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change your life

change your life

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You gorgeous visionary you!

You’re dreaming BIGGER than anyone you know, and sometimes it’s like your vision is so crazy huge that you feel a liiiiiittle nuts.

You can’t help it. You just want it all.

Massive impact. Massive freedom. Massive income. Massive passion. Massive passport stamps.

There’s just one problem.

You’re stuck, staring up at that next level and wondering how in the world you’re actually going to get there.

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer



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hi, I am susi

Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for Visionaries and Visionaries In The Making (aka, you)

I help service-based Biz Babes who are DRIVEN as f*ck and KNOW what their soul-calling is grow their audience and their confidence, so they can become the most authentic version of themselves, eliminate the make-believe boundaries, and create the true freedom they’ve been craving.


Green Circles

Like you, I always wanted more.

But I didn’t get it until I decided to STEP UP AND CLAIM it.

The old “Struggling business owner” identity used to fit me like a leather glove. And while I wished I had more clients, cash and time away off my laptop and at the beach, I’ll admit that, all in all, I was really quite comfortable hiding out and playing small.

Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t realize I was even doing this...and I WAS doing a lot (of the wrong things, it turned out).

Like constantly changing the copy on my website.

Or posting in Facebook groups 47 times a day.

Or giving free coaching calls to people who would never buy from me.

Because I thought that’s how you run a business. Successful businesses require hustle, don’t they?

That’s what so many well-meaning business coaches I had paid a lot of money to taught me to believe. So...why wasn’t it working?

And you should too.

The truth is the only strategies that actually grow your business are the ones that are aligned with you.


• Only working 4 hours a day - and getting everything done that actually moves you forward
• Aligning your ENERGY with your programs and your offers, so they sell EASILY + EFFORTLESSLY
• Spending your day in FLOW and really doing what you love (that’s what you started this business for, right?)

There are so many women starting a “freedom business” who end up stuck in the HUSTLE and STRESS and OVERWHELM again - because others teach them they’re doing it WRONG and that there’s only one cookie cutter way out of this: the program they’re trying to sell you, of course. #thanksbutnothanks

Learning how to use a 6-figure MINDSET, ALIGNMENT and FLOW in my business every day is what brought the breakthrough to creating multiple 6-figures with EASE whilst doing what I really love - COACHING, RUNNING RETREATS, and STAYING IN MY ZONE.

Today I travel the world full-time, impact thousands of women around the globe and work with

high-level and high-vibe achievers who want to step into their roles as visionary leaders.

There’s MORE for you IF you are ready to

grow your impact, your audience and your mindset.

Stick with me if…

  • You refuse to settle for less than what you deserve and desire
  • You have a calling to make the world a better place by serving your clients
  • You run a business, but it’s not as aligned and fun as you’ve been picturing it
  • You’ve been following all the rules, and shoulds - and almost forgot who YOU
    really are deep below all of these distractions

You deserve to get paid for being the most authentic version of yourself.

Are you ready to level up?



