The Inner Work of Visibility

Inner Work of Visibility with Susi Kaeufer - inspiration to help you become the person you want to be.

For a long time, I felt like I could do more.

There was always more to do.

More Facebook groups to post in.

Because I knew I wasn’t truly ALL IN when it comes to livestreams, sharing BOLD opinions, and selling with conviction.

So I compensated ? with posting more often.

I joined Instagram pods.

I tried to figure out the perfect scheduling system.

Researched the best times to post on Instagram.

Tried to figure out webinars and funnels.

Learned passive income strategies {to avoid the fact that no-one signed up for my 1:1 coaching package}.

You see where I’m going here, right?

THIS DIDN’T LEAD TO $10K MONTHS or even anywhere.

I was just avoiding the “real deal”, and honestly, I knew it.

I kind of knew, that all these activities were a form of procrastination.

But it kept me busy, and I felt like “I’m doing things”.

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And when you’re busy with your online business, you must be doing something right, right? ?




So how come, we know what we’re supposed to do, but we don’t do it?

Here’s a free 7-figure strategy for you (and yet I know, I won’t change anyone’s life with this – you won’t “just do it”):

?? Write from your heart, be bold, create lots of video content, don’t be afraid to share strong opinions, sell your stuff daily.

And yet, here is why it took me a LONG time and a kickass coach to actually DO it:

> It’s scary.

> It’s uncomfortable.

> It’s against EVERYTHING my parents value and taught me as a child. (“Fit in, be silent, don’t make a mess, don’t be arrogant…”)

So I can tell people all day long, “how to be visible.”

What they WANT is the ultimate strategy, the one magic pill, the one secret that will get them in front of the right people.

What you really NEED is to understand that YOU are responsible for your results.

> Are you really all in?

> Are you really stepping out of your comfort zone every day?

> Are you really working on yourself every single day, to be the most valuable person to follow online?

I know, uncomfortable questions.

Go back to your Instagram pod if you don’t dare to look at this. {Nothing against Instagram pods ? It’s just not what’s going to REALLY make a difference in your business}.

Once I decided, that I’m going to risk the hater, that I’m going to show UP and show up for my ideal client only, once I decided to do livestreams 5x per week, once I started calling out industry bullshit, THAT’S when people started to perceive me as a leader.

That’s when my following started growing on auto pilot.

That’s when people signed up for my next program, no matter what it is – because want to be around ME & my ENERGY.

ACTION STEP for you:

What activities are you currently spending time on that aren’t either…

A) nurturing your audience

B) growing your audience

C) making you money?

Why are you doing these?

Are they fun, are they a form of procrastination, are they an excuse?

No need to beat yourself up for this.

It’s normal.

Your subsconscious wants to protect you from harm (haters, judgement, negativity, feeling vulnerable…)

That’s why my NLP knowledge comes in so handy.

Just telling you “to be BOLD” won’t do the trick.

It’s like telling a smoker they should stop smoking.


Do the INNER work, so things actually change.

Much better time investment than another training on XYZ that you’re only going to apply half-heartedly.

Lots of love,

Susi Kaeufer

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