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Hi, I am

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I help location independent biz babes like you grow their businesses online so they can live the life of their dreams without limits.

Where does it all start?

With alignment

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer
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For me, alignment took awhile to find

Before I became Susi, the Mindset Strategist + Visibility Coach for visionaries and visionaries in the making, I was Susi, the woman daydreaming about quitting her day job as a media planner, packing everything she owned into her suitcase, and hitting the road.

At the time, I was convinced I “didn’t have enough money” to make it happen. (I’d built up a nestegg of $15,000, but I wanted $30,000.) Guess what though? When I started approaching that $30K, I didn’t actually feel any safer.

What I didn’t know then was that it’s what’s in our heads, not what we see in front of us, that creates our reality.

Holy cow.

Imagine the power in that discovery.

“You mean to tell me that if I align my mindset with abundance, I can have as much money as I want?”


“How about if I align my mindset with a joy-filled business full of soulmate clients who make my heart do crazy, twirling happy dances under the moonlight in Thailand? Then I get to have that too?”


“One more. If I align my mindset with creating a global impact, then I might actually change the whole world?”



You get to create money.
You get to travel as much as you wish.
You get to choose your own beliefs.
You get to rewrite your money story.
The more value you provide, the more you will receive in return.
Abundance has nothing to do with how much money you have.

And I’ve used these new beliefs to quit my job to travel the world, grow my business to multiple-6-figures, launch what I love to launch and live the life I always wanted to live.  

I never came back.
I never went broke.
I never stopped going.

“You can’t travel forever,” they said.
We will see.

susi xx

Are you ready to level up?

fun facts!

• I have travelled the world full time since 2016
• I petsit around the globe
• I am a personal development junkie
• I have been a wildlife volunteer in Africa, Asia and Australia
• I am a Unicorn fan
• I was born in Germany
Fun Facts - Susi Kauefer



