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dreaming BIGGER

dreaming BIGGER

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You gorgeous visionary you!

You’re dreaming BIGGER than anyone you know, and sometimes it’s like your vision is so crazy huge that you feel a liiiiiittle nuts.

You can’t help it. You just want it all.

Massive impact. Massive freedom. Massive income. Massive passion. Massive passport stamps.

There’s just one problem.

You’re stuck, staring up at that next level and wondering how in the world you’re actually going to get there.

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer



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hi, I am susi

Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for Visionaries and Visionaries In The Making (aka, you)

I help service-based Biz Babes who are DRIVEN as f*ck and KNOW what their soul-calling is grow their audience and their confidence, so they can become the most authentic version of themselves, eliminate the make-believe boundaries, and create the true freedom they’ve been craving.


Green Circles

Like you, I always wanted more.

But I didn’t get it until I decided to STEP UP AND CLAIM it.

The old “Struggling business owner” identity used to fit me like a leather glove. And while I wished I had more clients, cash and time away off my laptop and at the beach, I’ll admit that, all in all, I was really quite comfortable hiding out and playing small.

Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t realize I was even doing this...and I WAS doing a lot (of the wrong things, it turned out).

Like constantly changing the copy on my website.

Or posting in Facebook groups 47 times a day.

Or giving free coaching calls to people who would never buy from me.

Because I thought that’s how you run a business. Successful businesses require hustle, don’t they?

That’s what so many well-meaning business coaches I had paid a lot of money to taught me to believe. So...why wasn’t it working?

And you should too.

The truth is the only strategies that actually grow your business are the ones that are aligned with you.


• Only working 4 hours a day - and getting everything done that actually moves you forward
• Aligning your ENERGY with your programs and your offers, so they sell EASILY + EFFORTLESSLY
• Spending your day in FLOW and really doing what you love (that’s what you started this business for, right?)

There are so many women starting a “freedom business” who end up stuck in the HUSTLE and STRESS and OVERWHELM again - because others teach them they’re doing it WRONG and that there’s only one cookie cutter way out of this: the program they’re trying to sell you, of course. #thanksbutnothanks

Learning how to use a 6-figure MINDSET, ALIGNMENT and FLOW in my business every day is what brought the breakthrough to creating multiple 6-figures with EASE whilst doing what I really love - COACHING, RUNNING RETREATS, and STAYING IN MY ZONE.

Today I travel the world full-time, impact thousands of women around the globe and work with

high-level and high-vibe achievers who want to step into their roles as visionary leaders.

There’s MORE for you IF you are ready to

grow your impact, your audience and your mindset.

Stick with me if…

  • You refuse to settle for less than what you deserve and desire
  • You have a calling to make the world a better place by serving your clients
  • You run a business, but it’s not as aligned and fun as you’ve been picturing it
  • You’ve been following all the rules, and shoulds - and almost forgot who YOU
    really are deep below all of these distractions

You deserve to get paid for being the most authentic version of yourself.

Are you ready to level up?



