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I hate to break it to you, but if what you’re doing in your business doesn’t feel good now, it probably never will.

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You’re stuck in an endless loophole of posting, posting, posting and trying to grow your business by doing what you’ve been told you should do, not what you actually want to do. And surprise, surprise, it’s not really working!

You know you’re meant to be your own boss, so you jumped in and started a business... (or are you still considering?) but now it feels more like you’re a burnt-out freelancer, not an awesome and abundant CEO who’s in charge of her own life and kicks butt all day.

You use "being unclear" as an excuse because what you really want is so SCARILY big. So saying that you "don't know" seems so much easier. But what you don’t realize is you’re just creating more of the same fog + analysis paralysis that keeps you from hitting that next level.

You’re making your life and business harder by putting your nose to the grindstone and slaving away as you juggle every piece of your business, instead of putting on your big girl pants and hiring out the things you don’t love, so you can be paid for simply being yourself.

You’re torn between daydreaming about what it is you actually desire and all of the super valid reasons why now isn’t the right time for you to have it.

WHY is it my passion and purpose in life to uplevel misaligned visionaries?

Because I WAS one for many many maaaaany years.
And I suffered for it.

I tried to fit in. I was a good hard worker.

I was great in everything {overachiever} and my "stupid dreams" didn't make any sense.

They were too big. They were too bold. They were unattainable.

I was so committed to providing tons of VALUE that I came up with "3 tips to change your limiting beliefs" and all sorts of (irrelevant) freebies for my audience all the time, instead of creating ones that would actually lead to sales + long-term success.

I was trying to prove my worth in all the wrong places when I could have just accepted that I was a bomb ass coach who deserved everything she wanted and more … and gave myself permission to have it NOW.

I couldn't believe that me being me could totally be enough AND valuable to others, so I was spinning and spinning and spinning the wheel.

What finally snapped me out of the madness and allowed me to go from misaligned visionary to multiple-6-figure brand?

  • Mentors and 1:1 Coaching, that opened my eyes and showed me my own power
  • A decision every single morning to show up like the leader I was (not only once, but 1,000 times...)
  • Working on my energy, my personal growth and my alignment instead of marketing strategy number 855. Because strategies change, but your truth never goes out of style.
Green Circles


The Deluxe Mentorship is a 4 month Business and Mindset Coaching for Visionaries with Big Goals!

The Deluxe Mentorship is for VIP clients that want to work with me at the closest level.
I fully play in your team as the expert and coach.
We are in this together, I will know your business inside out, and brainstorm, explore and EXECUTE ideas with you.

You will uplevel your mindset, your offers and your income to absolute Soul Alignment.
The more fun you have, the more money you'll make.
The more certainty you have in your offers, the results you bring into your clients’ lives and your price point, the easier daily cash flow will show up in your life.

And what this is really about, isn’t the money. It’s about IMPACT.

It’s the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE to work whenever and wherever you want, only offer what truly freaking excites you and finally TRUST (instead of frantically freaking out) that you’re on the right path, whilst being of service to others.


Investment: 4x $3,000 US monthly
Pay in full: $11,000

Include the BALI retreat 2020 for an additional $2,222. (50% off)



This is THE hands on entry level offer to work with me 1:1.

 The Mini Mentoring is ideal for you if ….

> You don’t have a full-on successful business yet that we could scale to multiple 6-figures
> You are curious to pick my brain and get my expert advice on something you’re currently working on
> You want to learn how to break free from conventions in life and business, and you want MORE for yourself.
> You’re not yet 100% sure if you want to invest into the Deluxe Mentorship (or how to pay for it)
> You have ONE problem you need clarity on and help with.

This offer is fast-paced, and you need to be willing to take fast action to see results in our short period of time together.

This is the most affordable way to work with me directly 1:1, and I’m super excited to give more people the opportunity.

The Mini Mentoring package includes 1x 90 Min deep dive session and 1x 30 Min Follow up session which should be booked 7-14 days after the deep dive session.

Investment: 2 x $1,111 US bi-weekly
Pay in Full: $1,997


7 days of 1:1 Support via Voxer
Get access to one of the following courses for free:
Content Queen, Balance & Boundaries or The Abundant Alpaca.


lets talk results



  • I'll show you how you can step into the next level version of yourself, so you can act, think and FEEL like a 6-figure business owner and take inspired action as THIS person already.

