How to run your first live event in Paradise!

run your live event in Bali

The MINDSET of running a live event (in an expensive AF location, if you don't know if anyone is coming...)

I get many questions about running retreats and live events recently. The number one request?
When do I book the location? How do I sell without booking the location in advance? Would do I do with my $2,000 location if no-one signs up?

I don't think there's a softy answer for you here.
Online courses and running an online business rarely require a massive upfront investment, which is great (and a blessing of our industry!)
I always sell my courses, before I even create the content.
No financial investment (I do invest TIME and energy of course.)

But YES, if I ask someone for $4,000 to join my retreat on Bali, they wanna know where they will stay and WHEN this is going to go down.
So no dabbling, your FIRST step to organising a retreat or live event is this:


You will want to show photos and you want to log in the dates for sure, so you're not selling a retreat and in the end, your weekend is already booked at the beautiful villa.

I found the best villas for retreats on AirBNB and HomeAway.
For my 1 day in-person events, I have rented meeting rooms in Co-working spaces or conference rooms in hotels.

2) SELL IT like people are MAD if they don't come.

This should come easily if you're just a little bit excited about your live event.
I could pee my pants in joy to meet people in person or to hang out with you in a luxury villa in Bali for a week.
This is so easy to sell.

Should you ask around beforehand if someone wants to come?
Nothing wrong with some market research, but mind your energy.

If you couldn’t fail, what would you do and how would you show up?
Would you ask people if they really want this, or would you sell it like they are mad people off they don’t sign up?

Stay connected with your soul.
Scarcity energy around "OMG I need someone to sign up, otherwise I'll sit on all my costs" will probably kill your magnetic manifestation ability.


Then you get to ask yourself if you're the kind of person who gives up after your first live event ever (!) doesn't bring lots of profit. Or if it's just the first of many, and you will get better and better and better.

YES, booking the location beforehand is a financial risk.
But as always, you'll need to jump before you feel ready.

If you really can't cover the costs or have empty bedrooms, you could...
- cancel the live event (never an option for me)
- invite a videographer for free in exchange for a marketing video of your event
- invite your 1:1 clients for free
- or just change your mindset and focus on being of service to the clients who ARE there. I don't think it's fair to let clients suffer from me making a financial loss with an event. I'm still here to show up for them.


This is important and most people want to skip it.
They don't want to show up whilst barely anyone cares. Whilst their audience is small, they only have a hand full of clients.

If you have only ONE client coming to your event, you need to blow her SOCKS off, so she tells all her friends to come next time!

Once you show up for 2 people like you would show up for 200 people, the 200 people will come.


Playing it safe is boring, doesn't feel abundant and won't attract anyone. Don't come from scarcity.

Yes, it is a risk. But it's probably not going to ruin your life if nobody signs up.
And if you show up with full force, and you're ALL IN, and you don't let fear guide you, and you TRUST and use all your manifestation magic, and you visualise it, it will work out.

live event in Bali
Bali Villa 1
how to run your first live event in paradise

I ran my first retreat waaaaay before I felt ready for it.

I rented a small 3 bedroom villa on Bali, with 4 spots for clients and gave only 4 weeks' notice.
My first retreat was "fully booked", and in the end, I was a bit sad that I didn't rent a larger villa, to bring even more people together.

For my second retreat, it took me a while to click "book now".

I knew the next level version of me would book my absolute dream luxury villa on the island. I've had the time of my life there during two retreats with my own coach, but it felt BIG and like a massive financial investment.

I signed 3 clients relatively quickly (we had 6 spots) and everything seemed to work out fine, until one client pulled out and another one wasn't so sure anymore if she can keep up with the payment plan.

So there was a week of "Oooops, what if only one client is coming?" My main concern was not even the money, but HER experience of the retreat.

However, in my experience, most clients see it as a bargain when they get a lot of extra 1:1 time with you, and won't complain.

In the end, we had 2 clients at our 2018 retreat and barely covered the costs.

Did it feel like a failure?

Haha - I can send you some pictures, of me teaching in front of a whiteboard, the massive massive pool in the background, totally in flow and doing my purpose work, whilst getting paid for being on Bali.

I didn't make any profit this week. But I had SO much fun, I gave SO much value, I saw transformations that blew my mind and I KNEW I'm on track with this.

So, we invested another $5,000 to book the villa for 2020 before we even left the place.

I believe in retreats, they have transformed my own life.

What you believe in, you have to go ALL IN for.

There are no guarantees, but you have to show up for your people FIRST. You are the leader. You are a living example. And yes, if you want people to come, please book them a bed beforehand!

I promise you, those who take bold action will always get rewarded. Live events are the most intense and joyful experience for me. Check out my current retreats and workshops, and I would be SO excited if you decide to join us!


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