  • One area I have mastered:
This Japanese word means constant and never ending improvement. And it’s the personal trademark for every man and woman who is living a soaring, fully awakened existence.
Success on the outside begins with success on the inside.
If you really want to improve your outer world, whether this means your health, your relationships or your finances, you must first improve your inner world. The most effective way to do this is through the practice of continuous self-improvement. Self-mastery is the DNA of life mastery. - Robin S. Sharma 
I feel like time is scarce in my business.
However, most people probably now picture me working 12 hours a day, which is far from the truth.
I always find time for the inner mindset work. Because I prioritize it.
Yesterday I did 5 hours of mindset and manifestation work. Today I’m going to a 6 hour workshop.
THIS is non-negotiable.
I work on myself to fulfill my purpose, which is to serve YOU.
Who’s taking care of constant self-improvement? How has it served you in your life and business?
... have always been a dream of mine. Playing with the best players on televised events, with a chance to win close to a million $ - for an entry fee of $2,000 - $10,000. 💸
I played the main events at the European Poker Tour in Germany and London, after qualifying online on Pokerstars for $27. 
It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G just to be a part of it. I would have never ever in my life been able to just pay the entry fee of 5,000€. 💎💃🏼⭐️ 10 years ago poker was the ONE way I saw for myself to create a crazy, extraordinary life where I can travel the world AND make good money doing something I love. 
I was “desperate” for poker to rescue me from the normal, predictable life ahead. 
Which ain't the best poker mindset to be in. 
I played fearfully. 😳
There was a LOT on the line for me - "the only way to create an abundant life and the only chance to escape the 9-5 life box that made me feel sick." As life goes, 
THANKFULLY I never won a big international main event. 
I had to find another way to stand up for myself and create the life of my dreams. 🥰🙏 I left Germany in January 2014, backpacked around the world, 
moved to Australia, 
started my coaching business, 
quit my job in Australia to travel the world AGAIN, 
and have been on the road for almost 2 years. 
Sounds magical, but the REAL magic is this: 💰 I have more money in my savings account than BEFORE I started this 5-year travel journey. ✈️ I upgraded from backpacker to traveling in style.
👩🏼‍💻 I get paid immensely well for doing what I really love: Helping others getting seen. 
I thought it's either freedom and being broke OR having a proper job and saving money. 
I was ready to choose freedom & being broke - and once you make this decision and let go of your need for security, abundance starts to happen FOR you. ✨💫 This year I decided for the first time: 
I will buy myself into the WSOP Sydney main event, no matter what. For the first time in my life, I would be able to walk to the cashier and pay $2,200 for my ticket. 🎟
And once you decide that it's a DONE deal, no matter what, things will come your way to... {continued in comments...}
  • My story ain't a "from rags to riches" within 6 months. 
I've been in the coaching world for a while now, and I see people come and I see people GO as well. 😲 My first coach doesn't coach anymore. 
I just looked up the website of my second coach and can't seem to find it either.
Confident newbie coaches charge $5,000+ these days, in their first months in business. 🙌🏻 GOOD ON THEM! 🙌🏻
That's not how I got started though, and I don't have a "10K in 10 weeks" story either. 🍀 It took me 2 years from offering my first free coaching session to turning my sole trader business into a multiple 6-figure company.
Whilst traveling the world full time 🌍: Bali, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, USA, Canada, New York, Saint Lucia, Martinique (celebrating my first 5-figure month with a cruise!), Barbados, England, Vietnam, Bali, Australia. To be continued. 💫 Here's what I've learned about building a SUSTAINABLE business. (👉🏽 One that allows me to get a mortgage - even though I'm "just" self employed). 🙌🏻 People come, and people go. Especially those who are in for the "quick money" or because they see "so many other successful coaches". You need to be freaking ALL IN to make this work. 
And you want to be in for the long haul. 🙌🏻 People burn out - and you don't wanna be one of them! 
I see so many people quit their 9-5 to then hustle so hard for 80 hours per week, that the good old 9-5 suddenly seems pretty attractive. 💃🏻 You wanna build a business that feels ALIGNED and FUN. And yep, I had to learn how to do that! 😍 You wanna show up consistently. 
So your people KNOW you will be there.
I see many entrepreneurs "taking time off" when they have "something going on in their life". And then they do a "Hiiiii, I'm baaaack" livestream 6 weeks later. ⭐️ My business is me. 
It's impossible to "park" it for a while. ⭐️ My business will still exist in 5 years time. 
And it will have grown massively - because I always grow massively.
But what's most important: 
I don't let my clients buy into their own bullshit. 🌴 It's not about your achievements during the next 4 weeks. 🌸 It's about building a long-lasting empire ⭐️🎉🙏💕
  • Out of PRINCIPLE, I didn't eat ice cream in Sydney.
Before I quit my job in Sydney last year, to become a fully location independent business owner, my lifestyle wasn't particularly abundant.
I remember being outrageous and annoyed by the prices for food and ice cream in Australia. $6 for one ball of ice cream? 
In Germany people (me!) complained about 1,50 Euro. $20 for breakfast? No way. $35 for a normal book? Where's Amazon?
So I didn't buy ice cream. 
Not because I didn't have $6. 
But out of PRINCIPLE! 😂
Andy and I went for dinner at a restaurant for VERY special occasions only.
And yet, I felt bad to pay a $100 bill.
