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Hi, I am

susi kaeufer

I help location independent biz babes like you grow their businesses online so they can live the life of their dreams without limits.

Where does it all start?

With alignment

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer
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For me, alignment took awhile to find

Before I became Susi, the Mindset Strategist + Visibility Coach for visionaries and visionaries in the making, I was Susi, the woman daydreaming about quitting her day job as a media planner, packing everything she owned into her suitcase, and hitting the road.

At the time, I was convinced I “didn’t have enough money” to make it happen. (I’d built up a nestegg of $15,000, but I wanted $30,000.) Guess what though? When I started approaching that $30K, I didn’t actually feel any safer.

What I didn’t know then was that it’s what’s in our heads, not what we see in front of us, that creates our reality.

Holy cow.

Imagine the power in that discovery.

“You mean to tell me that if I align my mindset with abundance, I can have as much money as I want?”


“How about if I align my mindset with a joy-filled business full of soulmate clients who make my heart do crazy, twirling happy dances under the moonlight in Thailand? Then I get to have that too?”


“One more. If I align my mindset with creating a global impact, then I might actually change the whole world?”



You get to create money.
You get to travel as much as you wish.
You get to choose your own beliefs.
You get to rewrite your money story.
The more value you provide, the more you will receive in return.
Abundance has nothing to do with how much money you have.

And I’ve used these new beliefs to quit my job to travel the world, grow my business to multiple-6-figures, launch what I love to launch and live the life I always wanted to live.  

I never came back.
I never went broke.
I never stopped going.

“You can’t travel forever,” they said.
We will see.

susi xx

Are you ready to level up?

fun facts!

• I have travelled the world full time since 2016
• I petsit around the globe
• I am a personal development junkie
• I have been a wildlife volunteer in Africa, Asia and Australia
• I am a Unicorn fan
• I was born in Germany
Fun Facts - Susi Kauefer