  • I have invested thousands of $$$ in Coaches, Seminars and  Money Mindset Programs myself, which means you get to skip the line and learn what I’ve learned (without having to spend all your time doing it)

  • I’ll share openly everything I’ve got to change your beliefs, your mindset and your money mindset, so you can smash through the income ceiling you're so sick of looking at. #breakbabybreak

  • Start believing that you are 100% worthy of your dreams and deserve to have ANYTHING you want!

  • Get all my success mindset tools for your powerful daily mindset routine to smash through limits and build up your belief (All the major entrepreneurs and celebrities do inner work like this!)


  • If you want to attract your dream clients, you need to get in front of them. We’ll develop your new visibility strategy online so you can build, connect and engage with your tribe every day.

  • Instagram with a vengeance! Grow your account to several thousands of engaged followers who love you, like your posts — and pay you real money for your gifts!

  • Use the magic of Facebook groups to market yourself as a business owner organically (you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising to make this strategy work. And no, I promise these aren’t the same tired strategies they were teaching 3 years ago.)

  • Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing so you can find and book your next paying clients

  • Create your own content so you can offer massive value to your audience — and lead them to buy from you

  • Get my hacks for re-purposing your content and social media posts so you can use them across platforms (This will save you hours of work!)


  • Drop the bullshit and get paid for being YOU. I'm famous for this: Clients come to me with what they think they "should" do in their business. Guess what! If you hate it, we'll drop it! Period. 
  • No more hiding behind a logo or a "pretty story." 
  • Be yourself and attract your dream clients exactly with this. Your vulnerability makes you a real person and might be your missing piece to success! 
  • Achieve complete clarity on your uniqueness and strengths as a CEO in your business, so you can smash your income goals with feel-good strategies that work for YOU.


  • The Magic happens in between our calls when you take action! You'll get the exact steps to take in your business, not as a blueprint - but in a way that works specifically for YOU.

  • Who to hire, when to hire, and how to hire your dream team

  • Automation and processes for more freedom in your life and business - no more working all day, every day and weekends! This isn't slavery. This is your own baby. Design it intentionally, so it supports your lifestyle.

  • Confidence in the exact steps to take in your business to bring yourself into alignment with your big desires and dreams on a daily basis.

I cannot wait to fast-track your success with you!



