Case Study: How Ruth went from wishy washy to a 15K month!

Ruth sowter

"Once I felt confident in EXACTLY what I needed to do in my business, I had my first ever $15k month."

Ruth is a Sex and Relationship Coach. She works with singles and couples and helps them to create the sex and relationships they desire.

Before 6-figure Mindset:

Ruth had done a lot of mindset work already, and wasn't sure if she needed another $2,000 program. She's been working hard, was

undercharging, and didn't really identify with being a successful CEO. She describes herself at this time as "a ‘hopeful’ who thought I knew what I needed to do but really didn’t!"

After 6-figure Mindset:

  • Ruth now feels confident in what she does. In her daily actions in business she's showing up like a business owner who is working "on" the business instead of "in" the business.
  • She now believes in her worth and her offers, raised per prices and created her first $15k month.
  • She's been booked out for well over a year.
  • She always starts the day with self care and getting her mindset aligned - usually during a 1-2 hours morning routine. This sets her up to show up for the day the way she wants to.

The HOW:

Ruth had to step into the 6-figure CEO version of herself. Once she closed the gap between who she wanted to be and how she was showing up instead, things started to fall into place in her business.
She finally took herself and her business seriously, and stopped treating it like a "nice hobby" or side hustle.
She changed her mindset around selling, serving and showing up boldly, overcame her worries of judgement from family and old school friends (hellooo... are you posting about sex all day?) and her business became easier. Sales started to flow. Waitlists were filled. Rates were raised. Personal items and business investments had to be upgraded to play a bigger game. Ruth started to think, act and earn like someone with a seriously successful business.

What Ruth says herself:

"After I changed my mindset EVERYTHING changed. I hadn’t realised what a huge gap there was between what I wanted for my business and life and my actions and the mindset journalling really helped me see that and adjust my habits.

I did mindset work every single day and I had some massive breakthroughs as well as gradual shifts. I started taking myself more seriously and that helped me know my worth for sure and as that happened, my business became easier and sales started to flow."

Are you ready to transform your mindset and your life like Ruth?