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I've done the whole CANVA self-learning graphic design journey. Oh I should probably dig out my very first group header {that would be fun!} and show you.

Hours of work.
And... sorry Susi, it still looked like shit.

I mean, I tried. Hard.
I really did my best with the free resources out there.


the Canva header, with the Playlist Script font, together with your 54 followers, scream #newbie #makesnomoney #hasnoclue 😲😲😲

We all start somewhere. And I honour you for imperfect action.

But there is a time in every business (That's the time when you are REALLY ready for consistent income!), where you don't want to look like you started yesterday, for free, on Canva anymore.
With 54 followers.


Here are my top 5 suggestions for investments, if you want to make $5,000 or more each month:


1️⃣ Get some professional photos.

I recommend Derek Simpson, who not only shoots all my retreats but also was my very first brand photographer.

[If you're coming to my Bali retreat, you will have a personal branding shoot with him in our luxury villa!]

You can go to a local studio as well.
$300 - $500 well invested.

{I don't mind selfies and real-life pictures! I love to mix it up. But I really value my studio photos for my website and headers}.

2️⃣ Make investments with a Visibility Queen OR a 1:1 mentor

...who can help you to get visible, create outstanding content and get in front of many more people

...(so your client flow never runs out, because you're consistently growing your audience)

I am not saying that it's all about numbers.
Buying fake followers doesn't do you any favour.

But if you want big impact, more than 21 people need to see your content.

Here's my self-study program:

3️⃣ A professional website.

You can get those relatively cheap.
I've done the whole "building it on SquareSpace myself" drama.

Don't do it 😂

It's sooooo much work and still doesn't look awesome.

People who can help you who I highly recommend are Carol Hampshire (Ask her about her one-pager offer) and Carly Schroeder.

4️⃣ A graphic designer for your MOST important graphics.

I started with then hired Ivie Albrecht.
I can also recommend Kristin Rappaport.

5️⃣ Say bye-bye to Mailchimp and any other software you're using

...because you're scared to pay $30 per month.
Those are great to start out.
And hit their ceiling when it comes to scaling your business to 6-figures.

I switched from MailChimp to Convertkit,
from whatever free landing page provider I was scrapping around with to Clickfunnels,
and from Calendly to Acuity Scheduling.
I also said goodbye to Skype and signed up with Zoom. Great investments for programs.

I'm now going to go search some of my first graphics, to add them to this post 😂.

We all start somewhere.

But most people stay there too long.

Time for some traction, baby!

Make some investments to further develop your brand and business.

PS: I decided to give all VIP Visibility Queens and 1:1 Clients access to my graphic designer.

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