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Mega Mindset Training

Day 1: Nothing is working? Tough news: It is your mindset!

Day 2: How to change your mindset for good.

Day 3: 33 beliefs to create more freedom, ease and impact in your business.


To download the file onto your device instead, click HERE.

Day 4: Your story creates your identity, which creates your reality.

Day 5: The 6 non-negotiables to create more impact, ease and freedom

Hi, I'm Susi Kaeufer.

I'm an international multiple 6-figure mindset and business coach without a home, and have been traveling the world as a pet sitter and globetrotter for the last 5 years.

Mindset Journaling is my number one tool to create clarity, confidence, and cash flow for myself and my clients and I've coached dozens of women who quit their jobs and created a freedom lifestyle on their own terms.

I'm excited to support you on your journey towards a life-changing mindset journaling routine!

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The authentic feel-good way to Sales for female entrepreneurs who are done with pushy marketing.
$47 US

I've invested more than $120,000 into my mindset  - and I'm happy to share the shortcuts with you for a fraction of that price, in this high-level program for women aiming for 6-figures in their business.