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I hate to break it to you, but if what you’re doing in your business (or life) doesn’t feel good now, it probably never will.

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You’re stuck in an endless loophole of posting, posting, posting and trying to grow your business by doing what you’ve been told you should do, not what you actually want to do. And surprise, surprise, it’s not really working!

You know you’re meant to be your own boss, so you jumped in and started a business...but now it feels more like you’re a burnt-out freelancer, not an awesome and abundant CEO who’s in charge of her own life and kicks butt all day.

You use "being unclear" as an excuse because what you really want is so SCARILY big. So saying that you "don't know" seems so much easier. But what you don’t realize is you’re just creating more of the same fog + analysis paralysis that keeps you from hitting that next level.

You’re making your life and business harder by putting your nose to the grindstone and slaving away as you juggle every piece of your business, instead of putting on your big girl pants and hiring out the things you don’t love, so you can be paid for simply being yourself.

You’re torn between daydreaming about what it is you actually desire and all of the super valid reasons why now isn’t the right time for you to have it.

Misaligned visionaries are often trapped as:

  • Newbie coaches, avoiding to niche down because you don’t want to offend anyone or lose out on potential clients
  • Virtual Assistants, working for [who I want to become one day]
  • 9-5ers, dreaming about your own business but swapping jobs again instead and hoping this one will be the one that lights you up inside (Spoiler alert: it won’t be)
  • Life coaches who blend into the mix, because “who am I to teach about [insert real passion]?"
  • Struggling entrepreneurs + ongoing searchers for the missing piece in their business ("It must be something OUTSIDE of me.")
  • Lifelong students, needing JUST another certification please, before you can really rev up your engines and make it on your own

WHY is it my passion and purpose in life to uplevel misaligned visionaries?

Because I WAS one for many many maaaaany years.
And I suffered for it.

I tried to fit in. I was a good hard worker.

I was great in everything {overachiever} and my "stupid dreams" didn't make any sense.

They were too big. They were too bold. They were unattainable.

I was so committed to providing tons of VALUE that I came up with "3 tips to change your limiting beliefs" and all sorts of (irrelevant) freebies for my audience all the time, instead of creating ones that would actually lead to sales + long-term success.

I was trying to prove my worth in all the wrong places when I could have just accepted that I was a bomb ass coach who deserved everything she wanted and more … and gave myself permission to have it NOW.

I couldn't believe that me being me could totally be enough AND valuable to others, so I was spinning and spinning and spinning the wheel.

What finally snapped me out of the madness and allowed me to go from misaligned visionary to multiple-6-figure brand?

  • Mentors that opened my eyes and showed me my own power
  • A decision every single morning to show up like the leader I was (not only once, but 1,000 times...)
  • Working on my energy, my personal growth and my alignment instead of marketing strategy number 855. Because strategies change, but your truth never goes out of style.
Green Circles





4 months of daily ass-kickery so you can...

• get fully booked in your soulfully aligned business, so you can stop doing the things that feel like

work and start doing the things that feel like play

• work flow-based, let it be EASY strategies that allow you to burn the rules and build the empire
(instead of the daily 10-hour grind!)

drop the bullshit and create offers from your soul (which are much easier to sell anyway, hint hint, nudge nudge!)

• step into explosive abundance and the identity of your next level BADASS self (she’s already within
you. You just have to take off her handcuffs, babe)

Why am I the coach you need to sign up with, like, yesterday?

I am a solution-focused and transformational coach (no kidding, I studied this) and Master NLP practitioner. This means we go deep into the sneaky corners of your brain, so you never sabotage yourself again as you embrace this new identity of a 6-figure business owner and revolutionary leader who serves on a global scale.

Even though I can and will teach you ALL the marketing strategies and blueprints for 5-figure months and 20,000 followers, we will focus on YOUR strengths for your own soul-based marketing. Because that’s where the real magic is hiding.

I’ll admit it, I’m picky. Who can apply to work with me?

Please only apply to work with me 1:1 if you have...