  • I have been struggling to explain the magic of retreats.  How great of an offer it is, to work and live with a mentor for a week, compared to a weekly zoom call.
Coming to Bali with me (from 1st of April onwards!) will make you a manifestation magnet, will shift your energy so you can get the results that you seemed to be “stuck” on for weeks and months.
And today I understood why:
Alignment ⭐️ = being in life vibrationally with what you desire.
Want more ease and less in your business? You have to feel that way now.
Want more abundance, money and success in your business? 
You have to feel that way now.
“Feeling as if I already have it” often feels hard for me. My ego pops up to remind me that there’s no reason to feel excited like I’m a millionaire, because I am NOT.
Bali, this villa, and the sisterhood of women with big dreams and a big heart, is how this works easily.
You will walk in here and feel different.
You will be here and feel like anything is possible.
Imagine, what you can create from THIS energy!
👉🏻 Anything you want!!
Tag a friend that you should come to Bali with you 🌴
  • My spiritual travel kit just got this tiny addition. 😍😱🔥
  • I AM HERE.
It's 6am on Bali, I haven't seen anything yet apart from my hotel room, but I already feel the energy shifting.
I suddenly have this  incredible clarity what needs to happen in my business. 
1) Simplify offers.
2) Simplify team. 
3) Do what I want. And ONLY that.
I have a hell lot of self-sabotaging reasons why this ain't so easy, but I'll find my way. 
And honestly, I haven't been using my "message" enough to emphasise that I stand for FAST and efficient results.
You can work with all kind of coaches, 
but I KNOW that I deliver BIGGER shifts in less time, by radically simplifying everything that's currently overwhelming in your business (you know... the 17 offers, and the podcast, and Pinterest and posting in Facebook groups...)
80/20 rule. 
20% of your work bring you 80% of results. 
Whilst you're busy fiddling with the other 80%. Traveling the world full-time has been LIVING PROOF of this principle. 
When I housesit in Sydney, I get to work around 6 hours a day on my business. I mean, I got plenty of time and it's what I love doing. 
When I'm in a retreat on Bali - I tend to freak out that I only have 1 hour a day, but somehow... I MANAGE in this 1 hour per day.
I focus on what's REALLY essential. 
I don't get back to time-wasters. 
I check in with my clients and my team, and delegate. 
I focus on the core core core tasks (as there's no time for "everything").
😍 Mindset work
😍 Growing my community
😍 Showing up for my community
😍 Let them know about my current offer. 
Takes 10 minutes each. 
Off to the beach again. 
If you WOULD only have an hour per day to work on your business, what would you do with it?
  • Sydney is definitely in the top 3 when it comes to the tough questions what I’d call “home”.
Once on a “super unrealistic” vision board, I’ve lived here.
From 2014 to 2017 in shared houses and in my first home together with Andy.
For the last 6 months whilst housesitting and petsitting through 5 suburbs. I like it here, and yet a deep feeling of “coming home” didn’t come up.
Bye bye Sydney, you’ve served me well.
I found love, friends, a company to sponsor me, and I became a coach whilst living here. Lots of good memories.
And yet, I’m looking forward to a new chapter, starting today.
  • "Constantly working on your mindset is honestly the most important - if not THE only - thing you have to master. Everything else, you can just Google." - Denise DT, Chillpreneur
I've heard this a MILLION times, but it took me ages to find someone who really explains to me what this MEANS. ⚠️ MINDSET ⚠️ MINDSET ⚠️ MINDSET ⚠️ MINDSET 
I'm a mindset coach and yet I'd say it's THE number one overhyped word at the moment. 😱 Everyone says you need it, 😱 but barely anyone knows how to do it. 
My first business coach was kind of covering "Mindset". She said I should write affirmations in my journal each morning - but I really didn't get what that would do. 
I needed strategies, clients, marketing tips, and learn how to get people on my email list. 
Today I get it. 
And it's fair enough if you don't. 
Because it wasn't one magic morning where this whole "mindset bla" suddenly made sense to me. 
And honestly, I don't think there's a hell lot of "practical" content out there on HOW to do it and how to take advantage of your ability to "change your mindset". Want to watch me? 📺
I have a "LIVE reality TV thing" coming up, to share the "real deal behind the scenes" on what the heck all this means, so YOU can decide if it's something that would help you. 🎥🎥🎥
On Saturday morning at 7am, I will hop on a Zoom video call with you, and share my "mindset morning routine" with you.
🎥🎥🎥 The "magic trick" that has changed my life, 
is turning me from a pessimist into an optimist [work in process], and helped me to step into the CEO role of running a successful business. 
You will see, it's not magic trick at all. 
It's simple, 
it's fun, 
and it might just make you feel good. 
I'm taking it for granted that you participate. [Watching me is useless, I want you to try it!] 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 
Are you in? 
Link in my bio @dreamlife_deluxe to get your seat. [Limited to 100]
  • „Helping people to get more clients“ is NOT specific enough.
Yes, I help people to get more clients -
Yes, my coaches help ME to get more clients, and every branding specialist, graphic designer and copy writer helps entrepreneurs to get more clients.
This can’t be your number one marketing message. 😱
How is my work, my coaches work and my clients‘ work, your work - so different, whilst we’re all helping people to get more clients?
🔥 I help you set up the daily consistent mindset work - aaaaall the tools. Hypnosis, NLP, mindset journaling, reframing, EFT... you get to choose how consistent you use these things, and it will determine your results.
You KNOW it, but do you do it?
🔥 I help you to grow your audience like a Visibility Queen - daily, slowly but steady, just by being you and showing up as you.
You KNOW this too, but how many email subscribers have you really added to your list lately?
