Integrity In Your Business – How To Create Urgency Without Being An Asshole

You look like a successful coach/designer/VA.

Branded photos, you’re showing up, you share the testimonials that make you look awesome! (…the 2…)


hoping that this will make someone feel the urgency – whilst it is total bollocks.

If 3 people would come and pay you, or 4 or 5, you would be MORE than happy!

You’re scared like sh*t for being called out.

How many clients did you ACTUALLY sign last month?

How much money did you ACTUALLY make in those month that you’re NOT bragging about on social media?

Oh and what about those clients that actually DIDN’T get amazing results? #hidinginthecloset

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“I feel like a fraud.”


Stop the fake scarcity marketing!!

Stop the unaligned bullshit.

Stop the “fake it till you make it” lies.

If it FEELS like shit, it attracts more shit!

? People that cancel the call last minute

? “I can’t afford it” again and again

? No engagement. So frustrating.

Spending money on Facebook ads is NOT going to help you here!

Copy & Pasting in even more Facebook groups is NOT going to help you either.


Walk your talk.

Show up as the leader that you’re pretending to be!


We don’t need any more coaches bragging about 6-figures whilst crying in the bedroom about their own credit card debt.

We don’t need any more Visibility Strategists that post about being real and raw – whilst totally not being real and raw themselves.

We don’t need any more “Invest in yourself!” speeches from coaches that are telling me they can’t afford it.


The sad thing is that you THINK you need to do this!

You don’t!

You don’t need to put your fake mask on!!

You don’t need to share a message that’s actually meant for YOURSELF more than for your clients.

You don’t need to show up without integrity “to make it”.

Working with me is probably different than what most coaches do.

We don’t talk about “the next 5 step strategy” that’s just not going to work like the last ones. It’s NOT about a missing piece in your strategy.

I will help you to drop the bullshit.

I will help you to stop the excuses.

I will help you to find your integrity again.

I will help you to feel JOY in your business again.

I am real, honest, direct – but in a very tough loving way.

Is this what you need?

Or is it really another course that’s telling you what to do, as if you wouldn’t KNOW this yet?

Message me. 

Even if you don’t know yet HOW to afford me – if you’re totally done with this online bullshit (because you’re getting the idea that you’re not going to get there the way you’ve been doing things), just message me.

It’s my mission to talk to you.

It’s my mission to shake you.

It’s my mission to wake you up.


You totally get to be you.

No more playing small (have you ever said this in your own posts, whilst freaking… playing small? People can SMELL it!)

I’m ready to go BIG.

So are you!

Author bio for Susi Kaeufer, Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for women entrepreneurs

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