Change Your Limiting Beliefs To Achieve Your Goals

I have met many people over the years with similar limiting beliefs holding them back from reaching their dreams.


Have you been able to achieve your goals in business, relationships or life in general? Or do you make excuses as to why you can’t reach those goals?


The goal in MY life was to travel! I knew that the 9-5 wasn’t for me. From a young age I knew that I wanted to travel around and experience everything the world has to offer.


That is why I learned how to stop those limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

I took the plunge to achieve my goals and began my journey of travel.

Nothing was going to stop me!

Are You Being Held Back?

Limiting believes that I hear all the time from people that hear my life story, are:


“Yeah great for you, you are still young. I can’t do that anymore!”

“Great for you, if you have the money.  I can’t do this, I’m not rich!”

I could never do this; I’m not as brave as you!”


If this sounds like something you would say, then keep reading for my tips on how to remove these limiting beliefs from your life.


Remember, you are free to do with your life whatever you want!

I will say it again (louder this time),


Define Your Core Values

Change your limiting beliefs to achieve your goals


People tell me “they can’t” all of the time.


Really someone saying “I can’t” makes me think to myself, “maybe they don’t really want it bad enough!”


MY core values are “Freedom, Independence & Variety”.


What this means is that:

  • I gave up on living close to my family
  • I sold my fancy convertible
  • I saved all my money to travel.
  • I work on Saturdays and Sunday, EVERY week.
  • I work full time and after I finish, I work on my online business for several hours a day.

Get an idea of what truly matters to you. Is it stability and security to build a house for your family?


Do you like to spend your money and have fun with your friends?


If so, that is absolutely fine! Once you are aware of this, you can create a lifestyle around working in a 9-5 and traveling during your annual leave to achieve your goals.


If that’s not what you want at all, let’s have a closer look at what’s holding you back.

1. If You Really Want to Travel, Shift Your Priorities

Achieve your goals to travel


I don’t spend money on alcohol, smoking, going out or fancy handbags. Those “things” don’t make me truly happy and I can’t be bothered.


4 years ago I sold my car and now I rely on public transport.
I save almost all my pay, apart from rent, food and going to the movies.


You can save a lot of money if you skip the daily morning coffee with the bagel and the lunch at your cafeteria.


Sell your belongings; you’ll only need 5 T-shirts when backpacking the world.

2. Find Solutions, Not Excuses

Achieve your Goals to Travel

Yes, there might be obstacles.


You might not be 20 anymore; you might not have a lot of savings.

Get out of paralysation mode and look for solutions!


There are heaps of blogs and information out there on how to travel for a cheap price or better yet, for FREE!


You can volunteer or work overseas.

House sit or pet sit and stay in places that will cost you much less than living at home in a first world country.


You could even start a “Crowd Funding” campaign.


The most important step is to DECIDE that you WILL find a solution,

instead of staying stuck because of all the “What if’s” in your head.


3. Is it REALLY About Money???


When I ask people “What’s stopping you from living the life of your dreams?” 

They reply, “Money”.


When I ask them how much money they will need to save and how long this would take them, they reply, “I don’t know.”


To say “you don’t have enough money to do it” is one of the easiest excuses for you NOT to face your REAL fears.

I get it, it’s comfortable!


Dare to question this belief and ask yourself, what you would do if you had the money? Would you really just quit your job and travel? What else do you need apart from money? Courage? Support? Or a plan to follow through with? 


You can apply this breakdown into any part of your life that is blocking you from achieving your goals. What does it take to change your limiting beliefs? ACTION!  

Achieve your goals

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