• a service-based business that you're INCREDIBLY passionate about
• already worked with at least 1-2 paying clients
• a MASSIVE hunger to grow, a positive non-victim attitude and you are coachable as well as super
driven to expand and do the daily work
• already decided that you're ready to invest and want to work with me specifically!

lets talk results



  • I'll show you how you can step into the next level version of yourself, so you can act, think and FEEL like a 6-figure business owner and take inspired action as THIS person already.
  • I have invested thousands of $$$ in Coaches, Seminars and  Money Mindset Programs myself, which means you get to skip the line and learn what I’ve learned (without having to spend all your time doing it)
  • I’ll share openly everything I’ve got to change your beliefs, your mindset and your money mindset, so you can smash through the income ceiling you're so sick of looking at. #breakbabybreak
  • Start believing that you are 100% worthy of your dreams and deserve to have ANYTHING you want!
  • Get all my success mindset tools for your powerful daily mindset routine to smash through limits and build up
    your belief (All the major entrepreneurs and celebrities do inner work like this!)


  • If you want to attract your dream clients, you need to get in front of them. We’ll develop your new visibility strategy online so you can build, connect and engage with your tribe every day.
  • Instagram with a vengeance! Grow your account to several thousands of engaged followers who love you, like your posts — and pay you real money for your gifts!
  • Use the magic of Facebook groups to market yourself as a business owner organically (you don’t have to spend a penny on advertising to make this strategy work. And no, I promise these aren’t the same tired strategies they were teaching 3 years ago.)
  • Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing so you can find and book your next paying clients
  • Create your own flow-based content so you can offer massive value to your audience — and lead them to buy from you
  • Get my hacks for re-purposing your content and social media posts so you can use them across platforms (This will save you hours of work!)


  • Drop the bullshit and get paid for being YOU. I'm famous for this: Clients come to me with what they think they "should" do in their business. Guess what! If you hate it, we'll drop it! Period.
  • No more hiding behind a logo or a "pretty story."
  • Be yourself and attract your dream clients exactly with this. Your vulnerability makes you a real person and might be your missing piece to success!
  • Achieve complete clarity on your uniqueness and strengths as a CEO in your business, so you can smash your income goals with feel-good strategies that work for YOU.


  • The Magic happens in between our calls when you take action! You'll get the exact steps to take in your business, not as a blueprint - but in a way that works specifically for YOU.
  • Who to hire, when to hire, and how to hire your dream team
  • Automation and processes for more freedom in your life and business - no more working all day, every day and weekends! This isn't slavery. This is your own baby. Design it intentionally, so it supports your lifestyle.
  • Confidence in the exact steps to take in your business to bring yourself into alignment with your big desires and dreams on a daily basis.

Investment: $12,000 US

If this sounds like a HELL YES to you, apply below and I'll get in touch with all the juicy details and bonuses, my next availability for open spots and next steps to get started!



