Are you ready to burn the rules and make your online business BETTER?

Time freedom, great client results and a high quality of life - it's about time to fall in love with your work again!

It's time to reclaim yourself!

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How To Elevate Your Money Mindset and CEO Habits to Millionaire Status, with my favorite 7-figure Journaling Prompts. I personally use these every day.

Are you ready to go for a quality of life

beyond just revenue and money?


Creating income with your online business is great BUT...

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the box of "how things should be done" in your industry doesn't feel in integrity for you and you're not ready to sell your soul for success.

even if you're not working, your business is constantly spinning in your mind.

you're meant for bigger things, but there's no mental space to create million-dollar ideas.

what you're doing doesn't seem scalable and it's easy to lose your spark when you have to get back to 24 client messages on your Voxer.

you can't take a week off without stressing, because everything and everyone seems to rely on you.

There is a way to...

grow your business without selling out.

imagine if you could...

Bring consistency to your income, so it doesn't drop back down after a super successful month.

Raise your rates to “high ticket” or “premium” and sell $15k packages paid in full

Only work with a hand full of premium clients - with client calls on just 2 days per week max, and lots of space in your calendar for other exciting projects.

Simplify your business with a premium product suite that lights you up, in every cell of your body.

Deliver outstanding client results, because you're not busy chasing new leads all the time.

Pair celebrating epic money results and high cash months with long-term sustainable business growth, that doesn't burn you out.

I'm talking $20k - $50k cash months,
whilst working 25 hours per week or less.

Hi, I’m Susi

I'm an internationally established Mindset and Business Mentor and founded the online brand Dreamlife Deluxe in 2016.


After 7 months in business, I quit my job and my apartment in Sydney to set off on a never-ending round-the-world trip in May 2017.

I hit my first $25k cash month in November of the same year.

Things were good - but...


I was overbooked with clients because I was scared to say no to the money and took on everyone and their grandma.


I couldn't sleep at night or be present with my partner because I was thinking through business problems all the time.

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I hired 7 freelancers to help me, but then I spent more time talking to them and trying to make them understand how I want things done, than I did coach my clients.


I worked with several consultants to scale my business - but what they wanted me to do didn't feel good to me.


I didn't wanna do webinars, automate every single thing in my business to the point that I don't get to talk to a single client anymore, I also didn't want to do sales calls or develop passive funnels for weeks and weeks, only to then have my ads account disabled.

Today we have a small and lean team, only premium offers that provide a massive transformation for my clients, organic and enhanced marketing and I dropped all the advice that felt like selling my soul.


I'm still traveling the world with my fiancé - 5 years and counting, whilst getting highly paid for doing what I love and working part-time hours.


Read more about my story here!

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I've invested more than $100,000 into coaching, mentoring and my own skills of becoming an out-standing coach. I learned from the best of the best, and it has changed my life in ways I could never describe.


I'm a Master NLP Coach and if you've only worked with business consultants before (that might call themselves coaches), you'll experience a whole new level of coaching.


After years of advice that I didn't feel like following, I discovered an organic, feel-good way to scale my business to $40k cash months:

It includes:

High-level inner work for luxury leaders

Simplifying your online business and falling in love with your work again

A focus on Quality of Life beyond the money

Scaling your business to Premium with the Deluxe Factor

I've been hitting multiple 5-figure cash months since 2017 in my business, all whilst living out a suitcase and traveling the Caribbean, Vietnam, Canada, Europe, Bali...

This doesn't require you to be glued to your desk 40 hours per week!

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Learn an aligned way of doing biz for $47

1-1 Mentoring 2021


If you're scaling to sustainable 6-figure years



Join me for 6 days in paradise! 18 - 23 May 2023

Here's The Truth

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1. I am a big fan of you making more money, and I will celebrate your money wins big time. But I care even more about your inner transformation and the quality of life we get to create for you.


2. I don't believe in coaches telling you what you should be doing, and that you'll never be successful if you don't follow my blueprint. I'm happy to share everything that I've done in my business openly with you - and then we're going to figure out how YOU want to do things.


3. I believe that you can scale your business to $20k - $50k months without sacrificing anything in your life.


4. I believe it takes a simple strategy that feels good, prioritizing your energy and expanding your mindset to make this kind of money online.

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Brand Promise

Working with me will help you to master your mindset so you can unlock your confidence, be proud of being visible, become unapologetic - all whilst staying true to yourself. 

The Deluxe way of doing things doesn’t believe in “one-fits-all” marketing strategies or blueprints. You get to be successful on YOUR own terms because that’s why you’re an entrepreneur in the first place.

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Are you ready to expand your impact and supercharge your quality of life?

$20k - $50k months, whilst doing business your way

Here we come!


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