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Hi, I am

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I help location independent biz babes like you grow their businesses online so they can live the life of their dreams without limits.

Where does it all start?

With alignment

Mindset and Business Coaching - Susi Kauefer
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For me, alignment took awhile to find

Before I became Susi, the Mindset Strategist + Visibility Coach for visionaries and visionaries in the making, I was Susi, the woman daydreaming about quitting her day job as a media planner, packing everything she owned into her suitcase, and hitting the road.

At the time, I was convinced I “didn’t have enough money” to make it happen. (I’d built up a nestegg of $15,000, but I wanted $30,000.) Guess what though? When I started approaching that $30K, I didn’t actually feel any safer.

What I didn’t know then was that it’s what’s in our heads, not what we see in front of us, that creates our reality.

Holy cow.

Imagine the power in that discovery.

“You mean to tell me that if I align my mindset with abundance, I can have as much money as I want?”


“How about if I align my mindset with a joy-filled business full of soulmate clients who make my heart do crazy, twirling happy dances under the moonlight in Thailand? Then I get to have that too?”


“One more. If I align my mindset with creating a global impact, then I might actually change the whole world?”



You get to create money.
You get to travel as much as you wish.
You get to choose your own beliefs.
You get to rewrite your money story.
The more value you provide, the more you will receive in return.
Abundance has nothing to do with how much money you have.

And I’ve used these new beliefs to quit my job to travel the world, grow my business to multiple-6-figures, launch what I love to launch and live the life I always wanted to live.  

I never came back.
I never went broke.
I never stopped going.

“You can’t travel forever,” they said.
We will see.

susi xx

Are you ready to level up?

fun facts!

• I have travelled the world full time since 2016
• I petsit around the globe
• I am a personal development junkie
• I have been a wildlife volunteer in Africa, Asia and Australia
• I am a Unicorn fan
• I was born in Germany
Fun Facts - Susi Kauefer



