Hello, future Abundant Alpaca!

This is THE online program to be in if you've bought other business courses before and following this structure is boring you out of your mind and you never follow through (or even finish the course).


Are you ready to become an Abundant Alpaca?

Why people love Abundant Alpaca!

How to do business however the f*ck you want.

Do you remember when you were a freshie in the online world? Naive, clueless, but kind of... hopeful, driven, with lots of wonderful ideas. Unbiased. Fresh. Open-minded.

And then we decide to learn and grow and sign up for freebies and courses, to become smarter. To figure out how others make this whole online business thing work.


Until a moment later, we don't even remember who we really are, after all this advice on who we should be.

They tell you to pick a niche. And from there on, to do everything and write every single word for your niche.

They tell you to pick a title. And by that, they mean "Freedom Lifestyle Coach for female entrepreneurs" as if that's really helping anyone to understand what you do.
...."I help XYZ to do XYZ so they can XYZ".... [famous coaching template...]

They tell you to provide lots of value and that you should be posting in random Facebook groups.

You even go into their "paid offers" thread, sharing your 6-week coaching package in comment number 235 - and yep, nobody even signs up for a Discovery Call.


And then you should do THIS, and THAT and offer plenty of free coaching and start an email list and build a funnel and raise your prices, even though nobody buys... And people "should" all over you all the time.

Guess what?

Mastering business and becoming a brand that people want to buy from all the time has NOTHING - oh let me repeat that one, NOTHING to do with any of these.

What you really want?

Clients who are LOYAL to you.

Who don't even care what you're offering next, they can't WAIT to sign up.

Because of you and your brand and how you're showing up.

Because they want to be like you, make an impact like you, live a lifestyle like you.

You inspire the f*ck out of them.

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Social proof about Abundant Alpaca!

Which brings you to the ultimate freedom in business:

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Getting paid for being you and doing business however the f*ck you want

  • I offered a client to meet me for an in-person VIP day in Bali within a $15,000 package and she said YES, and booked her ticket.
  • I spontaneously decided to run my first retreat on Bali in 2018, do some yoga and coaching in a luxury villa, and it was fully booked after 2 weeks, without a sales page.
  • I decided to host a group event in Germany - and hadn't even thought about the content yet when 20 people asked me how to sign up.

Nobody cared about what we're even going to cover!
Everybody trusted that it's going to be awesome and valuable and that they didn't even want to know the outcomes and features and results!

That's what you really want to create!

A course called "Abundant Alpaca" ? Does this even make sense?

It doesn't matter. I love it, and my people will love it, and sign up!

People buy your energy. People buy You.

Abundant Alpaca Feedback
Abundant Alpaca Feedback Frederrique

So here's my bestselling program for you:


A leadership training for women (and alpacas) who crave to be paid for being THEMSELVES


Imagine YOU becoming this confident version of you, who is ready to lead, ready to help hundreds of people and trusts in the value of WHATEVER you do.


Imagine YOU not giving a f*ck about any of the smart expert advice out there, because you know best how to run your successful and meaningful passion-based business.


Imagine your audience saying You could offer a course in popcorn making next - I'd still buy it!"

AA - Grace - April 21
AA - Alla - April 21

What you'll get inside:

Become a strong personal brand {and you can do whatever you want.}

Find the value of being you. Your biggest gifts are probably those you are taking for granted.

People follow LEADERS. This doesn’t work without you showing up as a leader and developing a strong leadership mindset.

Authenticity always wins.

With CERTAINTY and CONVICTION, you can run your business however you want.

“The marketing gap”- How to always know how to market yourself {without getting lost in the sea of expert advice}

Mosaic entrepreneurship for multi-passionate alpacas and unicorns

You ARE your business. BE your business. You grow = your business grows.

Burn the rules. Write your own.

Find the balance between modeling and taking advice from others & doing your own f*cking thing

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Alpaca 2

Training 1:

Being unapologetically YOU. How to become an Abundant Alpaca.

Training 2:

Drop the "Shoulds" - once and for all.

Training 3:

The Mindset of an Abundant Alpaca - How to really show up from confidence and faith.

Training 4:

Know, Like and Trust - How to position yourself as a leader who can sell whatever you want.

Training 5:

How to break through the self-sabotaging pattern of the “idea generator” and bring your multi-passionate business vision to life as a personal brand

Training 6:

Abundant Alpaca Daily Habits

Training 7:

People buy your Energy - How to leverage your most important good.

Training 8:

Accessing your CORE from the inside out

Training 9:

Find the balance between modeling mentors vs. doing your own f*cking thing.

Training 10:

How to monetize being you / Where does the moolah come from?

Training 11:

How to change a belief and TRULY ACT like an Abundant Alpaca now.

Training 12:

Abundant Alpaca Content Marketing and Selling

Training 13:

How to prepare your paid content within 5 minutes, because you just KNOW who you are and what value you're sharing.

Training 14:

Abundant Alpaca Graduation: Final Reflection and Q&A session

AA - Charlotte- April 21
AA - Karin- April 21

Become a leader who can teach whatever, because people love your energy!


This requires YOU to change, to show up, to fully expand your fullest potential, and become the kind of person people love to follow, trust and buy from.

Repeat after me:

Sapa 4

Are you ready to become an Abundant Alpaca?


How does it work?

I promise you, during this program you will receive and learn everything I know about becoming a personal brand, so you can do, be and sell whatever you want.


  • Powerful & energy-loaded trainings, where we will cover the ins and outs of building a money-making business on your own terms
  • Audio trainings and recordings (there's a whole bunch of awesome extras waiting for you!)
  • Journaling and mindset work with specific prompts, guiding you through the process of thinking and acting like an abundant alpaca and authority
  • Bonuses and whatever else I deem helpful for you to grow and expand

You will receive 2-4 trainings per week!


You will receive lifetime access to all content, which will be provided in our exclusive membership website.

Testimonial Andreah

Time to let other alpacas talk:

Frequently Asked Questions

Alpaca Photo Ellye

Hi, I'm Susi!

I'm an internationally established Mindset and Business coach and the founder of Dreamlifedeluxe.com

After 7 months in business, I quit my job and my apartment in Sydney to set off on a never-ending round-the-world trip in May 2017. (That's after I moved from Germany to Australia... long story)

I focus on empowering women around the globe to create the impact, income and business that allows them to live life on their own terms.

Why? So they can become the most authentic version of themselves, eliminate the make-believe boundaries, and create the true freedom they've been craving.