Soul Guidance Self Study Program

We are all born as intuitive beings with the same intuitive abilities, but over time the ego muffled intuition’s quiet and dulcet tones.

Tuning back into your intuition just requires faith and a little practice.
There is not a single soul on this planet that knows you better than you.

It's time to remember what you always knew.

What you'll get in this program:

6 video training modules from soul guidance FOR soul guidance.
The trainings are between 30 - 70 minutes long.


Module 1: The gift of knowing what your soul DOESN'T want.


Module 3: When you don’t „feel like it“, it’s just about showing up.
How to be a living example of your own soul's guidance.


Module 5: Trust and Follow through. How to act from soul guidance.


Module 2: How would your SOUL [REALLY] want to DO things?


Module 4: All my hands on TOOLS to connect with your soul’s guidance


Module 6: "Who do I need to BE to live this soul vision?"

You are DONE with all the clutter and noise of the online world.
You are ready to find the answers within, to trust, and to do business the intuitive and soul aligned way.


"Soul Guidance" - The experimental course to ditch the rules and act based on your soul's guidance.

Join SOUL GUIDANCE now for only $88.

You will get immediate access to all modules and bonuses.

What others say within the Soul Guidance program:

“I admire you for this! I have a lot of ideas, then I start second guessing myself… I begin to think that I am not that good of a teacher to actually build a course on a specific topic.... and then I do not take action!... -- Alice Z.

...Thank you for speaking to my heart!” -- Alice Z.

“I love this approach” -- Michelle W.

“omfg YES...THANK YOU, totally needing this. It's not about ME it's about OTHERS and my MISSION” -- Tristan S.

“Excellent journal prompt as the month ends and I'm reflecting on the next steps!” -- S.

“Thanks a billions for sharing your beautiful energy and magic! You are an incredibly beautiful soul! <3” -- Lena T.

“It's been a wonderful tool, I've really enjoyed it, and it's priced just right“ -- Debbie D

“Ordered! Love being a part of this experimental course, and I’m 100% aligned with its purpose. Exactly where I am right now. Slightly behind, but I will be doing Module 1 this week. Thank you for serving and shining your light” -- Karen Louise E.

“Susi Kaeufer, thank you for another fairy story! You are so strong and so real! Despite everything, though, you keep growing and doing everything you want to achieve in your life!
Keep going Fairy and don’t let anyone stop you on the way Dream big and your soul will take you to your dreams. You inspire me so much!
-- Desi K.


Want to make the most out of this course?

I have created two extra add-ons for you!

The exclusive
Soul Guidance Hypnosis

susi kaeufer mindset affirmations audio

This is a self-hypnosis audio file, which works like a guided meditation.
During this hypnosis we will program your subconscious mind to connect with your intuition and inner knowing, based on soul guidance.

The additional


Join SOUL GUIDANCE now for only $88.

You will get immediate access to all modules and bonuses.