I didn't like ANY bills. 
They seemed like a threat to my freedom. 
One I took very personally.
Rent for our one-bedroom apartment was $650 per week. 
Per WEEK!!! And that's exactly how I emphasized this whenever someone mentioned how awesome it must be to live in a city like Sydney. "YEEEEEAH BUT... it's really expensive!!" Ok - move to Dubbo then!! (Google this 😂)
💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Being back in Sydney for this summer makes me realize how much my money mindset, my attitude, and my whole lifestyle has changed.
(And we're not even spending any more money!) 1. I buy ice cream. And I really enjoy it. I even buy two flavors! {such a dare devil}
2. We stayed at a 5-star hotel last weekend. Just because.
3. We play escape rooms all the time, and it's so much fun that I don't care about the price tag.
4. We don't go to the normal movies with sticky seats anymore. We only do Gold Class.
5. We eat out for breakfast, lunch or dinner, whenever we don't feel like cooking. 
We enjoy it. That's the biggest part. If you spend money, can you at least ENJOY it?
6. I had a spa treatment for $300 on Sunday. 
I just got my nails done. 
I just bought another $30 book.
Nothing of these would have ruined me in the past. 
But I didn't do it. 
And honestly, constant penny pinching and complaining weren't overly fun. I wasn't overly fun to be around. 🦋 I am profoundly grateful how changing my mindset has changed my life.
Now that I enjoy spending money and making money and I take both for granted, life is a LOT
  • Stepping up my affirmations game thanks to Manifestation Babe Academy with @manifestationbabe •
Who are you currently in the process of becoming?
  • How can I feel adventurous every single day?
Exploring Sydney like a tourist before 7am.
I lived in Sydney from 2014 to 2017, so it sometimes feel a bit like coming „home“.
Our decision not to rent but to move into different house sits was GOLD, I get to know so many new areas of the city and I LOVE to explore.
How can you feel adventurous every day?
  • Staying at a 5 star hotel in Sydney is part of my essential homework to grow!
You might think: 🤔 ooookey?!
Here’s the thing: the super driven „getting stuff done“ clients I work with, have something in common with me: not celebrating enough.
Acknowledging a success for 3 seconds, before moving on - there’s more to achieve!
Your subconscious picks this up as „oh that wasn’t good enough, we’re not really celebrating“ - and you’ll be left with a feeling of chasing more and more without feeling fulfilled.
November was my best revenue month in business so far, I’ve sold out my 1:1 offer and didn’t even launch any group offer.
Instead of just moving on, we’re finishing the month with a birthday bash & celebration weekend with lots of fun and no work at all.
Do that, reward yourself constantly, even for the little things, and your subconscious mind will pick up: „ooooh this is good, we get a reward, we talk nicely to ourselves, we celebrate, let’s do more of this!“
What you focus on expands. So don’t forget to celebrate what you have already achieved and what you want more of! It will help you manifest so much faster.
I‘m off to the Spa now 🥰
What are you celebrating?
  • “What got you to where you are now, is  very likely what’s holding you back from getting to the next level.”
Let THAT sink in for a moment.
This won’t be easy for me,
but things are gonna change.
What brought me to running a location independent $200k per year business?
Structure, details and (over-) planning
Managing almost all parts of my business myself
Daily selling and discipline
Being super driven to hit my monthly goals
Coming up with new offers all the time
Showing up every single day
Tracking my income daily
Mindset journaling
Working with 1-3 mentors at a time and working through 20+ programs
December means value.
No selling.
Growing my tribe.
Helping and serving.
Being the creator in my business, not the manager.
Letting go of external validation. 
Letting go of short term goals.
Letting go of “paying myself a salary.”
I’m stepping into a whole new level.
What are you holding onto because it brought you to where you are NOW? How is it hindering your growth? 💕⭐️🍀
  • I just recorded my first individual client hypnosis and I’m so glad it helps!
I’m still struggling to use the microphone 🎙 on the headphone jack on a MacBook Air, but I’ve worked out how to write an individual script, record and mix with audacity and buy background music.
I’m freaking proud of this.
Now my clients won’t only do the active work. We’re getting their subconscious on board as well. 💕⭐️🍀🙏
I’m doing my own hypnosis 1-2 a day now. Who’s using hypnosis?
  • Why I’m smashing through a wooden board with my bare hand? 🙈😱
This was the final task in my Master NLP Practitioner certification.
We wrote our limitations on the board and after we’ve literally set the rules on 🔥 it was time to cut through the bullshit once and for all.
I originally signed up for this training to become a better coach for my clients and add a couple of tools and techniques.
Diving into the principles of NLP has changed my life forever.
If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. I’ve found a level of unshakable certainty, that will help me so much in my own personal and professional life.
Would you do this? 👇🏻
Tell me what you think of my ninja moves 😂📨
  • It’s been a busy couple of weeks, spending my weekends learning and working and organizing and moving...
Acknowledge what you’re doing great 👍🏻, celebrate yourself!
This weekend we’re taking a day off to celebrate Andy’s birthday and my best month ever.
With luxury hotel, spa and lots of surprises.
What are you proud of this week?
Tell me 👇🏻 in the comments to take a moment to celebrate 🎉 and so I can cheer you on!
  • I missed you, ocean! 
Back to daily morning beach walks in Bronte. 🏖
I’m so grateful for having my own business! I get to do this every day.


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