  • It’s digital detox time on the weekend.
Any tips and tricks?
Or just... lock your phone away and enjoy the beauty of life?!
  • Keep in mind that this is not your job.
Your job is being fully YOU and serve your people. The rest can get fucked.
  • Sometimes I just want my small baby business back 😭🤯 💣 Where we didn’t have $15,000 of expenses each month, that distract me from my real mission.
💣 Where I wasn’t feeling responsible for the salary of my partner.
💣 Where I didn’t feel disconnected from my purpose of helping people, whilst trying to make CEO decisions.
💣 Where I didn’t have to pay money to keep up with people following the rules of my Facebook group, I just wanted to connect people.
💣 Where there weren’t any lawyers, 19 pages director reports, and I was capable of doing my own tax return.
💣 Where things just felt lighter.
I guess that’s the attitude that has been keeping me stuck from creating 7-figures.
There’s a limiting belief that this would bring more responsibility, pressure, haters and worry, less fun, freedom and lightness and even a feeling of disconnect.
Here’s the truth:
When I was struggling to make money in my business, when I barely had any followers, I thought 💭 once I reach a certain amount of money, I’ll have it figured out.
6-figure business owners have nothing to worry about, do they? 🤯🤯🤯
Well... some things are just cute illusions 😉 “More money more problems” is a belief that’s holding me back right now.
I thought inner freedom comes from outer freedom. ⬇️⬇️ Now what do I do? (People gasping... 📺 starring at the screen... “how is she getting out of this?”) Focus on gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!
Running a 6-figure business AND running a small new business (if that’s where you are at right now...) comes with upsides ⬆️ and downsides ⬇️. You get to choose what you focus on!
Yesterday I did an Instagram story and calculated for how many months I have been living the freedom life, no job, no home, full location independence...
Me: [mumbling] “May, June, July, August, September, October... that’s six plus twelve is 18.” Andy: “Nope, it’s been 2 1/2 years! So it’s 30.” I’m so grateful...
🍀 that I haven’t worked in a job for 30 months
🍀 that I’ve moved around 160 times in this timeframe
🍀 for visiting and living in ✈️ 20 different countries thanks to my business
🍀 for having my partner by my side, thanks to my business
  • 2 days ago this Alpaca was born.
It’s 2 hours old on this photo.
This day was... intense, emotional, but also filled with a level of contribution that I’ve been missing recently. 🤩⭐️🍀💓⏰ Happy weekend!
  • Instagram Image
  • Doors open TODAY and we only have 4 SPOTS!
Totally giddy here!
All infos and payment plans are ready for >> BALI BABES 2020 🌸🌸🌸 - the mastermind climaxing in a 6-day luxury retreat in this villa on Bali in May!
Payment plans start at $850!!! Message me or comment below if you want all infos! 
I'm inspired by PEOPLE'S transformation, and I honestly can't think of a more exciting way to lead up to the highlight of the year Bali retreat from 20th - 25th May 2020. 🌍☀️🌈🌴 So YES, I would buy this in a heartbeat and 4 ladies will be able to sign up!
Yepp, only 4. :) That's the number of beds I have left ;) This villa on Bali and it's transformational vibes have changed my life THREE times already, and I'm honored to take you on the journey with me.
I'm having 4 ladies interested already, 
let me know if you want the details once doors open to sign up TODAY. 😱💫🌎 Here’s what you’ll get: >> THE BALI RETREAT, of course! >> MONTHLY GROUP COACHING CALLS >> COACHING, TRAINING, MASTERMINDING >> VIP: 
If you choose to go the VIP route, you will receive an additional 5 monthly coaching sessions (30 minutes) to fully support you, leading up to our Bali retreat together! 
Cannot WAIT to see who's going to join me on this epic 6-month journey!!!
  • Totally giddy here! {enter sound of a clapping seal!} I finally mapped out the exact details, results and payment plans for >> BALI BABES 2020 🌸🌸🌸 - the mastermind climaxing in a 6-day luxury retreat in this villa on Bali in May!
This month I've decided to be fully true to myself, and ONLY sell what I WOULD BUY without a second of doubt and what really creates the level of IMPACT and TRANSFORMATION I want you to have to succeed. (Would you buy your own offer?) I also committed to "deeper connections and transformations", as the whole marketing funnel and launch racing of the last couple months doesn't really inspire me.
I'm inspired by PEOPLE'S transformation, and I honestly can't think of a more exciting way to lead up to the highlight of the year Bali retreat from 20th - 25th May 2020. 🌍☀️🌈🌴 So YES, I would buy this in a heartbeat and 4 ladies will be able to sign up!
Yepp, only 4. :) That's the number of beds I have left ;) This villa on Bali and it's transformational vibes have changed my life THREE times already, and I'm honored to take you on the journey with me.
I'm having 3 ladies interested already, 
let me know if you want the details once doors open to sign up THIS WEEK. 😱💫🌎🔥🌸
  • I found a new “project” for November.
Background: 2 years ago I was really fed up with hours and hours behind my laptop, whilst missing out on all the adventures of our round the world trip.
After a whole month of hustle in October for barely any money (deja-vu 2019 😳), I decided enough is enough. 
I chose the following mantra to live by in November:
I measure my success by how much fun I’m having!
We went to Sandals Resort in the Caribbean, had tons of fun, and... the end of the story is I made $25,000 in November 2017.
So... this October kind of felt wacky as well.
Focusing on funnels, sales, paying my team members doesn’t inspire me. I’m craving real people connections, deeper truth and more meaning.
November 2019 Project:
Being TRUE to yourself and doing the 30 day TRUE yoga challenge with Adriene.
You can follow along on my Instagram stories if you are curious or feel inspired to join!
  • A typical day in the life housesitting an alpaca farm in Australia. 🏡 Who said you can't have a location independent business, travel the world full-time AND live on an alpaca farm?
  • @marieforleo might have just changed my life with this one.
Have you read her new book yet?
  • I was asking for more impact this week.
Online marketing and courses started to feel dreading.
So I was considering the rake the week off and dedicate it to something else.
Ask and you shall receive 😅😍
3 little foster kitties came into our life today. I’m super happy, on purpose, and inspired.
  • Spend the weekend pretty much offline, reconnection with my purpose.
Sometimes within all the doing, we don’t even remember why we’re doing what we’re doing. That’s when it’s time to unplug and remember. 🦄🦙🔥 have a beautiful Sunday!


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