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Hi, I am

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I help location independent biz babes like you grow their businesses online so they can live the life of their dreams without limits.

Where does it all start?

With alignment

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer
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For me, alignment took awhile to find

Before I became Susi, the Mindset Strategist + Visibility Coach for visionaries and visionaries in the making, I was Susi, the woman daydreaming about quitting her day job as a media planner, packing everything she owned into her suitcase, and hitting the road.

At the time, I was convinced I “didn’t have enough money” to make it happen. (I’d built up a nestegg of $15,000, but I wanted $30,000.) Guess what though? When I started approaching that $30K, I didn’t actually feel any safer.

What I didn’t know then was that it’s what’s in our heads, not what we see in front of us, that creates our reality.

Holy cow.

Imagine the power in that discovery.

“You mean to tell me that if I align my mindset with abundance, I can have as much money as I want?”


“How about if I align my mindset with a joy-filled business full of soulmate clients who make my heart do crazy, twirling happy dances under the moonlight in Thailand? Then I get to have that too?”


“One more. If I align my mindset with creating a global impact, then I might actually change the whole world?”



You get to create money.
You get to travel as much as you wish.
You get to choose your own beliefs.
You get to rewrite your money story.
The more value you provide, the more you will receive in return.
Abundance has nothing to do with how much money you have.

And I’ve used these new beliefs to quit my job to travel the world, grow my business to multiple-6-figures, launch what I love to launch and live the life I always wanted to live.  

I never came back.
I never went broke.
I never stopped going.

“You can’t travel forever,” they said.
We will see.

susi xx

Are you ready to level up?

fun facts!

• I have travelled the world full time since 2016
• I petsit around the globe
• I am a personal development junkie
• I have been a wildlife volunteer in Africa, Asia and Australia
• I am a Unicorn fan
• I was born in Germany
Fun Facts - Susi Kauefer



