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Private Coaching with Susi

— highest level of VIP support —

After 7 years of extensive coaching experience and working with hundreds of clients all over the world, I’ve seen what makes or breaks business success.

My coaching technique combines NLP and Mindset Psychology, which activates your High Performance Habits, supercharges your energy levels, and helps you feel more confident & clear as you build your business.

Instagram numbers aren’t everything. But YES, we’re going to get you onto the big virtual stages, so you can help more people and make a REAL difference in the world with your stand-out online business.


The Deluxe Mentorship is a 4 months Business and Success Mentoring for Visionaries with Big Goals!

The Deluxe Mentorship is for VIP clients that want to work with me at the closest level.
I fully play in your team as the expert and mentor.
We are in this together, I will know your business inside out, and brainstorm, explore and EXECUTE ideas with you.

You will uplevel your mindset, your offers and your income to absolute Soul Alignment.
The more fun you have, the more money you'll make.
The more certainty you have in your offers, the results you bring into your clients’ lives and your price point, the easier daily cash flow will show up in your life.

And what this is really about, isn’t the money. It’s about IMPACT.

It’s the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE to work whenever and wherever you want,only offer what truly freaking excites you and finally TRUST (instead of frantically freaking out) that you’re on the right path, whilst being of service to others.

An abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

Investment: 4x $2,250 US monthly
Pay in full: $8,000

Price valid for the next 4 clients who book in,
expires 31.12.2022. Will go up to $10,000 afterwards.


This is THE hands-on entry level offer to work with me 1:1.

 The Mini Mentoring is ideal for you if ….

> You don’t have a full-on successful business yet that we could scale to multiple 6-figures
> You are curious to pick my brain and get my expert advice on something you’re currently working on
> You want to learn how to break free from conventions in life and business, and you want MORE for yourself.
> You’re not yet 100% sure if you want to invest into the Deluxe Mentorship (or how to pay for it)
> You have ONE problem you need clarity on and help with.

This offer is fast-paced, and you need to be willing to take fast action to see results in our short period of time together.

This is the most affordable way to work with me directly 1:1, and I’m super excited to give more people the opportunity.

The Mini Mentoring package includes 1x 90 Min deep dive session and 3x 30 Min Follow up session which should be booked 21-30 days after the deep dive session.

Investment: $1,900 US


Get access to one of the following courses for free:
Visibility Queen, Balance & Boundaries or The Abundant Alpaca.

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The Bootcamp you need to make sure you are pricing yourself right and falling in love with selling because you know that you are serving your clients right.

A leadership training for women (and alpacas) who crave to be paid for being THEMSELVES. Become a strong personal brand and do business however the f*ck you want.

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