How To Build an Engaged Facebook Group Of Thousands

How to create a Facebook group with more than 6,000 members >> WHO ARE ADORABLE, RESPECTFUL & ENGAGING.


… back then when it had 246 members and NOONE was saying a word apart from me.

Let’s go back to what was different.


My Facebook group was called “Create your Dreamlife Deluxe”, based on my brand name and well, nobody REALLY knew what that’s supposed to mean.

The group was around me, and even though I REALLY tried to make people engage, it was a ME-SHOW.

Nobody posted. Barely anyone commented.

I didn’t do any livestreams.

I didn’t share anything REALLY private (’cause who wants to hear about this?)

I didn’t allow promotions. (Huh? You come here and wanna steal one of my 246 audience members that took me weeks and months to collect??? ?)


More than 6,000 Biz Babes

Tons of Engagement (18,3K posts and comments in the last 28 days!)

I allow promotions & I LOVE it when this group helps you to find more dream clients

Sold out launches just from sharing in my group

Clear rules & boundaries to keep it a positive space

3 Livestreams a week, daily content from me but the best part:

An AMAZING community, so I don’t even have to help out on every single post because people support each other anyway!

Now here’s the exciting part for everyone still stuck with the <1,000 members group:


(put the jealousy hat AWAY and get your notebook out!!!) 

⭐️ 1) I worked with a coach you had exactly what I wanted and listened closely to all strategies she tried

⭐️ 2) I renamed the group so YOU know right away if it’s for you or not. The name is based on “who it’s for” instead of “who it’s from”. This made a MASSIVE difference.

⭐️ 3) I created posts that make it EASY to get engagement. 

What do people want?

Grow their Instagram followers, find collaborations, promote themselves, find clients, easy & fun questions.

⭐️ 4) I started sharing as if this was my diary.

I searched for support when I needed it and felt down (and always found it!)

I shared my big wins, small wins, my past struggles, by personal story, my doubts, and later on my income, how long it took me to build a business that generates income…

…all the stuff people REALLY wanna know.

The REAL stuff. 

Not the “fake Instagram stuff”.

⭐️ 5) I allowed promotions. 

Under one condition: You have to share value first.

THAT brought things to life, because people finally had a reason to post! They could use this group to build their own following and business! And I even share my visibility tips on the how.

No more scarcity to loose any clients. 

I learned about the concept of abundance.

And applied it.

⭐️ 6) I started doing Livestreams so people REALLY get to know me.

I didn’t feel confident at first. No-one was watching. 

But it became more and more natural and slowly I got some comments that this was really helpful.

People get to see how I talk (fast and with my hands).

They can ask me direct questions.

They get to feel my energy.

⭐️ 7) I kept going EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

From October 2016 until today you will find at least ONE post from me each day.


I show up. 

No matter what. 

Xmas. When I felt sick. When on a plane.

AND >> When no-one seemed to care!

I just kept going!!!

I got more and more clear what I wanna talk about by TALKING.

I got more and more clear about what makes people engage, by TRYING.

I got more and more followers by being me every single day, and by showing up for them every single day.

⭐️ 8) GIVE GIVE GIVE without expecting anything in return.

People don’t owe you to engage.

People don’t owe you to buy from you.

If you only show up because you expect people to react in a certain way, you will probably give up pretty soon.

I’m glad to GIVE GIVE GIVE.

And out of a sudden, when you don’t expect anything, you receive so much in RETURN.

>> This is it.

Time to say thank you.

I’m only a tiny piece of my community.

What makes it work is YOU (& my amazing team.)

Thanks for being here.

Thanks for watching my videos (and actually saying that you like them – this means the world to me ?)

Thanks for posting, sharing, engaging and supporting each other!

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