  • You need to constantly question yourself when you’re thinking YOU CAN'T.
Can you really not?
Invest in this?
Do this?
Risk this?
Talk to Quokkas?
Or could you actually? 
Are you capable?
Do you have a choice?
Unbeatable photo of course. 😂
  • You gotta find something that you care more about than your fear of failure. - @tonyrobbins
  • Current pet sit update:
Piroschka sometimes likes me, sometimes not 😂
It’s like dipping into a life I could really picture for myself as well:
Lovely flat, 50 meters from Bronte Beach 🏖, cute cat and a classic “Sydney couple home”. I get to start my days with an hour long beach walk and a @yogabythesea.australia session, moving and breathing with ocean air.
Then I get to work, cook, read, watch Netflix... it’s the most authentic glimpse of “a normal life” I’ve had for a while.
And yet, what I love most about my life is that I get to reinvent myself every few weeks. That I slip into a new life and a new home so easily. That I get to live in so many different ways.
That I get to have pets even though I don’t have a home.
In 5 days I’m moving to Cairns, with 2 cats, 1 dog and Andy being out of his job, starting to work full-time for me.
A new life every couple of weeks.
How would you like that? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you. 💕
  • Hey hey, I’m back!
I got lots of messages why I turned the comments off on the last post, but there were a lot of “oh that eeevil client of yours” comments that I didn’t want to encourage.
I took a whole weekend off from work and social media and it felt really good.
I’m in the process of launching my 6 weeks live mindset program and I’m stepping away from the classic launch formula and more and more into “just being me” and sharing my life.
I’m aware that the “behind the scenes” and my authenticity is absolutely inspiring to many of you, so I would love to know what you would love to hear more about.
Dirty secrets, what I eat, how my days look like, what I’m struggling with, what I believe about XYZ?
Let me know any question or topic in the comments, can totally NOT be business related, I’d love to share more of my private life. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
  • April has been a business shithole so far.
A client that I loved and trusted came to my Bali retreat - promising to pay an outstanding bill on the last day of the retreat.
She didn’t, and decided to break our contract as well.
It feels a bit like a break up and I felt stupid to trust someone’s word fully and not be rewarded.
On top of that, during my own Manifestation Babe retreat I realized that the way I grew my team to 8 very specific experts, wasn’t serving me.
My fault, not theirs.
But it meant letting go of people that have done an amazing job for me and that did nothing wrong.
I felt responsible for their financial situation, and I didn’t want to disappoint them - but I knew, I had to get over myself and my fear of not being liked.
Sometimes I wish I’d be a tougher cookie in business.
Less emotional.
More prepared for shit going down.
The good news: I never give up. And I know, it’s all happening for the highest good.
How are you handling “emotional” situations in your business?
  • The "holy grail" of success wasn't ONE break through.
It was realizing, that what I do and how I think and how I show up between 6am and 10pm every single day is what makes the difference. "Habits for success".
We get that.
And yet, we want the easy quick-fix.
The abs after one session in the gym.
The $10k launch after doing one live stream.
The thousands of followers after showing up consistently for 5 days.
Most of us get back to "loosing the drive" after not seeing instant gratification.
I'm like that with yoga.
And I'm like that with sports.
I've mastered the success habits of MINDSET, BUSINESS, VISIBILITY and MONEY.
Yoga and exercise will follow,
because it works the exact same way.
If you want to see different RESULTS in your business, who have to stop doing what you're currently doing.
The daily grind that's leading nowhere, because honestly, you're not even sure where you're headed.
More money, more clients, yeah...
But all the things you're doing, don't seem to get you there.
No $10k months yet.
Even though you're posting in Facebook groups daily.
6-figure Mindset Queen will RADICALLY CHANGE your whole life, from 6am to 10pm.
You will change your mindset.
Change your thinking.
Expand your vision of what you think is even POSSIBLE.
You will implement success habit that WORK.
You will KNOW what to focus on and how to make easy decisions towards your goals.
You will take ACTION.
Inspired action.
You will be in flow.
You will RESPOND differently. To things working, to things not working, to clients not paying, to haters and nay-sayers.
YOU will change.
On an identity level.
And then?
That's when your results will shift.
That's when showing up daily becomes easy.
When making sales daily becomes natural.
When feeling GOOD instead of freaked out about money comes into play.
When the RESULTS in your business finally show up.
You're almost there darling!
You are perfect the way you are.
You are on TRACK.
You are in this business for a reason.
Don't give up.
Change your thinking, your habits, your vision, your focus, your actions and your beliefs - and I promise you, you will change your results.
