(so stop waiting for message clarity before taking the leap 🔥)

I'm currently manifesting clarity on my "ONE thing".
The ONE major problem I solve for my people.
It's confusing. And it's overwhelming because I'm so many many things.

But I would like to have one MAIN BRIDGE that I take people over, and
I'm lacking clarity on what this is.
🍄 Money Mindset
👑 Visibility Queen
🍄 6-figure Mindset (with a new name that brings more justice to the
program and the transformation...)
💪 Taking massive action despite doubt and fear
👑 Mindset Journaling Queen
🍄 And Opening up Mindset work to the general public

susi travelling in Canada
Susi Kaeufer mindset coach
With an unclear message to a 6 Figure Business

I would love to have one core program and make it better and better until it's WORLD CLASS, but I don't have clarity on what it will be yet.


I've made $250,000 AUS last year without having ONE clear message.

(Probably would do a million $ after figuring this out, but HEY! It doesn't mean you can't help people!)

I hopped from program to program to program.

Then I threw LOTS of spaghetti on the wall, waiting for a golden answer of "THAT'S IT! THAT'S MY THING!".

I don't have it yet.
But whilst searching, I help people to live their dream life, travel the world full-time, love my work and make more than enough money.


🌕 You cannot just WAIT for clarity {for months and months...}
🌖 Clarity comes from taking action.
🌗 You CAN help people before your message is perfect.
🌘 You can even build a successful business like this.
🌑 Take the right action to solve it (I interviewed 5 people last week and ASKED them what they think).
🌒 Create space for the answer (!!) The most important one for me.
🌓 Trust that you're always on the right path {My message is evolving for a reason, my life mission is still unfolding}.
🌔 What got me here won't get me there, so it's time to change perspective {Insider hint from Rae}.

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FAST results for you by SIMPLIFYING, burning the rules and taking
massive ACTION instead of perfectionism and overthinking. Apply here.

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