to pay for them.
  • People think I'm the Queen of Balance 😂 I obviously have some imposter syndrome around this, as I'm still constantly working on my own Balance & Boundaries, and far from perfect.
Here's what I CAN give short-cuts for: (*brag it all out, baby!!) 🙌🏽
👩🏼‍💻 Balancing my 9-5 and starting my business, quitting my day job after 4 months in.
💸 I gave up my last apartment 2 years ago and since then have been living out of a suitcase whilst scaling my business to $250,000 per year.
🥂 My first $25,000 month was on Martinique. 
I got fully booked at a pool on Bali, and again in Saint Lucia.
✈️ I moved 71 times during my round-the-world trip from 2017 and 2018. How I managed to work at the same time, God knows 😂 
No seriously, I love the time freedom and location freedom in my life.
🚀 My boundaries as a newbie-coach sucked, in all honesty. 
Today I manage 😜, I only take calls on 2 days each week, my clients respect me and my time and I finally say NO to non-ideal fits {even if they would pay me in full!} Honestly, this topic is the one that I find the "hardest" to learn. 
There was no course, no coaching program. 🗽 Everything I learned, 
I learned from 3 years experience,
lots of tears, 😢 🎢 emotional rollercoasters and plenty of mistakes.
I've packaged up all the short-cuts for you, so you don't have to take 3 years and you don't have to make the same mistakes I did! 
What's you'll get:
🎓 MODULE 1: The work-life balance toolbox
🎓 MODULE 2: Efficiency Ninja - get shit done in little time
🎓 MODULE 3: Travel days and “Busy with life” days - When your daily routine falls apart
🎓 MODULE 4: Boundaries with others (energy vampires, clients, family and people who don’t GET it)
🎓 MODULE 5: Boundaries with yourself - the art of self discipline.
🎓 MODULE 6: Kickass Action & Alignment: Balancing masculine and feminine energy
⏰  Sign up NOW and get the opportunity to ask ME your individual questions during a LIVE Q&A group session in JUNE.
Link to sign up is in my insta bio.
Step up your boundaries!
  • How do you SURRENDER? (Not a fishing for engagement question) 
Totally my topic right now.
I’d love to hear any input from you!
I have 3 “surrender projects” coming up.
1️⃣ Date with Destiny, 6 days out of office, fully focusing on my personal transformation 🎉😱😍👌🏻
2️⃣ 5 days Silent Retreat and Digital Detox on Bali 🌴🧘‍♀️🦎
3️⃣ Something I got from an intuitive download from Kathrin today:
Taking a full week off from the things that I think I NEED to do to be successful. 
Including mindset journaling, and coaching, and learning, and taking courses, and reading. And working, and sharing my life.
I’ll keep you posted & would love to hear any other ideas you have for someone who’s actively learning to surrender. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • Flight to Bali is booked.
Silent Retreat almost booked as well.
I can’t wait to be back before heading to Europe for 3 months.
  • We’ve spent a WHOLE day travel planning ✈️🌎🙏
Round the world trip 3.0: 🌎🌎🌎
Cairns - Darwin - Bali - Dubai - Italy - Switzerland - France - Germany - Netherlands - Austria - Hungary - Portugal - Bali - Golbourn, Australia 
Alpaca farm 🦙🦙🦙 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
  • It breaks my heart when I see “old clients” of mine who’re back stuck.
I don’t see it often, as whoooo coaching with me will change your life, your habits, your business.
But in the end it’s still YOU.
YOU have to continue to keep up your certainty.
YOU have to continue to grow as a person (why don’t you have another coach, woman?)
YOU have to keep up, show up daily, create daily, sell daily.
Keep going girl!
You are a badass!
  • Oh I remember this trip.
I won a fully paid trip to Monaco with @pokerstars, I had to take annual leave and squeeze it in, and there was something really abundant about Monaco.
A far away life.
I remember that I ordered breakfast to my room, because food was SO expensive in Monaco that I ate parts of my breakfast for lunch again. 🙈
I remember being at the pool with professional poker players, for them it was a normal trip, and just how they live. For me it was a glimpse into my dreamlife, before going back to work on Monday.
It was surreal.
It was crazy.
It made me feel amazing.
And even though it’s a completely crazy place, I LOVED this week in Monaco.
Funny how this memory from 6 years ago popped up on my phone today, after speaking to my coach about the fact that I sometimes don’t FEEL like I’m living the total fucking dream.
Ask Susi from 6 years ago, and she would freak out with excitement!! 🌎 No office job
🌎 Traveling the world
🌎 Having a partner who supports this craziness 🤪 and getting paid for doing what I love.
Sometimes I think 💭 that I’m not there yet, that I’m not yet successful.
Totally grateful for every reminder to shift this perception.
I’ve made it. Already now.
  • #flashbackfriday 
5 years ago: me on my backpacking trip around the world, in El Nido.
Enjoying myself and the adventure of a lifetime, but terrified about what’s next.
Terrified to run out of money.
5 years later: it’s all good.
I’m running a successful business, I’m still traveling around the world, I’m with a man by my side.


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