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Private Coaching with Susi

— highest level of VIP support —

After 7 years of extensive coaching experience and working with hundreds of clients all over the world, I’ve seen what makes or breaks business success.

My coaching technique combines NLP and Mindset Psychology, which activates your High Performance Habits, supercharges your energy levels, and helps you feel more confident & clear as you build your business.

Instagram numbers aren’t everything. But YES, we’re going to get you onto the big virtual stages, so you can help more people and make a REAL difference in the world with your stand-out online business.

Next round: April 2022

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Featured Self-Study Courses

The Bootcamp you need to make sure you are pricing yourself right and falling in love with selling because you know that you are serving your clients right.

A leadership training for women (and alpacas) who crave to be paid for being THEMSELVES. Become a strong personal brand and do business however the f*ck you want.

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