Everything would be awesome, if it wasn’t so hard to keep up the balance & to stand up for your own boundaries.

Which one are you?

Person A:

  • Productivy Ninja.
  • Hard working.
  • Gets shit done.
  • Works too much.
  • Never has silence in her brain.
  • Checks her phone first thing in the morning.
  • Feels guilty when taking time off.
  • Never feels like she’s been “doing enough”.
  • Struggles with filling her cup first.
  • Has “no time” for fun or journaling.
  • Takes life and business too serious.

Person B:

  • Creative flowy person.
  • Doesn’t get shit done - I mean, at least not as much as she wants.
  • Is in alignment, but not always productive.
  • Overwhelmed with prioritizing all the business tasks.
  • Not sure what to focus on first.
  • Not disciplined (in her own eyes).
  • Comparing herself with the progress of others and feeling like a snail.
  • Too nice, too soft, shitty boundaries because you want to be everybody’s darling. People pleaser.
  • Acts like a girlfriend instead of a business owner.

If you want to master a better balance and outstanding boundaries, either whilst you’re juggling your 9-5 and building your business or whilst you’re working online whilst traveling the world full-time... I have some experiences for you.

Does your family not get you, and it kind of gets TO you?

Attracting people who aren’t committed? Who “want to work with you someday”?

Or even worse - nightmare clients that make you wanna pull your hair out and totally don't respect your boundaries?

What about refund requests and clients who pay late, did you enter this area of business fun yet?

Oh and what about yourself... How are you sticking to your own commitments and rules, like not checking your phone first thing in the morning?

It's time to step up the game!

This course gathers everything I've learned to efficiently balance life, travel and running your online business whilst staying sane.

See for yourself if you [HECK YES] need this type of training:

MODULE 1: The work-life balance toolbox

- How to balance work, free time, travel, personal growth and learning?
- How to be in flow AND get shit done?
- Kill the free time guilt. How to enjoy your time off, whilst there’s still so much to do.
- How many rules do you need? Self-discipline and limiting your work hours.
- The 4 major work-life states you have to juggle

MODULE 2: Efficiency Ninja - get shit done in little time

- How to structure your week, your day, your life to stay sane and get shit done.
- Daily biz babe routines (mindset, business, free time)
- Results driven weekly planning and your ONE thing in business and in recreation
- Success list instead of to do list: What really moves the NEEDLE?
- Creation time vs. reaction time
- How to focus on what really matters, so you can run your 6-figure business in 4 hours a day or less.

MODULE 3: Travel days and “Busy with life” days - When your daily routine falls apart

- How to stay afloat when your daily routine gets kicked in the curb
- How to handle the missing routine whilst traveling.
- Mindset work in hotel rooms or planes? Here’s how!
- Efficient business management of travel days: How to run the show in 60 minutes per day.
- Your quick & dirty morning routine for travel days
- How to be Zen as fuck: The worst thing about things falling apart is that you think they shouldn’t.

MODULE 4: Boundaries with others (energy vampires, clients, family and people who don’t GET it)

- Family Boundaries. What if family doesn’t GET you?
- When someone doesn’t accept your “work hours” because you’re “just sitting” at home.
- How to let go of team members, clients, followers and people that don’t serve you.
- How to let go of your own expectations, that don’t serve you.
- How to respond to people who don’t value your time, don’t respect your boundaries, don’t show up for calls or want to work with you “someday”.

MODULE 5: Boundaries with yourself - the art of self discipline.

- Saying NO means saying YES.
- How to let go of things and clients that don’t serve you EVEN when you need the money.
- Self discipline and accountability. How do you do what needs to get done?
- How to unplug when you can work from anywhere and anytime to ensure you’re not becoming a slave of your own freedom.
- Allowing yourself to explore and travel, instead of hiding behind your laptop.
- Free time boundaries: What’s non-negotiable to make sure you’re having fun and feel great?

MODULE 6: Kickass Action & Alignment: Balancing masculine and feminine energy

- How to get your intuition on board, and stay connected with your soul
- Stopping the comparison game and leaving the online bubble (Digital detox and boundaries)
- How to be in flow AND get shit done?
- “The more fun I have the more money I make” - how to make this true for yourself.
- My mindset process that combines intuitive connection with kick ass action.
- How to balance affirmations / manifestation / staring at your vision board and taking massive action that moves the needle

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  • 6 kick-ass modules, released over a 3 week time-frame, covering all of the outlined content as well as all my own lessons and stories

  • Life-time access to unlimited replays and exclusive access to your private membership dashboard

  • Facebook community to support each other and get feedback from other like-minded biz babes on your personal struggles with boundaries {"How do I handle THIS situation?"}

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