How to live for FREE as house sitter around the globe

I’ve been traveling around the world since 2014 – full time for my second around-the-world trip since May 2017.

There’s always been ONE thing in life that I truly missed whilst loving this lifestyle:

Living with PETS! ! ? 

Now we’re pet sitting around the world, which doesn’t only allow us to share our time with lovely furry-babies, but provides free luxury accommodation around the globe as well.

How it works

1. Sign up

.There are a bunch of different house sitting websites.  I use  Trusted Housesitters Sign up and create your profile.

2. Apply for house sits.

Be personal! Amazing house sits can get quite a few applications, so don’t “copy paste” a standard text that bores people to sleep.

Explain your experiences and passion for animals and why you applied to this specific house sit. If you don’t have any previous experience, you can get references from previous landlords, volunteer jobs or housemates to pimp your profile.

People just want to see that you are a real and reliable person – keep in mind: They trust you with their home and loved ones, handing over the keys.

3. Live for free in paradise!

The deal is usually free accommodation in exchange for taking care of the home and the pets of the owners, whilst they are absent. We have lived in amazing houses, city homes, country cottages and even a luxury mansion in the Caribbean.

What I love about it

1. Having a home away from home

It feels incredibly good to have a home. A cozy, real, home – with a fully equipped kitchen, super comfy beds and a jacuzzi hot tub. Netflix and TV!

house sitting st lucia

2. It saves us LOTS of money
Not to mention that we lived for FREE for the last 6 months, with 5 different house sits around the globe (3x Canada, UK & Saint Lucia)

There’s a fee to sign up for the house sitting websites, but it’s ridiculously low compared to your savings if you manage to find at least ONE housesit per year.

You can get a 20% discount for Trusted Housesitters if you sign up HERE.

3. I LOVE beginning a new type of life every single week.

Living with 20 pets in an apartment in Vancouver.
Dog sitter.
Cat sitter.
Chinchilla sitter.
Living in a luxury mansion on a Caribbean island.
Living like a local on Saint Lucia, which no-one ever does.

It’s like diving into a completely new life for a few weeks – and the great part: Everything is READY for you when you move in.

4. The animals

Last but not least: I really LOVE animals. I’ve been volunteering around the globe for years and pet sitting is just the perfect opportunity to combine traveling with having pets.

I love it!

Author bio for Susi Kaeufer, Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for women entrepreneurs

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