The Right Questions to Ask Your Mentors

questions for mentors with susi kaeufer

You could say I pay my mentor  $1,000 each week, for a 30-minute call.That’s of course not quite how it works, as I actually pay her for the results she gets me & the space she holds for me, not the minutes she spends on a call with me. This is why it’s really important to…

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The Inner Work of Visibility

For a long time, I felt like I could do more. There was always more to do. More Facebook groups to post in. Because I knew I wasn’t truly ALL IN when it comes to livestreams, sharing BOLD opinions, and selling with conviction. So I compensated ? with posting more often. I joined Instagram pods.…

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How I Have Changed My Life and You Can Do It Too

susi kaeufer mindset coach

5 years ago, I cried at Frankfurt Airport, barely being able to feel the excitement, as I all I could focus on was UNCERTAINTY. I was queuing at the gate with a one-way ticket to Cape Town, and I was surrounded by couples going on a safari holiday. No-one else seemed to be there who…

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My Top 5 Lessons From $15K in 8 Days

Susi Kaeufer Mindset Coach

I just finished launching a new program – Visibility Queen. I’ve learned some valuable lessons during the launch which I really want to share, I think you might just find some golden nuggets here. Honestly, I haven’t used email marketing to its full potential for a long time – always a bit shy “to be…

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How To Beat The Algorithm

visibility is key to success

You think FB doesn’t like you? Your posts get shown to only a hand full of people – and you’re really good at blaming your social media lame (not fame…) on the algorithm. Here’s the thing: Facebook is spending a LOT of money and research on improving the lgorithm. They try to send RELEVANT posts to every…

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How to Create a Vision Board to Manifest Your Dreams

susi kaeufer vision board 2019

I update my vision board regularly. Today I’ve spend my Sunday morning collecting Glam Nomad lifestyle photos and really focused on how I want to FEEL in 2019. I removed all numbers from my previous vision board, like 50,000 Instagram followers and $50,000 income per month. I added the house boat. And the engagement. And…

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3 Things I’ve Learned From NLP and Hypnonsis

Susi Kaeufer mindset coach

I remember when I was working with my coach Kathrin Zenkina for the first time, during a 1:1 session in her retreat in Bali, this year in April. Kathrin is a Master NLP Practitioner and the coaching session wasn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced before. I honestly felt like I got “coached properly” for the…

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2 Years in Business: An Honest Look Back

susi travelling in Canada

It’s my second business anniversary – and for whatever reason, I already feel like a “long-time” entrepreneur in the online world. So many personal brands come and go, lacking consistency and persistence. The second year of Dreamlife Deluxe was one of great breakthroughs and uplevels, and it was my first 6-figure year in business. Here’s exactly what…

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How Mindset Work & Tony Robbins Have Changed My Life

I’ve been to three Tony Robbins events during the last 12 months & spent more than $25,000 on personal development, coaching and mindset work. I changed my whole identity with mindset work, created a multiple 6-figure business. Here is HOW consistent growth will help YOU become an achiever too:   Do you wanna get started with…

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