How To Beat The Algorithm

You think FB doesn’t like you? Your posts get shown to only a hand full of people – and you’re really good at blaming your social media lame (not fame…) on the algorithm.

Here’s the thing:

Facebook is spending a LOT of money and research on improving the lgorithm. They try to send RELEVANT posts to every single user, so people spend more time on Facebook.

how to beat the algorithm

Your problem isn’t the algorithm.

Your problem is that you’re NOT relevant.

When GaryVee shares his 10 videos per day with his 5 million followers, Facebook picks up how people re-share, comment, engage – and without reading the post or watching the video, Facebook thinks “Must be good stuff! Let’s show it to more people.” Facebook LOVES GaryVee. Facebook LOVES people who create engagement and FREE content so people hang out more on Facebook. Facebook LOVES people who watch video content, because they help them have people watch videos on acebook, not YouTube or Netflix.

Facebook is your FRIEND, not your enemy.

{Change THAT belief and everything will change. I am SO grateful for acebook and all the opportunities it gave me to build a 6-figure online usiness completely for FREE.}

Let’s say Facebook sees that you are posting on your business page with 67 followers. It’s going to push the post to a bit less than 10% for free for you… so that’s maybe 5 people. Those 5 people scroll past – don’t like, don’t share, don’t comment – because your content just doesn’t stand out on their cluttered newsfeed – and that’s IT!

You’re doomed.

Nobody else will see this post if you don’t pay ad money on it. Facebook’s algorithm picked up that this content doesn’t seem to blow people’s mind – and they do the smart thing, they stop pushing it to more people who won’t care, because Facebook doesn’t want to bore its audience.

Now what’s the REAL problem here?

And most people don’t get it.

They sit there and complain about the new changes of the algorithm. 

YES, they are getting better and better with this algorithm thing – so it will be harder to “trick” it. Just asking your mum to like your posts won’t make Facebook go “Ooooh hangon, there’s something we should really push to more people.”



Becoming a person that’s worth following is YOUR job!

It’s never going to happen otherwise!

Facebook will never wake up one morning and think:

“Oh – today let’s really support all the brand new health coaches with less than 100 followers to get their free health tips in front of thousands of eyes.”  #yeeeah

Still waiting for that day? Good luck.

Now how come that some people don’t seem to have a problem with the 

Did they sleep with someone at Facebook headquarter? (UUUUUH I’M ON FIRE BABY….)


They go viral, they produce very very regular video content (Did I mention the 10 videos per day from GaryVee?), they create content that gets re-shared like crazy.

Yes, that means lots of cat videos!

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is a big fan of cute animal videos?

He doesn’t care.

They do what the audience wants.

So HOW can you become a relevant person to follow?

I don’t believe in “3 tips to beat the algorithm”, so I’ll simply share with you why the algorithm works very well for me – and you take what resonates and makes sense to you, OK?

1. I actively work on becoming a more valuable person every single day – since 2 years.

I spend on average 2 hours per day to do my mindset work, which is 60 hours per month. On top of that you can throw in several 60+ hr seminars – me becoming a Master NLP practitioner, me walking on fire with Tony Robbins, me investing $5,000 into my Date with Destiny ticket.

That means, I’m probably 1,690 hours and $40,000 ahead of you when it comes to doing the inner work. When it comes to personal growth. When it comes to learning how to influence people to get moving and change their lives.

I LIVE for this stuff. I’m not faking this. I walk my talk. And Facebook knows it.

And if you still think this isn’t relevant, you will never get it. You can hop off now.

2.  I have a massive desire to be DIFFERENT and real.

I create stuff that people engage with.

And I do NOT mean fake engagement questions like “What do you like to do to take a break during your work day?” or “What colour are your pyjamas?”

That’s you trying to outsmart the system by asking non-sense. If you think that’s what’s making you a thought leader who is worth following, good luck.

My posts don’t go viral because I’m smarter than you.

I just don’t spend any time posting what everybody else is posting. In fact, I HATE doing what everybody else is doing. I don’t even know anymore, if deep down I would love to start a podcast or not, I just don’t wanna start one because EVERYONE is starting one right now.

“Being “normal” and like everybody else” is a massive childhood trauma to me.

I despise it like nothing else.

I got pink hair when I was 7. 

I hate to fit in.

I hate to keep it down.

Which is one of my biggest strengths online.

Being different is what makes you stand out.

In society just as much as on social media.

The punks and freaks and mega authentic people will rule the newsfeed.

Be one of them.

3. I walk my talk.

And that’s why “being me” is absolutely and 100% enough to be relevant for the Facebook algorithm.

I teach “visibility” online and people listen to me, because they see me online. They see my daily Livestream and read SOME of my daily posts. Trust me, there’s still the algorithm. But instead of complaining that Facebook doesn’t push my one message to the whole world for free, I share more. I teach “mindset” online and people see, how fast I uplevel myself. They see that I grow into the next level every 8-12 weeks. If you’ve missed out on my journey for a year, you probably won’t recognise me anymore.

People see it, and people want it for themselves.
I show my “full-time travel life” the way it is.
Who wants to vomit when they see another “laptop lifestyle millionaire” 
who can teach you his 24 system to get rich? I’m the real deal on living this lifestyle. I show the ups and downs.

I do the #realtalk and people are hanging on my lips when I share what 
it really takes.

Why they listen to me? Because I LIVE it. I walk my talk.

When most people hear my program title “Visibility Queen”, they probably get it wrong what it’s all about. They think it’s about tips and tricks on how to be more visible. As in… “what to do”.

But Visibility Queen is about who you must BECOME.

What kind of person do you choose to become to be relevant to the world, so you don’t have to “trick” the algorithm any more?

What kind of actions do you need to take on a daily basis to make a real impact for your people?

What kind of beliefs do you need to choose to become a leader that people truly want to follow?

5 weeks.

You and me and a bunch of other amazing, impactful leaders and queens. Hypnosis and daily mindset journaling to truly change from the inside out.

Bonus trainings on how to fall in love with selling, getting featured in the media, getting in front of thousands of people – even if you only have a small audience.

You KNOW if this is for you. 

I don’t need to pull you in.

If you’re meant to live by these principles, you will know. 

Author bio for Susi Kaeufer, Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for women entrepreneurs

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