🔥 I help you to cut your workload in half. I has a busy morning - 2 live-streams, a client call, mapping out my new program and running a FB and Instagram ad for my new workshop. I finished work at 11am.
You need to learn to focus on what matters, and working on your perfect sales page isn’t IT, if you forget to show up sell every day, because you’re so busy reacting to things.
🔥 oh and team support!!
You cannot wait until you have the money to hire, you hire SO you can make more money. Makes sense? Which brings us to... 🔥 Money mindset.
How to NOT freak out about an unexpected bill, how to feel certain in yourself and your business after Boone signed up for your offer, how to shift into abundance BEFORE the money is rolling into your bank account.
Will all of this help you to get clients?
But a million other coaches do the same. 
My clients sign up with me because of the HOW. How you feel whilst and before signing more clients. 🙌🏻 Energy.
🙌🏻 Visibility.
🙌🏻 Mindset.
🙌🏻 Consistency.
  • 💕 4 years.
⭐️ The time of my life.
🌎 23 countries.
😍 You’re all I ever wanted.
👉🏻 Happy anniversary! 💕⭐️🦙🍀😍
  • Many of you have been asking me this - so let's DO it! 
Join me live for my morning practise, this Saturday morning 7am Bali, which is 7pm New York on Friday.
What to bring: - At least an hour of time
- A journal and a pen
- An open mind
Where? Via Zoom. 
Saturday 16th March 7am Bali
Saturday 16th March 10am Sydney
Friday 15th March 7pm New York 
What? 💃🏽 My top journaling prompts to raise my vibes 💃🏽 The whole mystery of dance parties, affirmations and writing your big vision 💃🏽 Learning how to change your beliefs and reframe what's up in your life by turning it into a gift. &... seeing me BEFORE and after my mindset work #EXCLUSIVEFOOTAGE 🤣
My assistant is getting the sign up page ready, but give me any “morning emoji" if you want to get access as soon as it's ready. 
I bought the Zoom webinar option for 100 participants, so seats are limited. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Link is in my bio or comment below and I’ll message you.
  • Where are my Bali babes?
😱 I’m packing my bags and am ready for the best time of my life.
Are you?
I have 4 spots left for my Bali retreat and we’ll gather in THIS epic villa on 1st of April.
If you’re flying in from overseas, it’s about time to book your plane ticket!
NLP shifts, releasing the old, inviting the new - watch how 7-figure Susi & 6-figure YOU will hatch 🐣 on Bali!
Message me for all details about the retreat, happy to answer any and all questions you might have.
  • 💕⭐️🙏
I love you and I can’t wait to travel the world with you again in 3 weeks.
🔜 Bali 🔜 Perth 🔜 Cairns
🔜 Budapest
🔜 Amsterdam
🔜 🌎
  • Upsetting people by BEING ME isn't a nice feeling.
I don't mean to.
It makes me think there's something WRONG with me.
🙉 I don't mind you disliking me for who I really am - but I have been really triggered by people "getting me wrong". Recently.
You might have seen it.
Someone suggested it might be required to consider how I express my message.
🤔 And I thought about it.
Someone suggested I'm so upset about fakers online, because I'm a faker myself.
🤔 And I thought about it.
Someone suggested I should express myself in a more loving and compassionate way, instead of being "aggressive" or talking "down from the top".
🤔 And I thought about it. A lot.
What I don't get, is how I'm supposed to do that. 👉🏻 I don't believe that it's my purpose to be someone YOU want me to be.
I don't believe it's my purpose to "consider my language", trying to please everyone and offend no-one.
That's against the whole leadership mentality I'm in the process of stepping into. 💃 🤷🏽‍♀️ YES, I hate being misunderstood.
🤷🏽‍♀️ YES, I'm triggered when people tell ME I don't care about animals because I eat meat. #WTF
🤷🏽‍♀️ YES, it pisses me of when I get up at 5am on all my weekends to volunteer at the Wildlife Hospital at the zoo, and couch potatoes who don't devote any of their time and money to ANY good cause in this world are typing a lazy comment that I shouldn't support zoos, because... animals in captivity, blablabla.
🤷🏽‍♀️ YES, I've done a dolphin trainer for a day experience, and NO these dolphins wouldn't survive in the wild - they have been BORN in captivity. They are incredible animals, and YES I would prefer them to all be free and happy in the oceans of this planet.
🤷🏽‍♀️ YES, I have a photo with a starfish in my hand - and I KNOW they die if you take them out of the water for minutes, and I hate doushebag tourists who take starfish with them and kill them, but they don't die after 4 seconds out of the water.
🤷🏽‍♀️ YES, I volunteered in a cheetah rehabilitation project where you WALK them, on a leash. It's called wildlife enrichment. }}} CONTINUED IN COMMENTS (too much to say today 😂)
  • This might be one of the craziest things I’ve ever manifested.
“I want to live on an alpaca farm - oh and travel 9 months per year as well.” Nobody (including myself) knew how that was supposed to work, but I put it on my vision board anyway.
Today we met Maureen and her 35 alpacas 🦙, one llama, 3 cats and 2 dogs, horse Andy and a blue-tongue lizard - and we’re going to move in from September to Dezember. Potentially on repeat once per year.
I found the farm in Goulburn on Trusted Housesitters and even though we couldn’t match their dates, I felt called to message them and tell them that they have my absolute dream property and how many years I have been dreaming and talking about “my alpaca farm.” I had no clue where Goulburn is and had never heard of it before.
Then I looked up a connection from Melbourne to Sydney, and the city where would have to change buses was... Goulburn.
Suddenly “Goulburn” seemed to be everywhere. 
We went hiking in the Blue Mountains and a guy came towards me with a T-Shirt, which said: “Tokyo 
New York 
Goulburn” 😂😂😂 It felt like all signs pointed towards Goulburn.
A few weeks later we got the invitation to visit, and today we agreed on a timeframe from September to December this year - in a total dream house, with 43 pets.
Thank you 🙏! Of course all my dreams come true.
The how is not your job!


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