  • Check out my advanced bestselling Mindset program for Female Entrepreneurs
  • The problem with "dreaming small". I help people to dream BIGGER. 
The problem with people who can not see beyond "a little bit of improvement" is that they're missing out on the big picture. 
You didn't start this online business to maybe hopefully one day get by. ➡️ You want IMPACT. ➡️ You want to HELP people because you were in their shoes and know how it feels ➡️ You want success, abundance, ease, luxury travels.
But yet, you can't really see yourself making $15,000 per month. 
Too far away. 
Too unrealistic. 
And you'd be happy with $4,000 anyways. 
My Gallup Strength Test revealed that my biggest strength is being the MAXIMIZER. 
I hate taking something from below average and turn it into slightly above average, because I know with the same level of energy, I can turn something that's already good into EXCELLENCE. 
The problem is: You're settling for "ok". And that's how you end with "soso". Aim for OUTSTANDING. 
Align yourself with $15,000 feeling totally NORMAL, and $8,000 of monthly income will suddenly feel doable. 
Aim high!! Someone was pitching me this week to hire her in exchange for a flight to Bali and a $5,000 spot at my retreat. I said no, but KUDOS! 
You HAVE to dream big, 
think big, 
act big, 
otherwise your actions will be TINY, inconsistent and of low impact.
Guess what happened when I came into business with my GERMAN Mindset of "security" and "expecting the worst"? Yeah right, that went well... You're in luck! 
6-figure Mindset 2020 is open now to join for the next 6 days! We have 8 spots left to transform your mindset, your consistency and your actions towards CEO level!
  • The GAP-Exercise:
Why you’re not yet making the income you want to generate and how to close the gap in 2020. 
How I went from $2k months to $20k months within 4 weeks + How my client Fabi went from $30,000 to $81,500 with the same process ⬇️⬇️ 6-figure Mindset is NOW open:
  • In Bali it’s soooo easy to commit to a maximum of 3 hours of work a day.
There’s ice cream to eat, yoga to do, beaches to explore... Sometimes old patterns creep in: “Am I doing enough for this launch?”
But the answer is yes.
I’ve pre-sold 8 spots.
I have 120 wait listers, ready to get first dibs tomorrow.
I’ve personally reached out to 5 ideal dream clients that I would love to have in the program.
I wrote 4 case studies that share more than just “I loooove this program”, they show the actual HOW to future clients.
Could I frantically do more? Sure.
But you want to focus on the 20% of effort that bring you 80% of the outcome.
And that’s lots of value, promoting, showing client results, creating urgency. ✅ 
Welcome to my easiest launch ever.
  • Should I invest in this? But I have to “manifest the money” first. 
Should I quit my day job before I’m replacing my income?
3 Day Biz Babe Challenge starts THIS week, sign up now: ▶️
  • Oh my, sitting at the pool on Bali and have sooo many content ideas.
What should I type out?
1️⃣ what to do if you’ve been looking for your first client for MONTHS but nobody buys
2️⃣ why I don’t believe reading books on wealth consciousness will make you rich and what to do instead
3️⃣ how to dream bigger so you can actually act like a visionary instead of a wantrepreneur
  • “I’ll give it another 2 months but if I don’t find a client by then I’ll just let it go. I mean, it’s clearly not working.” Ones I’ve drilled you through my 6-figure mindset process, you will never have thoughts like this again. 🔥 Here’s what a 6-figure biz babe (e.g. me) would do, and you need to start wrapping your head around this way of thinking.
1. Do people really not want it or am I just not selling it? If I showed up fully, and offered my service to at least 10 clients, and they all flat out said “No”, I’d change the offer.
2. Go back to market research. If people don’t sign up you’re either not selling and showing up like a leader, or you just didn’t really get what your ideal clients want. Happens, doesn’t mean you suck - just means you need to talk to more people to understand them.
3. After your market research you should know better what isn’t appealing about your offer. Too expensive, unclear outcome, just not an appealing offer? Would they want to see more success stories from previous clients?
4. Based on the insights, I’d take action. If it’s my lack of client results: I’d offer 10 clients my whole package for $300, but I wanna use their case studies to promote my services. That’s $3,000 in my account, working my ass off for 1-2 months, and then BOOM, I launched 10 online businesses with people. If nobody wants your offer for a fraction of the price, it’s something else.
5. Ask yourself: “And if that doesn’t work, what will I do next?” Giving up is not an option. 
You might have to change where and how you’re looking for clients, you might have to drastically change your mindset, you might have to change your whole business idea. 
But if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur you’ll come up with dozens of ideas all the time anyways
My first course I ever sold was “How to find your online business idea”. Because I didn’t have many clients yet, 
I was no leader yet, but hey - after 1 year of contemplation I had a process on how to find the right business idea for you. 💡
People who wanted more freedom but had no clue HOW, loved that one. 
And only after that I was able to coach them.
I’m not saying you can sell rice for $2,000 ⬇️ TBC
  • On our last day with Dani she finally allowed us to take a proper photo 😅😂 3 years ago our own cat died, and since then we’ve been pet sitting around the world. Thanks for 3 beautiful weeks at the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Off to new adventures now.
  • Things successful entrepreneurs NEVER say: “It feels safer to sell 40 sessions for $90 than going for a premium package.” Having thoughts like this? Watch now ⬇️
The upcoming challenge:
  • Ready to serve, create and impact.
Three best decisions in my business so far this year:
1️⃣ Hiring @em.ducharme 
2️⃣ Sharing Case Studies instead of testimonials 
3️⃣ Offering 6-figure strategy sessions to a hand full of people
I love to make a difference.
  • Don't listen to people selling you cookie-cutter "fits all" blueprints!
I’ve worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs over the last 4 years. 
They ALL had to have the right stepping stones in place before creating massive levels of success, and here they are - revealed for you! 🎓 A step-by-step checklist to audit all areas of your business - All you need for your 6-figure business strategy:$100000-strategy
  • 6 years ago the art of putting your camera onto the floor to take selfies entered my life 😂💓⭐️🌈


Blog Post

How I got started …

Where it all began …….. 6-figure coaching business whilst traveling ✈️ full-time – but YES, I was totally clueless how to get started when I did! How it all began, how to figure out your business idea and how I got certified for $300 Use Code SUSIK for an additional $100 off!!