  • ... whilst "normal" people think you're totally crazy. 
Sometimes not everyone GETS you and your ambitions. 
Here's how to normalise success and massive income goals.
  • You need to constantly question yourself when you’re thinking YOU CAN'T.
Can you really not?
Invest in this?
Do this?
Risk this?
Talk to Quokkas?
Or could you actually? 
Are you capable?
Do you have a choice?
Unbeatable photo of course. 😂
  • You gotta find something that you care more about than your fear of failure. - @tonyrobbins
  • Current pet sit update:
Piroschka sometimes likes me, sometimes not 😂
It’s like dipping into a life I could really picture for myself as well:
Lovely flat, 50 meters from Bronte Beach 🏖, cute cat and a classic “Sydney couple home”. I get to start my days with an hour long beach walk and a @yogabythesea.australia session, moving and breathing with ocean air.
Then I get to work, cook, read, watch Netflix... it’s the most authentic glimpse of “a normal life” I’ve had for a while.
And yet, what I love most about my life is that I get to reinvent myself every few weeks. That I slip into a new life and a new home so easily. That I get to live in so many different ways.
That I get to have pets even though I don’t have a home.
In 5 days I’m moving to Cairns, with 2 cats, 1 dog and Andy being out of his job, starting to work full-time for me.
A new life every couple of weeks.
How would you like that? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you. 💕
  • Hey hey, I’m back!
I got lots of messages why I turned the comments off on the last post, but there were a lot of “oh that eeevil client of yours” comments that I didn’t want to encourage.
I took a whole weekend off from work and social media and it felt really good.
I’m in the process of launching my 6 weeks live mindset program and I’m stepping away from the classic launch formula and more and more into “just being me” and sharing my life.
I’m aware that the “behind the scenes” and my authenticity is absolutely inspiring to many of you, so I would love to know what you would love to hear more about.
Dirty secrets, what I eat, how my days look like, what I’m struggling with, what I believe about XYZ?
Let me know any question or topic in the comments, can totally NOT be business related, I’d love to share more of my private life. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
  • April has been a business shithole so far.
A client that I loved and trusted came to my Bali retreat - promising to pay an outstanding bill on the last day of the retreat.
She didn’t, and decided to break our contract as well.
It feels a bit like a break up and I felt stupid to trust someone’s word fully and not be rewarded.
On top of that, during my own Manifestation Babe retreat I realized that the way I grew my team to 8 very specific experts, wasn’t serving me.
My fault, not theirs.
But it meant letting go of people that have done an amazing job for me and that did nothing wrong.
I felt responsible for their financial situation, and I didn’t want to disappoint them - but I knew, I had to get over myself and my fear of not being liked.
Sometimes I wish I’d be a tougher cookie in business.
Less emotional.
More prepared for shit going down.
The good news: I never give up. And I know, it’s all happening for the highest good.
How are you handling “emotional” situations in your business?
  • The "holy grail" of success wasn't ONE break through.
It was realizing, that what I do and how I think and how I show up between 6am and 10pm every single day is what makes the difference. "Habits for success".
We get that.
And yet, we want the easy quick-fix.
The abs after one session in the gym.
The $10k launch after doing one live stream.
The thousands of followers after showing up consistently for 5 days.
Most of us get back to "loosing the drive" after not seeing instant gratification.
I'm like that with yoga.
And I'm like that with sports.
I've mastered the success habits of MINDSET, BUSINESS, VISIBILITY and MONEY.
Yoga and exercise will follow,
because it works the exact same way.
If you want to see different RESULTS in your business, who have to stop doing what you're currently doing.
The daily grind that's leading nowhere, because honestly, you're not even sure where you're headed.
More money, more clients, yeah...
But all the things you're doing, don't seem to get you there.
No $10k months yet.
Even though you're posting in Facebook groups daily.
6-figure Mindset Queen will RADICALLY CHANGE your whole life, from 6am to 10pm.
You will change your mindset.
Change your thinking.
Expand your vision of what you think is even POSSIBLE.
You will implement success habit that WORK.
You will KNOW what to focus on and how to make easy decisions towards your goals.
You will take ACTION.
Inspired action.
You will be in flow.
You will RESPOND differently. To things working, to things not working, to clients not paying, to haters and nay-sayers.
YOU will change.
On an identity level.
And then?
That's when your results will shift.
That's when showing up daily becomes easy.
When making sales daily becomes natural.
When feeling GOOD instead of freaked out about money comes into play.
When the RESULTS in your business finally show up.
You're almost there darling!
You are perfect the way you are.
You are on TRACK.
You are in this business for a reason.
Don't give up.
Change your thinking, your habits, your vision, your focus, your actions and your beliefs - and I promise you, you will change your results.
😱 Link in bio.
  • The "holy grail" of success wasn't ONE break through.
It was realizing, that what I do and how I think and how I show up between 6am and 10pm every single day is what makes the difference.
6-figure mindset queen opens tomorrow 🙏
You will change by 180 degrees.
  • Two weeks of house sitting at Bronte Beach, old homie ground 💕⭐️🍀 Andy and I lived close by when we first moved in with each other 3 years ago 😍
It’s good to be back one more time before saying goodbye to Sydney for a while. 🔜 Cairns, Bali, Europe
  • Certainty.
My biggest challenge and my biggest gift.
Choosing certainty isn’t a one time decision. I have to make this choice again and again, every single day.
My default pattern that I grew up with:
“We all have to settle for less and those who have their heads in the clouds will fall eventually.” Sometimes I’m waiting for the fall.
Sometimes I’m scared it’s too good to be true.
Sometimes I worry that one day I’ll go broke in my business and people will celebrate my failure.
They will say “I told you so.” Everything I now go through, will inspire someone in the future.
The good news and what actually DOES give me certainty that my success is inevitable?
I never give up.
I am persistent as fuck.
I wake up with fear and choose certainty all over again.
I get mad at myself for repeating old patterns, and then I forgive myself and choose certainty again.
Repeat after me:
I have no choice but to choose fucking certainty.
My success is inevitable.
I am always on the right path.
This is going to work out.
I have certainty in my success.
Fear and faith are both made up in your mind.
Fear is a total manifestation stopper.
Choose faith.
And again.
And again.
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I'll bring the content from my in person workshop that I hosted in Sydney to you... (but you don't have to pay $33, and you don't have to fly to Sydney🙃)
My top 5 Mindset Journaling exercises that I use to...
• manifest more money
• take daily action (no lack of motivation anymore!)
• get crystal clear on what it is I really want
• overcome resistance, staying stuck and self-sabotage
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  • This was our AirBNB in Western Australia for the weekend and it totally made it onto my vision board for property to buy in the future.
The outdoor space, the ocean view, the jacuzzi and just all the BLUE - I need this in my life.
Honestly, buying property hasn’t been our priority so far - we probably have spent the value of a small house whilst traveling around the world for a couple of years, but I would do it like this again and again.
Experiences and personal growth and travel mean so much more to me than “things” and possessions.
And I don’t think I’ll ever aim for the classic home in a village with a white-picket fence.
But I’d love to have 2-3 home bases and properties around the globe. An alpaca farm, the beach penthouse in Western Australia and maybe a houseboat in Holland.
What’s your dream home?


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