  • Who’s a control freak and always wants to know every outcome?
👋 #waveshand
I knew I wanted something else - not the daily German rut. But whenever I even allowed myself the thought to quit, I came up with a quick and easy killer response: „But... I wouldn’t know what’s next.“
So I stayed in a life that didn’t fulfil me for 10 years - because I didn’t know what to do instead.
It’s easy to look back today:
I moved to Australia, started a coaching business that turned into a successful company, and became a full time digital nomad and house sitter.
But... I didn’t know any of this!
Nobody knew there’d be a Happy End.
Until I decided, and changed my belief.
What if I DON‘T need to have a plan apart from the fact that I want something else?
And I let go.
And I surrendered.
And that was HARD.
And I bought a one way ticket to Cape Town.
And everything then unfolded... step by step.
If you’re unhappy with where you are now, let it go. Something better is waiting for you!
Join the mindset journaling tribe if you want more questions and journaling prompts that shift your thinking and your perspective.
  • So… when I hired my first business coach (which at that time I thought was charging me an outrageous amount of money….) I heard the term “Mindset Work” for the first time. “You have to do your mindset work”
and what they meant was journaling.
I didn’t really see the point. “How is this going to help me to build a business?
Can’t you just tell me the strategy?” Yet, I realised that ALL successful people I’ve been following had something in common: They had a daily mindset practice - and I realized: There must be SOMETHING about it.
I committed to daily mindset journaling in 2017.
And oh boy, my life has changed.
I‘m working with full speed to open the mindset journaling tribe again THIS week!
If you’re on the waitlist you’ll be first to join and you’ll only pay half price. ⭐️ DM me or stalk around my page/bio to find the link.
  • You’re stuck in quarantine with me for 48 hours. What questions would you ask me? Here are the answers ⬇️ Let’s hang out!! Mindset Journaling Tribe Waitlist:
  • Where to find me... 📍
Social distancing in Vietnam.
Seeing the beauty in the small things. 💌
  • Rise and shine.
Im very very blessed to have this roof top for myself on day 5 of the lockdown in Vietnam.
I come up here before 6am to meditate, do some yoga and swim - it’s becoming my new morning practice.
I‘m well aware that most people don’t have sunrise 🌅 view and a swimming pool during lockdown, so I feel very very grateful and enjoy every second in silence up here. 
What can YOU find appreciation for these days, that you might have taken for granted beforehand?
  • 👩‍🎨 The artists that still create even when there might be no financial gain,
👩🏼‍💻 the coaches that still serve, without expecting anything in return,
💁🏼‍♀️ the writers that still write, even though they might never get published,
💃🏼 the messengers that still share what they have to say, even if no-one seems to listen... Those that have a purpose of creating, expressing themselves and being of service that goes beyond their own financial desires are the ones that are going to thrive, create abundance, and long-lasting success. 
This is the time when most people will give up, fail, stop showing up, and make excuses.
This is also the time where YOU are guaranteed success.
Because you won't give up.
You won't stop.
You won't say "ok well, maybe I should just get a job". This is where you thrive, because you're USED to uncertainty, taking risks and doing things differently. 💓💓💓💓💓💓
  • Currently it’s raaaaining opinions on all social media feeds.
Should you be selling high-ticket offers right now or not?
Should you be allowed to go grab a coffee during lock down?
Should you “go home”, where ever that is?
Should you postpone your live event, and if so, until when?
After a couple of days I was so lost in a sea of opinions and fears, that I couldn’t even tell which ones where my own anymore, and which ones I have taken on board from other people, with other life circumstances.
This journaling prompt brought me back to myself and back to my truth.
You’re allowed to feel insecure.
You’re also allowed to be FINE!!
You’re allowed to feel whatever you feel, but here’s your opportunity to dissect things a little bit.
What’s actually YOUR emotion? And what do you now see clearer than ever, because it’s just who you are?
My insights:
1️⃣ I feel safer in Vietnam then “homeless” in Australia right now.
2️⃣ Not too much has changed in my life during the last 2 weeks (seems like I live an almost quarantine-lifestyle most of the time 🤣) which means I’m very blessed.
3️⃣ I might be able to handle higher levels of insecurity than most people. There’s no need to ask “what’s wrong with me?” - what of everything is just right?
4️⃣ I’m allowed to be fine, I’m allowed to have fun, I’m allowed to make tons of money and I’m allowed to have fear. It’s like a 100 permission slip for all that I am and feel, no matter what.
  • Going through some old travel photos - the digital nomad life during lockdown gets a tiny little bit less diverse 😳🤣 but that’s ok.
Very blessed to have been living on the road for the last 3 years and living a lifestyle of living ravel for the last 6 years.
It’s like my 30th birthday was the start of my life on purpose.
Everything else was just preparation.
What if this was the time you change your entire life?
The last time I’ve completely changed mine, was when I felt like I’ve lost everything. Much good can come from times of adversity. 🥰
  • Let’s just say, for some of us this is a time for big decisions.
1️⃣ Should I stay or should I go? Where do I actually live?
2️⃣ Do I need to pivot in my business?
3️⃣ Is this the right time to invest and if so, into what?
Add “which apartment should we live on during lock-down in a third world country to my list, and we’re in total decision fatigue.
Here’s how to solve decision fatigue and the fear of making the wrong decision:
Choose that you ALWAYS make the right decision.
If you and I manage to JUST implement this one core belief, a lot will change.
🧡 Trust replaces fear.
🧡 We take action faster.
🧡 No second guessing and overthinking.
What if you believed that you’re definitely guided, loved and protected?
  • It's time to set new goals and create a new roadmap. 🌈⭐️💓🍀🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy into the whole “the world is doomed” energy. But this is the time where you want to re-assess if your goals are still valid, and which ones might need some adaption.
I thrive on progress towards my goals, and with many things seemingly falling apart and some goals just not making a lot of sense anymore (like... a fully booked Bali retreat in 6 weeks 🤔), it’s time to do what you usually do on January 1st.
I like to focus on 3 different areas of life (as I tend to have aaaaall business goals otherwise) and to have 1 major goal within each. Then, every day I focus on my “Big 3”. Currently I’m even time tracking for 1 week to see how many hours I focus on my Big 3, and how much time I spend on stuff that doesn’t really matter.
So here are my new Covid-19 goals:
1️⃣ Physical well-being 
Work out OR do yoga daily, eat healthy, take vitamins, and do all I can to stay healthy.
2️⃣ Emotional well-being
Mindset journaling, meditation, sex or something FUN daily. This is the time to focus on this 💯. Nothing matters more than staying happy and healthy.
3️⃣ $50,000 in business cash flow by 1st of August 2020, whilst staying financially sustainable with doing what I love, being of service and not having to let go any of my team members and employees.
Notice what happened here?
The million $ brand is not my number 1 priority anymore right now. What really matters is our well-being.
And what really matters to me in business? Are my clients, the people that work for me and rely on me, and being able to walk away in good shape, even after some big financial losses.
This is an opportunity and a gift.
What does TRULY matter to you?
  • In the​ end, all that matters is LOVE &that we are together. 
Stay safe and enjoy some tropical views whilst finding out more about us.
  • Don’t confuse your insecurity with an inability to lead and inspire.
People feel drawn to confidence and certainty. The more certain you are, the more success you will create. 💯
Does that mean in times of extreme uncertainty you can’t show any weakness? Do people not buy from someone who cries and is fearful?
I can assure you, my insecurities and my open way to share them, draws even more people in. Because people like authentic leaders. You don’t need to fake it till you make it.
Because here’s the level of certainty that I still have, that is truly unshakable and that makes others look up to you as a leader and authority:
1️⃣ I truly believe in my work.
More than ever before actually.
My desire to inspire people to create an unconventional life that allows them more freedom whilst burning all the business shoulds is stronger than ever. I believe this is the time where your own mindset coach and support system is huge.
2️⃣ I believe in YOUR success.
I know how struggling business owners become successful business owners. It’s a framework, a combination of mindset and providing value, and it works in times of crisis just the same as usual. That’s why I still know, that I can help my clients! You got this girl!! 3️⃣ Leaders thrive in times of uncertainty. That doesn’t mean they are fearless. But the few business owners that can act in spite of fear, that show up fully when others retreat, are the ones that people feel naturally drawn to.
Insecurity is not the determining factor. Your level of fulfilment is determined by the level of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.


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