Case Study: How Rebecca quit her 9-5 job

Rebecca 6fmq

"I (finally!) quit my 9-5 job!"

"I came out of this program with full confidence in myself and my ability to succeed."

Before 6-figure Mindset:

Rebecca is an NLP and Business Coach and joined 6-figure Mindset whilst she was still working in her 9-5. She felt like there must be some "big secret" separating her from 6-figure coaches and entrepreneurs.

Other symptoms and struggles:

  • Shiny object syndrome - doing all the things, but not the right things
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Feeling uncomfortable selling and promoting

After 6-figure Mindset:

Rebecca took the leap and quit her 9-5 job to pursue her business full-time.
Right after making that decision, new business opportunities and clients started showing up. [That happens when you say YES to yourself!]

  • She no longer has “shiny object syndrome” or gets distracted by other people’s offers.
    Instead, she is able to choose how she invests in her personal and business growth from a place of empowerment - not scarcity.
  • She no longer feels like an imposter because she is now creating programs and content in alignment with her real desires and skills - not out of fear or a feeling that she has to do things a certain way.
  • She also emphasizes that she is more excited than ever to hop on discovery calls - which used to completely terrify her! Now Rebecca is selling and promoting her offers with confidence.

The HOW/During 6-figure Mindset:

During this program, Rebecca finally realized that there’s truly no “secret” - She is capable of the same income and impact! She also says:

  • I take responsibility for my energy and know what I need to do to shift out of negative feelings.
  • I have a mindset routine that helps me to feel motivated and excited.
  • I’ve developed a habit of morning journaling and content creation instead of wasting so much time scrolling Facebook/Instagram and feeling discouraged.

"This program taught me how to take my mindset work and turn it into action steps. We went really deep into 6-figure habits and learning how to take the action that will change your results."

"The sense of community, support, and motivation inside 6-figure mindset is phenomenal!"

During 6-figure Mindset, Rebecca was completely immersed and doing the mindset work consistently every single day, which had often been a struggle for her before.

But this program is truly not just about changing your mindset. It’s not just about journaling every day and expecting things to change.

6-figure Mindset taught Rebecca how to take that mindset work and turn it into action steps. We went really deep into 6-figure habits and learning how to take the action that will change her results.

"It’s all about creating daily habits that support the mindset and growth that you want to have."

What Rebecca says herself:

One of my favorite exercises that I continue to use regularly is the "Ideal Budget Exercise." This has completely transformed the way I think about my financial goals and plan for my business growth.

I’ve been using this to set my long-term and short-term goals because it helps me to clarify exactly what I need and what I desire, rather than choosing arbitrary goals just because it’s what I see other people doing.

"Getting to the next level requires shifting your mindset, habits, and actions to embody the 6-figure version of yourself. So, I think one of my biggest takeaways from the program is fully knowing how to think and act like a 6-figure business owner RIGHT NOW."

Rebecca Richards, Identity + Business Coach

Are you ready to transform your mindset and business like Rebecca?