Stop Talking to the Wrong People!

Stop talking to the WRONG people.

I was guilty of this one myself:
The wrong people.
People who don't seem to get my message, naysayers and doubters, people who aren't successful in business because they don't show up, they have gotten a lot of my energy.

Whenever I share something that I've learned along my own journey towards success, there are people who argue against it.
People who disagree.
People who don't like what I'm saying.
Who hopes that there's another way, that doesn't involve to leave your comfort zone on a daily basis (good luck with this one).

Here's the thing.

Whilst you're trying to convince those who aren't ready yet, those who aren't willing to put in the work, those who aren't willing to leave their comfort zone, those who aren't willing to show up bravely, you are neglecting your ideal clients.

Whilst you're fighting and defending yourself in front of the wrong people, those who just don't get your message and what you stand for, you are neglecting your ideal clients.

Stop talking to the wrong people


I have explained to people, again and again, that money isn't my main motivator and driver (it's never the driver, for anyone, it's all about feelings) after people got offended that I talk openly about income and revenue.

I've explained to people that indeed I wasn't born rich and that I've come a long way from "my old life" to where I am now, traveling the world full-time.

I've defended my relationship after trolls said I'm only able to afford traveling because my rich boyfriend pays for everything. #eyesrolling

Not only that.

I've spent a lot of time and words to talk to people who aren't ready yet to hear my message.

Who would never ever (yet) invest $10,000 in a high-level coach that actually stretches them and challenges them, instead of giving them a "copy-paste blueprint" for a successful business.

And you know what happens when you keep talking to the wrong people?
You're not only wasting your energy,
You're also deviating from your life's purpose, AND

You will feel like you're ONLY surrounded by people who don't get you and your message and don't do the work.

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Because you focus on them.
Why do you even talk to them?

There's a lot of talk and content on how to talk to your ideal client avatar.

I only have one piece of advice to avoid the wrong people:

Talk to the highest version, the most aligned version, the soulmate version, who 100% gets you, is hanging on your lips, is ready to do the work, is getting amazing results and does all it takes.
Ignore the rest.
Put your blinders on.
You are NOT here for the people who don't get you.
You are here for the people who DO get you and your message, and who need to hear YOUR worlds to create change in their own lives.

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