How To Get Hired In Facebook Groups

You CAN get hired in Facebook groups! How do I know?

I’ve recently hired two people myself from Facebook groups! Today I’m going to share with you what those people did brilliantly to get hired by me, how I’ve gotten hired from Facebook groups, and how you have to pick your topic of expertise and talk about it in order to get hired.

I honestly and truly still believe in the power of Facebook groups. Now, in some groups you’re not allowed to promote yourself. But you can still get hired just with value posts!

And here’s the proof: I recently hired a woman who shared value posts in one of my Facebook groups about Pinterest (how much traffic you can get, how much visibility, etc.).

I already knew the importance of Pinterest, but I simply didn’t have time to do it myself. I’m focused solely on Instagram and Facebook. As a result, my Pinterest has been neglected. I knew I eventually wanted to hire a Pinterest manager, but it wasn’t high enough on my to-do list that I was actively searching for one.

But then this woman showed up on my group, shared value posts, and showed that she knew what was going on with Pinterest. That is all she did! I sent her a message, we got on a call, and I hired her on the spot.

What did she do right that made her stand out?

Now, you’re probably wondering… what did she do right that made her stand out? Well, she did what a lot of people don’t:

She focused on one social media platform (in this case, Pinterest).
In the world of virtual assistants and social media managers, many are too broad. The fact is, there are many people in my Facebook groups who could manage my Pinterest account, but they don’t talk about it!

So many social media managers say,
“I can help you with anything!”
For me, as a potential client,
that’s overwhelming!

I need an example. Show me what you can help me with!

If you really do have a lot of areas of expertise, then give me a list of 10 things.
If you know Pinterest, talk about it!
If you know how to schedule Instagram, talk about it!

You have to be more specific and show your niche. Every coach knows that they need a niche, but many service-based jobs or entrepreneurs stay too broad.

Do you know how to use certain tools? Talk about it!
Because a lot of your competition doesn’t know how to use those tools.

When I’ve gotten hired in Facebook groups, it’s because I was sharing and engaging on the topics I’m an expert in.

Don’t worry about bragging!

I think that so many of us are worried that we’ll sound like we’re bragging when we share about our services in a Facebook group.

But you don’t have to show up like “I’m the banana of the jungle and I know everything about Pinterest so hire me!”

Just share value and information about the things you know. Share about programs you know how to use, recommend them to others.

And, if you’re new, you have to know that you don’t need to be the biggest specialist… you just have to tell people why they should hire you!

If you’re looking for your first client, be honest about your lack of experience and offer a starter rate in return for feedback and a testimonial. If you’re too broad, narrow your focus.

We often think we’ll lose clients or exclude others
by getting into a very specific niche.
But you’ll actually get more!

The real key to getting hired within Facebook groups is simply to share value and talk about your results!

You have to talk about what you’re good at instead of playing small.

Because I guarantee you that your competition is talking more confidently and more specifically about their results and their expertise… even when they have less experience than you!

The sad truth is that we tend not to talk about what we’re great at.
Let’s fix that!

Let’s all talk more about what we’re specifically doing and why we’re good at it! That’s not bragging or promoting. Show up in Facebook groups, share value first, engage with others, and then offer your services.
If you share in an honest and authentic way, you will get people who are interested and you will get hired in Facebook groups!

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