You Can Fill Your High End 1:1 Without Freaking Out


Uuuuuuh the ups and downs of filling your 1:1. 

I've been fully booked many times in 2017 and still, there was this nagging feeling of



There always is!

Don't fall back into hiding because things aren't filling right away!

I have had one

spot open for my 1:1 since March and haven't found a committed and decisive Biz Babe for it yet. Now what? Head in the sand, back to "not feeling worthy"?

Hell NO!

Here's what to do instead:

1️⃣ Ask yourself: Is there anything within me that would NOT want to be fully booked?

Trust me, even when it sounds "weird" - I can find plenty of reasons here!

"Oh I'm travelling 2 more weeks and would love to work less in this time, wouldn't it be better to just sign more clients when we live in Brisbane?"

So yep, when I wrote this blog post (April 2018) I was NOT fully booked and it actually felt AMAZING to have 5 calls per

How are you doing with filling your high-end offer or 1:1?

week instead of 12.Everything happens FOR me, not to me.

I could beat myself up about it, but I have learned to trust.

This is happening for a reason.

Maybe it's happening because YOU only found me now or are only NOW ready to hire your next coach. Who knows...

High end 1 on 1

2️⃣ Are you really fully ALL IN promoting it?

Or are you back to "creating a low priced offer, because nobody seems to want your 1:1"?

Stick to it!

Don't change it every couple of days. 

Don't give a discount!

Keep talking DIRECTLY to this one and only client that it's made for and tell them, why they need this NOW.

I'm sorry if you're bored to hell with this already, but I will fill 2 spots for my 4-month Mindset & Business Coaching during the next weeks!

(That was selling! Not even painful!!)


3️⃣ Let go of the "monthly money goal" focus.

As much as I love my money goals - the fact if I make $10,000 or $22,000 this month will HIGHLY depend on the question - if I sign up ONE new dream client before the 30th of the month.


And then we tend to freak out when it's the 29th!!! 

This is JUST a rule we created in your own head!! 

I don't care if my next dream client finds me on the 29th of April or the 2nd of May!!

That's NOT what matters. Get back to your WHY! 

What's your purpose in life, who are you here to serve?

4️⃣ Keep up the high vibes!

Trust me, people WILL FEEL your energy.

susi kaeufer living location independent lifestyle

There's nothing more repelling then someone "DESPERATE to get your money".

How can you get yourself back into alignment and faith every single day?

Keep up your daily mindset work around self belief and learn to VALIDATE YOURSELF.

YOU validate yourself. 

Not the amount of clients you have.

Not the amount of likes you get.

Not your family, finally saying they are proud of you.

It's YOUR job to stay high vibe and to feel the same way on a day where you sign a client, and on a day where you don't.

Notice how STRATEGY and MINDSET go hand in hand when it comes to filling your 1:1?

That's exactly why I've never picked one thing when I'm working with my clients.

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