Are you posting almost every single day in Facebook groups,
but you hate to admit that you're hearing crickets?


"Value posts" are driving you crazy, as you're really doing your best,
but no-one seems to see the value?


Or are you not even showing up daily -
'cause what should you be talking about that other people would care about or actually make them buy from you?

I won't even dare telling you the lame "I've been there" story, because I haven't.

One of my first posts in 2016 went viral and got 4,500 likes.

Viral Post

Afterwards I had a Facebook group with 350 people on the first day of opening it - and before I even had anything to offer or sell in my business. I was still figuring out my message.

People have been wanting to connect with me, follow me, learn from me, buy from me ever since.


(Not that I mind my bikini body, but if I would have expected this post to blow up so massively, maybe I would have chosen another photo of myself 😂)

I hate to break it to you, but if no-one engages with your content...

...your problem is not the algorithm.

The problem is your content. 😱

I know, things have gotten harder.
Because every Business Coach is teaching everyone the same thing:

"Post value posts in Facebook groups."

And in all the "value post value post value post" soup, here's what happens:

Post 1:
Newbie Coach telling you how YOU can turn your life around with these 3 "mind-blowing" value tips, which are so incredibly not-deep that no, your life won't change from reading this.


Post 3:
Coach telling you 3 tips to be more mindful. Sign up here, to become even MORE mindful.


Post 2:
Pinterest manager asking "What are your struggles with Pinterest?" in hope of finding a desperate potential client.


Post 4:
Coach telling you that you can become wealthy, you just have to change your money mindset - and you can do so, by signing up for the ultimate wealth mastermind, which this coach has just created to pay thier own overdue bills. 🙄

C'mon, be honest with me, do you even read through this "soup of same" in your newsfeed yourself?

Engagement 1
Engagement 2

Creating outstanding content is harder than ever before.

And yet, it is STILL your key to create a massive following, build an audience of raving fans, AND sell out your offers with ease.

Content Marketing is Free Marketing!

Creating one stand-out post can make you $10,000 TODAY.
Creating another 200 "professional" but lame posts, won't do much for you.

OK, let me get to the point here:

I have absolutely epic women in my audience!
I know them from programs, 1:1 coaching or meeting them at my in person events, and they are AWESOME, doing absolutely impactful work!

I know your work is on fire, needed, worthy of massive compensation!

Then I read your posts and I almost fall asleep. 😴
And I HATE this!


I really WANT you to shine your light,
stand out,
get tons of engagement,
reach people with your message,
have an overflowing inbox,
find paying clients,
have it easy,
create from flow everyday
and create content that converts into money flow for you!

Social Proof 4

So, here's what I've made for you:

I first wanted to release this as a 14 Day Intensive, but realized quickly that I have way too much content and bonuses for that!
So it's going to be a 3 Week Self-Study Program, to make you a standout unicorn on social media and turn your content into cash.

What you'll get:

The core of this self-study program are three weekly in-depth video Trainings with Susi


"How to stand out ⭐️ in times when everybody is trying to stand out
& get massive levels 🚀 of engagement"


Fast as f*ck 🐌 -
How to create daily flow-based content, without spending 3 hours a day on your laptop 💻


Dare to be seen. 🎥
How to show up fully and boldly 🔥, without worrying about haters, naysayers, and people who just don't get it.



Access to my Content Marketing Calendar template on Trello -


So you can make re-purposing and outsourcing to your social media manager the easiest thing in the world.

Trello Template
Day 1-4

Access to my bestselling course "Content Bootcamp", which was recorded in 2017 and 2018 and sold for $777.

It includes 6 deep-dive video trainings (5+ hours of fast-paced & efficient content) and 4 workbooks, and dives deep into Facebook, Instagram and Content Marketing strategies.



Content Bootcamp Testimonial Nicole
Engagement 4
Annika Testi


Testimonial Content Bootcamp

"Ok, stop talking Susi, you just gave me a $777 bonus within a $349 course."


Access to the exact (no bullshit and no bots) Instagram strategy I used to grow my account from 200 to 25,000 followers within 2 years.

PLUS: Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet with 30 hashtags to copy paste for

  • Life Coaches
  • Digital Nomad Girls
  • Female travelers & Travel bloggers
  • Girl Bosses

Guided Visibility Hypnosis, to get your subconscious mind on board with your missions, so you can stop self-sabotaging out of fear of being seen and show up fully and boldly.

It is safe for you to be seen.
It is safe for you to go big.
It is safe for you to dare greatly.

I Believe In You & Your Message...

We’ll master the ins and outs of authentic content marketing without having to spend money on Facebook ads.


YOU just have to show up and create content - so your clients can find you with EASE and hire you!

It's time for you to create epic content that converts into followers, fans and money flow!

Social proof 2


Sign up for Content Queen VIP and on top of the 21 day program you will receive:

  •  1x 60 min Coaching Session with Susi
    - 💰 Valued $900


  • 1x Individual Content Audit (That's me, reviewing your social media accounts on a video recording with lots of valuable feedback and content suggestions)
    - 💰 Valued $300

VIP Investment: $949

Regular Investment: $349