3 Things I’ve Learned From NLP and Hypnonsis

I remember when I was working with my coach Kathrin Zenkina for the first time, during a 1:1 session in her retreat in Bali, this year in April.

3 things I've learned from nlp and hpnosis

Kathrin is a Master NLP Practitioner and the coaching session wasn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced before.

I honestly felt like I got “coached properly” for the first time ever, everything else was only “business consulting” from people who one day decided to be a coach, but didn’t have any specific qualification.

Kathrin showed me, how often I used the words “problem” and “I struggle with…” and how this created my exact reality. {One where I felt like “I’m struggling”, even though my life looked like I’m having the jackpot and everything is EASY.}

NLP and hypnosis changed my life!

I decided on that day in Bali, that I will learn NLP and hypnosis and bring it into my coaching.

8 months and $8,000 later, I’m a Master NLP Practitioner myself.

(Decide, believe it, get things done!!)

At first, my motivation was mainly to become a better coach.

To work not only on a conscious level but on a subconscious level with my clients – because only working on the tip of the iceberg means only 10% really changes. That’s why people fall back into old behaviours again.

That’s why I had successful testimonials, but one year later they were back on the struggle bus.

That was the wish.
What I GOT was something much deeper, profound and life-changing.
NLP showed me that I can be anything I have ever wanted because all labels are actually just processes.

Here’s what I personally learned during the weeks of intense training:

Learnings from my Master NLP practitioner and how to split a wooden board with your hands.

1. Certainty makes or breaks if we can achieve something.

At the end of my course, I smashed through a wooden board with my hand.
Because I knew I can.

There have been other participants, and you could see their doubt. They didn’t break the board – because they weren’t sure if they can.This is a metaphor, but only now have I realised how this applies to everything else in my life.

As I SO believe in this, I’ve recorded a hypnosis for more certainty for myself. You can have it.
Simply relax and use it like a guided meditation.

I’m going to release this as an opt-in soon, but still, need to set up the funnel.
But hey, it’s ready and it can be life changing, so tune into it right now as a gift from my heart!

2. I am responsible for all my results – but not for every trauma in this world

Have you ever heard or learned that we create E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in our lives?
It’s one of the main pillars of the teaching of the Law of attraction.
As much as I believed this already, I was struggling with some ideas here.

What about my best friend getting cancer? Am I responsible for that?
What about the car accident, did I really subconsciously attract this?
What about women getting raped… are they really responsible for what happened to them?

Big fat NO!
NLP helped me understand this concept SO much better.
You are NOT responsible for every trauma, accident, and illness that’s happening around you.

You ARE responsible for your thoughts, reactions, and emotions.
The meaning we give to things.
That, and only that is in your own power.
Which is a huge relief.

You didn’t create the traffic jam this morning,
but what is YOUR contribution to the problem (e.g. of being late)?

3. Self-referencing doesn’t help.

Self-reference means projecting your own perception onto others and expect them to match your expectations. (guaranteed set up for disappointment)

For example:
I see a lot of things I disagree with on social media, even a lot of people who trigger or annoy me.
I always scroll past.
I would never say something mean.

So… in the past, I just “didn’t get it” when others gave me shit online, or said something mean, or doubted if I really earn any money online.
I didn’t understand them.
Why bringing others down? Why bringing ME down?

You will be angry a lot if you expect others to think and act like you.
If you expect the world to be fair.

Here are the only 2 questions I choose to ask myself now:
– How can we encourage or inspire better behaviour in others?
– What’s my own most useful response to this?

I know many of you have been following along and a super curious about learning more about NLP and hypnosis.
This is the ONE time where I wouldn’t recommend an online training.
You want to learn this in person, you want to be NLPd and hypnotised by your trainer, to experience the immense shifts yourself.

It’s very easy for me to be passionate about it, because I’ve seen it.
I’ve experienced it.

I hope you love the hypnosis audio, give me some feedback if you like!

Author bio for Susi Kaeufer, Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for women entrepreneurs

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