  • My best clients?
Try to figure out how I think, what I believe and how THEY can tap into their own answers. 
Clients that struggle with results? 
Are those that waste their precious 1:1 time with “how to” questions that you can find on YouTube and asking me to tell them “what they SHOULD do to make this work.”
-> If you want someone to tell you what to do, get a job, not a coach.
CEO’s don’t have anyone telling them what they should do, that’s why they are CEO’s.
I’m done with telling people what they should do (to make money, to be visible...) I’m here to EMPOWER, not to tell. 
I’m here for women who aren’t seeking for someone telling them what to do, but who helps them to stand in their OWN certainty.
I walk away one I lose the energetic momentum.
OK, what would be aligned right now? When you’re done with journaling allow yourself some extra space and ask yourself “What else?” NOW that you ARE in full trust, what are you certain of?
I don’t need one clear message, I AM the message.
People love and buy my energy, so THAT’S my main work, not dwelling on titles, funnels, modules. People love structured courses with PowerPoint slides because they want to take notes, get step 1-5 and then go out there and follow the steps (of copying someone else) and I’ve been guilty of this too. 
Million $ businesses don’t EVER get built like this.
I don’t teach followers how to follow. I teach leaders how to become leaders.
  • “What do I need to know for SOUL GUIDANCE right now?” Sometimes the accuracy of my oracle cards still blows my mind.
I got the perfect advice on how to make this course life.changing for you and myself. ✨✨✨ SENSUAL EXPRESSION 
You are being called to embody and channel your sensual energy funneling it into all you do.
This card may appear encouraging you to UNLEASH your wild yet tempered desire to let go and fully express your unique radiant energy of love, creativity and beauty.
Your growing hunger for ripe, plump powerful expression wishes to flow from the inside out.
Allow yourself to hold sacred the way your spirit wishes to express itself instead of confirming to indoctrinating rules that limit your soul’s access to abundant radiance. ✨✨✨ If I succeed with this, you’ve just walked into something very powerful.
  • We are all born as intuitive beings with the same intuitive abilities, but over time the ego muffled intuition’s quiet and dulcet tones.
Turning back into your intuition just requires faith and a little practice. 
There is not a single soul on this planet that knows you better than you.
  • Had a new Freebie idea.
Wrote "create opt in page" on my to do list. 
Started procrastinating.
Yeah whatever. {Fuck the Opt In page} "Soul Guidance" - A FREE experimental course to ditch the rules and act based on your soul's guidance.
I refuse to decide how many modules, days, workbooks. 
I refuse to overprepare content. 
This is an experiment.
I KNOW I need to follow my SOUL to be of most value AND to be most happy. 
I often have no idea how to do that.
But instead of moping, I'll try to figure it out. 
I will show up and let the message come through. 
Which is fucking scary.
And I'll let you be part of it. Live. Authentic.
For free. 
No pressure to deliver, no fear of refund requests if it's not amazing value. 
Could be nothing special. 
Or the beginning of a new era. 
Who's DONE with all the input from outside and ready for OUTPUT from the INSIDE, from your soul? 😍😍😍
  • Our first class bathroom on board of the A380.
Have you ever had a shower in the sky? ✨✨✨✨✈️
Very special day.
  • Life has been treating us well recently.
Whatever anyone says: We deserve this. 🥂🍾✨✈️ 📸: Emirates Business Class Bali - Dubai
  • Here we go with lots of paper tickets:
✈️ Bali - Dubai
✈️ Dubai - Zurich
2 hotel vouchers for our overlay in Dubai
2 lounge vouchers ✨✨✨✨✨✨
  • Until I was 23 I never flew ANYWHERE. As a kid, we did car trips to Spain and Italy.
It was just not feasible.
When I was 23 I won a scholarship for excellent results, which enabled me to go on a fully paid trip to Cape Town, South Africa, to improve my English.
I would have never ever been able to afford 3 weeks in South Africa by myself at this age.
Flying to another continent was a freaking dream come true.
This trip changed me significantly - I had a massive culture shock when I came back to Germany.
Germans seemed miserable and negative, and South Africans who had barely anything, seemed to be so much more grateful and joyful.
I never felt like I was fitting in, in my day job and daily life again ever since, and all my efforts of money and time went into traveling from this day on.
I had 30 days off each year and made sure I’m spending each of them outside of Germany.
A round the world trip became my new dream, and flying business class for once. (First class? Not even made it into my imagination)
It took another 7 years of saving, daily hard work, dreaming and honestly - being too scared to go for my dreams.
Guess where I started my round the world trip in 2014?
Cape Town.
Where it all began.
It just seemed right.
I never went back.
I backpacked the globe as a female solo traveler for 1 year,
than I worked hard for 2 years to get a visa to stay in Australia,
and for the last 2 years I’ve been traveling the world as a full time digital nomad with my partner.
5.5 years, what a ride.
Today we’re boarding our first First Class flight and I’ve shared this whole story because this is not just a “fancy expensive thing” for me.
It’s something that I couldn’t have pictured in my wildest dreams, just like traveling for 5.5 years and no end in sight.
Did I know the how?
Hell no.
But it’s a beautiful manifestation story.
If you truly desire from your heart, things can happen for you in the most magical ways.
  • I’m flying Bali - Dubai Business Class and Dubai - Zurich First Class TODAY.
I’m a bit nervous about the long trip but so so so excited about this new (but soon to be normal 😂✨) level of comfort and luxury whilst traveling.
I’ll turn into a full on Insta Influencer and will document everything 😂😍😱 and definitely have a shower on the plane, just for the sake of it 🚿
  • Smile!
It’s sooo easy to feel high vibe in Bali, but I feel like I’ve finally mastered TRUE location independence:
I’m location independently happy. And grateful. And joyful.
  • Sometimes I only know what I don’t want. But not what I want instead.
I don’t want to blend in with all the „fake influencer“ shit online.
I don’t want a Facebook group that’s just spammed like any other entrepreneur group.
I don’t want to continue an inactive Mindset Journaling tribe.
I don’t like online launches that scream „buy buy buy from me.“ What’s the vision that fixes all this?
How can I get myself to see what’s invisible to me right now?
  • My story ain't a "from rags to riches" within 6 months. 
I've been in the coaching world for a while now, and I see people come and I see people GO as well. 😲 My first coach doesn't coach anymore. 
I just looked up the website of my second coach and can't seem to find it either. 
Confident newbie coaches charge $5,000+ these days, in their first months in business. 🙌🏻 GOOD ON THEM! 🙌🏻
That's not how I got started though, and I don't have a "10K in 10 weeks" story either. 🍀 It took me 2 years from offering my first free coaching session to turning my sole trader business into a multiple 6-figure company. 
Whilst traveling the world full time 🌍: Bali, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, France, Austria, USA, Canada, New York, Saint Lucia, Martinique (celebrating my first 5-figure month with a cruise!), Barbados, England, Vietnam, Bali, Australia. To be continued. 💫 Here's what I've learned about building a SUSTAINABLE business. (👉🏽 One that allows me to get a mortgage - even though I'm "just" self employed). 🙌🏻 People come, and people go. Especially those who are in for the "quick money" or because they see "so many other successful coaches". You need to be freaking ALL IN to make this work. 
And you want to be in for the long haul. 🙌🏻 People burn out - and you don't wanna be one of them! 
I see so many people quit their 9-5 to then hustle so hard for 80 hours per week, that the good old 9-5 suddenly seems pretty attractive. 💃🏻 You wanna build a business that feels ALIGNED and FUN. And yep, I had to learn how to do that! 😍 You wanna show up consistently. 
So your people KNOW you will be there. 
I see many entrepreneurs "taking time off" when they have "something going on in their life". And then they do a "Hiiiii, I'm baaaack" livestream 6 weeks later. ⭐️ My business is me. 
It's impossible to "park" it for a while. ⭐️ My business will still exist in 5 years time. 
And it will have grown massively - because I always grow massively. 
But what's most important: 
I don't let my clients buy into their own bullshit. 🌴 It's not about your achievements during the next 4 weeks. 🌸 It's about building a long-lasting empire.


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