My 3 Favorite Biz Strategies To Find Clients Online

When it comes to online business strategies, it’s always important to focus on your strengths.

Focus on what you love, because those are the strategies that will come the most natural to you!

After one year of testing EVERY single cookie cutter strategy, these are the three that work best for me.

1. Instagram

My absolute #1 online business strategy is Instagram, and the reason is simple.

I love being on Instagram! It comes naturally.

That’s not even a work task for me.
Honestly, I’m not even as strategic with my Instagram feed as many people are. Mine could probably look prettier, but instead I like to just use it to show what I’m up to.

Looking at my Instagram feed is probably the most authentic insight you can get into my business. And that’s probably what makes it so successful!

I’m not over-planning, it’s not a strategic salesy thing.

I’m just sharing what i’m doing: my travels, house-sitting, business tips, behind-the-scenes snippets.

I can find so many potential clients with Instagram by sharing my offers every now and then, sharing what I’m doing in my life, and using strategic hashtags (I always have 30 in my post).

And you should always have a link in your bio. You should have a clear bio that says what you’re about, followed by the link for whatever you’re trying to grow most in your business: facebook group, email list, website, etc.

2. Share your story and be real
My decision to share something vulnerable on social media started as part of a challenge in a Facebook group.

The post asked members of the group to share their personal story, which I did.

Because it was such a vulnerable post, I only shared it in Facebook groups at first because I didn’t want people I knew to see it.

To my shock, it went viral.

I was so overwhelmed by the response that I ended up using that story, along with a photo, as my new Facebook ad. I did not follow any rules that coaches would offer for Facebook ads (no call to action, no click here, no promotion, etc.).

The only thing it had was my story, my picture, and a learn more button which guided to my freebie.

I got better Facebook conversion rates with that ad than anyone I know.

I believe that it was so successful because I didn’t promise anything to anyone – but I did make people curious.

I ran this Facebook ad for months because it’s gotten so much engagement.
Be authentic, share with your audience. Try something different!

3. Connect with people in facebook groups

In my opinion, the strategy of Facebook groups has gotten a bit out of control.

People join so many groups and post these visibility posts – saying how amazing they are. It doesn’t seem that people know what it means to connect with people in Facebook groups anymore.

What I mean by connecting is really joining groups you love and then commenting on something because you really love the post or feel like you have a lot in common with the group member.

My most powerful Facebook groups are the ones where I connect with the people who are in there, where people have something authentic to share.

I found my first few clients by connecting with them in Facebook groups with no sales purpose. I just honestly loved their posts, felt a connection to them, enjoyed talking to them. I think the strategy of Facebook groups should be to make connections, have interactions with like-minded people, and share your story, not simply drop in and promote yourself!

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