😱 Link in bio.
  • The "holy grail" of success wasn't ONE break through.
It was realizing, that what I do and how I think and how I show up between 6am and 10pm every single day is what makes the difference.
6-figure mindset queen opens tomorrow 🙏
You will change by 180 degrees.
  • Two weeks of house sitting at Bronte Beach, old homie ground 💕⭐️🍀 Andy and I lived close by when we first moved in with each other 3 years ago 😍
It’s good to be back one more time before saying goodbye to Sydney for a while. 🔜 Cairns, Bali, Europe
  • Certainty.
My biggest challenge and my biggest gift.
Choosing certainty isn’t a one time decision. I have to make this choice again and again, every single day.
My default pattern that I grew up with:
“We all have to settle for less and those who have their heads in the clouds will fall eventually.” Sometimes I’m waiting for the fall.
Sometimes I’m scared it’s too good to be true.
Sometimes I worry that one day I’ll go broke in my business and people will celebrate my failure.
They will say “I told you so.” Everything I now go through, will inspire someone in the future.
The good news and what actually DOES give me certainty that my success is inevitable?
I never give up.
I am persistent as fuck.
I wake up with fear and choose certainty all over again.
I get mad at myself for repeating old patterns, and then I forgive myself and choose certainty again.
Repeat after me:
I have no choice but to choose fucking certainty.
My success is inevitable.
I am always on the right path.
This is going to work out.
I have certainty in my success.
Fear and faith are both made up in your mind.
Fear is a total manifestation stopper.
Choose faith.
And again.
And again.
  • Who's up for a FREE Mindset workshop on Zoom this week?
I'll bring the content from my in person workshop that I hosted in Sydney to you... (but you don't have to pay $33, and you don't have to fly to Sydney🙃)
My top 5 Mindset Journaling exercises that I use to...
• manifest more money
• take daily action (no lack of motivation anymore!)
• get crystal clear on what it is I really want
• overcome resistance, staying stuck and self-sabotage
• scale my business to a whole new level
Sign up in my bio to save one of 100 seats.
  • This was our AirBNB in Western Australia for the weekend and it totally made it onto my vision board for property to buy in the future.
The outdoor space, the ocean view, the jacuzzi and just all the BLUE - I need this in my life.
Honestly, buying property hasn’t been our priority so far - we probably have spent the value of a small house whilst traveling around the world for a couple of years, but I would do it like this again and again.
Experiences and personal growth and travel mean so much more to me than “things” and possessions.
And I don’t think I’ll ever aim for the classic home in a village with a white-picket fence.
But I’d love to have 2-3 home bases and properties around the globe. An alpaca farm, the beach penthouse in Western Australia and maybe a houseboat in Holland.
What’s your dream home?
  • Seems like impatience is my biggest gift 🎁
I just got another message from a follower who would love to work with me - maybe next year she’s ready.
Honestly, give me some of your patience.
Next year I want to run a 7-figure company, publish books and buy property.
I will double my prices and I will work with clients who want to create what I have created.
So honestly, I might be hard to catch for anyone who’s „maybe ready to take their business to the next level in 2020.“ Nothing will be different next year, apart from you killing your soul with waiting for later, for more money, more knowledge, more safety.
Why I’m so passionate about this topic?
Because I was „saving up“ for my round the world trip for JUST another year... and another year... and then waited for the right timing... but then got a new job...
The problem is, there are others who are just confident to go.
Thanks to that!
For me, it was a girl in my job that made me pull the trigger and say “Enough is enough”. I just came back to work from another holiday, tossing and turning over the question if NOW is the right time to quit my job and leave Germany.
But no, just another year, just a bit more savings, just a bit more selling my soul... I decided to wait another year. 
Monday morning in the office:
Daniela quits her job to travel to Nicaragua for 6 months.
And I loved that, but the same time I thought “Wait, what??? Just like that?
How come I’ve been talking about this for 12 years and she’s just DOING it?” That’s when I knew I can’t wait. Because others just do it, whilst I’m waiting for another day. Most people even had much less savings than I did.
That’s when I realized:
Your ability to take risks and to go for your dreams, has nothing to do with your bank account.
It’s a character trait that I didn’t have, but that can be learned.
It’s not found within your comfort and safety zone, nor will you find a super fast growing business there.
If you want it, get it NOW.
If you want to work with me, do it NOW.
If you want to risk all your money with a new business venture, do it NOW.
If you’re done selling your soul, change things NOW.


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